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Release Notes

This is a minor bug-fixing release for

If you are upgrading from a version prior to 0.7, make sure to read the 0.7 Release notes. There have been extensive changes in OpenSimulator from 0.6.x to 0.7. If you are upgrading from 0.7, please read the Release notes.

Changes from

  • Enforced DB limits on region name to 32 chars
  • Handle incoming ObjectImage (TextureEntry) updates synchronously rather than asynchronously
  • Prevent setting the hovertext from firing changed_color
  • Allow the trash folder itself to be passed to PurgeFolder
  • Fixed llSetLinkPrimitiveParams - PRIM_POSITION is not relative to root, causes unexpected movement of child prims
  • Prettified console output for long avatar names
  • Made configuration files able to read include files from relative paths
  • Shortened avatars' names on HG
  • Fixed SQLite database plugin for UserAccountData queries with a single word
  • Fixed bug by which failed TPs resulted in the presence being removed
  • Fixed bug by which DNS translation was outdated (affected HG)
  • Added textures to OpenSim's standard asset library that are no longer shipped with newer viewers
  • Remove ancient and unused OpenSim.GridLaunch GUI code
  • Changed the way User Agent services find their own IP address to be S2S (HG)
  • Removed IP verification for first login
  • Short-circuited the grid server lookup for RequestSimulatorData if the regioninfo is requested for is the local region
  • Put estate_settings.xml to rest. No more reads and writes on this file
  • Prevent oversized search reply packets
  • Remove various warnings and improve logging messages
  • Fixed bug in llGiveInventory() where items were disappearing on relog
  • Added system lookup folder fix to the RemoveXInventoryServiceConnector
  • Fixed behaviour of llSetPos and llGetLocalPos for attachments
  • Fixed a few typos in the ini.example files
  • Better exception handling on the DataSnapshot module
  • Give a warning when user tries to HG TP between regions in the exact same coordinates
  • Implemented UploadBakedTexture cap, supporting faster avatar bakes.

Configuration Changes from


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