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On the table useraccounts in the database opensim there are 2 fields:

  • UserLevel integer used to attribute the God powers for each individual user
  • UserTitle string used for Administrator; you can set here the particularities of each user (possibly SL only; might not be in use in core OpenSim?)

UserLevel values as applied to OpenSimulator

The only UserLevel used is 200 (to indicate god). Also presumably level 0 for non-god, basic user level.

A region module could get these values via the UserAccount class from the UserAccountService. They can be set either by directly writing to the database, via the "set user level" command on the ROBUST console (there is no command for setting user title) or via the StoreAccount call on the robust service if it has been explicitly allowed (security risk in open grids).

God Mode Values

The Viewer source code shows that there are several levels of "God Mode" (each level has all the previous levels' powers):


Value: 0 This is the level given to users by default


Value: 1

  • rename objects without modify permission


Value: 100

  • Toggle character geometry
  • Take copy
  • Owner To Me
  • Set To Linden Content
  • Claim Public Land


Value: 150

  • Enable land auction


Value: 200 (Difference from GOD_LIAISON not apparent)


Value: 250 (Difference from GOD_FULL not apparent)

Note: text in "God Mode Values" section was borrowed from SLwiki, shared under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license

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