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Name: Redisis
Login URI:
Wiki/Forum: client wiki:
Approx # Regions +130
Approx # Users +60
Logins/day +20

Welcome to Red Isis. A red planet orbiting a red star in an otherwise uninhabited section of space. An abundance of plants and natural resources can be found on this planet. Its inhabitants came together to form a unique culture that provided a rich history and artforms of there own. Over time,they became a space faring civilization, they collected data, technology and citizens from other worlds. branded as Space Pirates by fearfull civilizations. they retreat to the sheltering obscurity of there homeworld Red Isis.

This is an evolving project


We hope you will join us.

Status: Debug

dev status client: Arfonzo currently recommends you run build: RF006.

Please do not ask me where to get it--either you've got it, or you've not. Sorry, folks. :| Latest build information.

   SSE2 optimized build as default.
   Using latest DirectX SDK.
   Using latest Windows & .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 SDK. 


   Hide currency amount in status bar. DONE
   Hide "Buy currency" button in status bar. DONE
   Build against updated DirectX SDK:
       November 2008 SDK. DONE
       June 2010 SDK. DONE 
   Build against updated Windows and .NET Framework SDK.
       6.1 SDK, .NET Framework 3.5. DONE
       7.0 SDK, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. DONE
       7.1 SDK, .NET Framework 4.0. BROKEN 
   Build using SSE2 optimizations. DONE
   Build RELEASE* packages. DONE
   Build DEBUG package. BROKEN
   Custom colour tweaks. IN PROGRESS
   Create Linux build environment. 

Whimsical fancies,

   Create Mac build environment.
   Use latest QtWebKit.
   Software rendering.
   Use multiple cores. 

Red Isis specific.


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