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Grid Overview
Grid Name: MCM Realm(former: Hidden Realm)
Established: 07 April 2010
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Land Store

Below is a list of our latest region prices.

Max Prims
$ 5.00
$ 35.00
$ 5.00
$ 25.00
$ 5.00
$ 15.00
$ 5.00
$ 10.00
$ 5.00
$ 5.00

For information on region bundles please check the land store section of our website.

About MCM Realm
MCM Realm is the dream of a group of people who wanted more out of their virtual experience then other grids had to offer. This quartette came up with an idea of building popular Role Play realms that players would frequent and enjoy. The foursome went even further in their quest by deciding to offer players the chance to own their own role play sim without forking over their life savings. This offer was further enhanced by deciding to also allow players to purchase sims just for use as their home or business and not have to role play on it. Our largest sim will cost you less than an average dinner for two out would once a month!

After many long sit downs and discussions, the plans were made so the players experience would be as easy as possible. To do this we needed three major items; builders to build sims and who could also be hired to build sims for new players, merchants so players can purchase items for themselves and their sims, and a combat/role play meter to enhance the player’s role play experience.

HR has enlisted the help of several builders such as De’Akar Designs, MCM and Unknown Designs to name a few. They are helping to build our welcome areas and a few sims. We are always looking and welcome other builders to our realms. So players can now get their dream sim built with ease or purchase a pre built sim if they wish.

HR is planning on installing an in world money system, VirWoX, that can transfer Linden’s to OS dollars to use within the realms. Players can also transfer OS dollars back into Lindens’ or into a PayPal account or use several other options available to them with this system. We are also planning a web system like Xstreet for the merchants who choose to sell in our realms. In order to attract merchants we offer free booths in realm and there will be no commission to pay us on anything they sell on our web system or in realm.

Finally HR is designing a combat/role-play meter that will enhance the users’ experience. By taking players wishes and feedback we are creating a meter that is sure to attract players into our realms. It offers several role play features to help enhance their playing experience as well as combat features that players asked for and we gladly listened. The system will be released for beta soon and we hope all our players will help test and give us feedback so we can continue to expand on the system.

MCM Realm has begun to build several virtual realms. We have started with World of Gor and Mecha. These two realms are quite different from each other and were chosen in order to attract a good mix of players. After these are built the Medieval/Elven realms and Gothic/Dark Role Play realms will start to be built.

We welcome you to our realms and send a huge "Thank You" to all who have started with us…….

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