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Myriad Lite Development

Preview 7 New Features

  • Region Setting server using PPMA
  1. Implement new RENDEZVOUS2 dynamic region server channel
  • Region Setting Editor
  1. Statistics
  2. Skills
  3. Special Effect Abilities
  4. Resiliences
  5. Boons
  6. Flaws
  7. Campaigns
  8. Species
  9. Backgrounds
  10. Careers
  11. Items
  • Character Sheet improvements
  1. TITLE - a rank, or professional/noble title
  2. FACTION - a configurable faction
  • Much improved message output
  1. Individual message icons for each module
  2. Duplicate message suppression
  3. Hypergrid name @hostname stripping
  • Unopposed Tests
  1. Simple, insecure type 1 unpposed tests for roleplay color
  2. Complex, more secure type 2 unopposed tests for tasks that have in-game consequences
  • Vegaslon Plutonian (OSG) contributed a raycast modification for the Firearm code
  • The first implementation of the Social Combat with the Deception and Persuasion skills as well as Resolve resilience
  • Conversion of all character data storage to persistent prim data storage (called PPMA) rather than inscript global lists
  • Beginning infrastructure for storing user configuration items in the HUD PPMA
  • Requirements checking for needed character data otherwise disable module
  • Restrained Love Viewer (RLV) integration
  1. in-character and out-of-character mode
  2. RestrainedLight configurable Windlight region settings
  • Meter improvements
  1. TITLE display
  2. FACTION display
  3. Resolve % display
  • HUD Texture Menu buttons support
  1. show texture with button pcitures on it
  2. translate clicks from lists of coordinates and commands
  3. Region owner objects can use SETUP_HUD|texture,x1,y1,x2,y2,command,... in quests, location narrators, ability tests, etc to show custom menu actions to players
  • GET_* SET_* and LIST_* commands added to character sheet module to support Character Designer calls
  • Improved security around external commands - anyone can GET_* or LIST_* data from HUD as needed, but SET_* is limited to HUD owner and region owner tools only.
  1. This is still weak security based on trusting the region owner - remove the HUD when entering regions that are NOT for your current game

OpenSim Only

LSL does not provide library calls to find out information about which "estate" (group of regions) a given region belongs to.

This means each REGION must have a region setting server to provide a custom setting and changes to the setting in one region must be manually copied to other regions.

I have started experimenting with the IRCBridgeModule to provide Estate-wide communications and allow a single region setting server to serve data to all regions in an estate.

This will not work in SecondLife which has no IRC connectivity.

This IRC connectivity can also provide an excellent cross-region team radio chat.

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