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Mac PowerPC Build instructions updates

I've attempted to update these old instructions based on a successful build (yesterday), but on rebuilding to confirm the instructions found that all was not as it seemed. It looks like different versions of Mono are required to compile, and then run, OpenSim (the current tarball I plan to return for a much better update and cleanup when I'm surer of my facts. (I think PowerPC is well worth supporting on OpenSim because a lot of these machines are still being freed up for dedicated use as users switch to Intel.) Gracion 08:27, 7 February 2011 (UTC)

Ok, done! This should be a pretty good step-by-step for OpenSim for PowerPC today, I think. I'm sure there are issues, perhaps quite serious ones, but hopefully more useful than what was there before. In fact, I put back the old instructions pretty much intact, so that others have the option of using older materials. Gracion 06:44, 9 February 2011 (UTC)

Problems in installation...

Hi, I just installed everything from the svn (see my note if you use donwload link). I was almost able to launch everything, but fail on having a fully working environment, I got null pointer exceptions and the inventory didn't work as expected.

I'm particularly interested in local grid. This might be particularly useful for making demos and so attracting more attention on this wonderful project:

Might I suggest the following for easying the installation of local grid? Just brainstorming:

- Pack the already existent installation giving a READY TO GO local grid installation. I cannot do myself because it's not working on my computer. If you assist me in having a full installation, I might publish a easyphp self installing thingy.

- What about having it working under Ubuntu or so under a VMWare machine? so that people can download the VM and be able to really see something working? Also if the deployed machine has something already built on it (some standard avatars and a small house) it would be tremendously useful.

Also some defaults are strange to me: why not be per default using physics? people used to 2ndlife cannot understand why all the objects are phantom, this is particularly strange that you have to enable it. Please have it per default more consistent.

  • Textures are different from 2ndlife and appears to me a kind of rectangular dark brown. Is this wanted?
  • A tutorial should be written guiding people to do something. Not needing to do the same as 2nd life, but stress the differences!!!

Greetings, and thanks for your huge effort.

Vista firewall

As far as the disable Vista firewall, I have found that opening the ports that Opensim wants and the ports involved seems to work fine. Far better than opening an already bad OS to possible net issues. Tho I tend to agree, if it just don't seem to connect and there is no other reason for the trouble, by all means disable the firewall to see if that is the issue.


I am currently attempting to make a VMWare image for opensim based off of debian 40r6 and opensim SVN 0.6.2 Alpha release (r8068). I hope I can configure it so that it will be ready to go in sandbox mode with a default AV. If this does work, the problem then becomes where i could host it at.

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