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Technical Reference -> Terms -> Server_Commands

Disclaimer: some commands may not work as expected, or not at all, and you may loose all your setings/contents Template:Server Commands

UserServer Commands

Only in grid mode:
login-level [level] : set the minimal user GodLevel to access to the grid. By default a new user has a value of 0
login-reset : reset the level to 0
login-text "text"  : set the welcome text

Command Proposals

show stats
kill [username] (Rock Vacirca: I hope this means: removes the named user and all their assets)
save-xml/load-xml [primitivename] [filename]
water-level float meters
water-tide float low_tide_level_meters float high_tide_level_meters float period_hours ;-)
delete-prims [regionname]
diagnostics [on/off] (disable the server diagnostics, as users cannot log in while this is happening)
show users all (list all users, whether logged in or not)  NOT WORKING IN STANDALONE
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