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This page contains a rough direction of where developers are heading in terms of features. The previous incarnations of this page have focused on what developers may be working towards, this version contains only things which have been started or have been generally agreed upon by the developer community. Developers should include their own features under active development here.

0.5.X Candidates (to 0.6.0)

This covers features under development now with aim to make it into the 0.5.X line, likely to be included before 0.6.0 is tagged. Note that some features may not make it into this release and could appear later.

  • Archiving / Portable Regions
    • Regional Archive Improvements[?] (Contact: justincc)
    • Inventory Archival (Contact: justincc)
    • Better "Canned" Item/Asset Support[?]
  • MySQL Gridserver Fixes
    • Rethread MySQL Asset Server (Contact: afrisby)
    • Rethread MySQL Inventory Server (Contact: afrisby)
  • Finalised Switch to OSHttpServer based on C# Webserver
    • Better SSL Support[?]
  • Profile
    • Would like to write a Profile Module interface that lets you backend the profile pane to various different directory services (sdague)

0.6.X Candidates (to 0.7.0)

  • Rearchitecture of SceneObjectGroup/SceneObjectPart (Contact: sdague)
  • Rearchitecture of IClientAPI into multiple smaller interfaces (Contact: afrisby)


  • Revisit BulletX
  • Revisit PhysX
  • Look into the free version of Havok[?]

see OpenSim:Future_Release_Discussion.

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