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== Future ==
== Future ==
see [[OpenSim:Future_Release_Discussion]].
== Uncategorized ==
== Uncategorized ==

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The big massive to do list. Will start to try to put up content in reasonable order here.


Current Version 0.5 (SVN3172)

  • Database
    • Enable mysql for storing assets done (When?)
    • Enable mysql for inventory done (When?)
  • Grid Mode
    • Asset Server, using a primitive asset format done (When?)
    • Inventory Server done (When?)

0.6 Proposed

  • Database
    • NHibernate (if possible. This unifies a lot of the data paths and there is some sample NHibernate code on the list)
    • Persistance for AV Appear across Sim Reboots (partial implementation by MW already)
  • Scripting
    • Complete LSL functions (~ 30% now)
    • Script engine base improvements
  • Grid Mode
    • OGS2 REST protocol (we've been kicking this around for a while, perhaps 0.6 is the right time for it?)
  • Physics
    • Hollow and Cut Prims support (need to write for 20 prim types)
  • Canned Assets
    • Clothes
    • Bodies
    • Prim Objects
    • Animations
    • Textures
  • Profile
    • Would like to write a Profile Module interface that lets you backend the profile pane to various different directory services (sdague)

In Progress - n/a


see OpenSim:Future_Release_Discussion.


  • Physics
    • BulletX work
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