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How to make OpenSim releases

  • Work on whatever branch makes sense for the release.
    • A new major release is usually cut on a newly created branch called v.v.v-post-fixes.
    • Minor releases are done over those existing v.v.v-post-fixes branches.
    • In either case, don't forget to change the info in OpenSim/Framework/VersionInfo.cs.
  • Login to If this is the first time you make a release:
    • Copy /home/diva/releases/*.pl and /home/diva/releases/README to your own releases directory.
    • Under your releases directory, make a clone of opensim into a directory called opensim-git. Your releases directory should look like this:

Once you do this setup once, you can use it for all subsequent releases

  • Follow the instructions in README, adjusting the commands there for the appropriate release and branch identifiers.
    • For example,
In README:    ./ opensim- 0.8.2-post-fixes
Your command: ./ opensim-     0.9.0-post-fixes

In this case you are replacing the version identifier "" with the version identifier "", and the branch identifier "0.8.2-post-fixes" with "0.9.0-post-fixes". Use those identifiers consistently for all the commands in README

Advice: copy the README file into an editor, make the identifier changes there, and then simply copy-paste the commands to the command line.

  • That's it! At the end, you'll have the releases placed properly in the distribution directory of the web server. Make sure they have read perms for everyone.
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