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OpenSimulator has a lightweight release cycle right now. This allows us to get code out to people quickly, as befits the alpha status of the project.

Here are the release cycle steps

  1. Get informal feedback about current OpenSimulator stability. Good places to do this are at the OpenSimulator weekly developer's meeting on and in the #opensim-dev IRC channel.
  2. Announce the intention to start a release process to the opensim-dev mailing list.
  3. Branch <release name>-post-fixes from OpenSimulator Master in git. For example, 0.6.8-post-fixes.
  4. Change the version type in VersionInfo in OpenSim.Framework.Servers to RC1.
  5. Change the release number in OpenSimulator trunk to the next possible future release (e.g. 0.6.9 if this release process concerns 0.6.8).
  6. Change ServerReleaseNotesURL in OpenSimDefaults.ini as needed.
  7. Produce a binary package for the release candidate.
  8. Create a field for release in Mantis
  9. Gather feedback over 2 weeks or so. Make bug fixes if possible. Critical showstopper bugs (e.g. server won't start up) should be fixed.
  10. Change the version type to Release
  11. Produce OpenSimulator source and binary packages after a successful test period and place on the website at webserver (this needs further documentation since the automated production process is currently broken).
  12. Change the wiki pages to point to new release. This includes both the download page and the link on the front page.
  13. Change the version type to Post_Fixes
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