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This is a page which lists software packages that are related to OpenSimulator but are not part of the core project. Opensimulator is not responsible for the content referenced by these links.


These are independent implementations of OpenSimulator services, such as the user server or the inventory server (also known as UGAI).

  • OpenUGAI - A Perl implementation of the UGAI services which runs within Apache.


These are either application or region modules which can be added to the OpenSim core distribution to provide extra functionality.

None are listed yet!

Other Software

  • Second Inventory - A Windows based client that can be used to back up and restore objects from Second Life as well as from various OpenSimulator based grids. It allows you to back up objects from the Second Life main grid, and restore them into OpenSimulator grids. It is still a bit primitive and sometimes can be flaky.
  • Grid Monkey on PortaGrid - An OpenSimulator web management interface based on Symfony and Doctrine. Current features are enough to allow users to sign up, create multiple avatars, and recover passwords on the front end. The backend has rudimentary account/avatar/region/terrain/event_log management. The goal of GridMonkey is to be a feature rich user and admin interface to OpenSimulator based grids that supports fee and free services. GridMonkey is available via svn at svn://
  • OpenSimWI-Redux - OpenSimWI-Redux is a PHP Web Interface for OpenSim. It allows grid citizens to create User Accounts to access the grid. Grid Owners can also manage all users for the grid. very light CMS system included.
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