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This is a page which lists software packages that are related to OpenSimulator but are not part of the core project. Opensimulator is not responsible for the content referenced by these links.

OpenSimulator Viewers

See Connecting.

OpenSimulator Distributions

See Download#Other_Distributions.

OpenSimulator ROBUST replacements

These can be divided into projects that provide a completely replacement for the ROBUST services backend or can replace individual services.

Complete replacements

  • SimianGrid - A ROBUST services replacement which replaces the whole ROBUST stack with an alternative implementation based on PHP. The necessary support for SimianGrid is included in core OpenSimulator.

Individual service replacements

OpenSimulator services are architected such that an individual service (e.g. the asset service) can be replaced without having to upgrade other services.

  • Simple Ruby Asset Service (SRAS) - This is a replacement for the ROBUST asset service. It stores assets on disk, does compression and deduplication of identical assets. Some installation instructions are here.

Web Interfaces

See Webinterface

Addon Modules

These are either application or region modules which can be added to the OpenSimulator core distribution to provide extra functionality.

  • Chat-Logger - An OpenSimulator region module to log chat traffic. Includes visitor alerts (when logging starts, stops, or new visitors enter the region) so the logging is transparent. Developed as a tool for meetings, training sessions, or educational environments.
  • EventRecordingModule - Another event recording module that can log user login, logout, movement between simulators, chat and IM events to the log or a separate database for later analysis.
  • GenericMessagingModule - An example module to illustrate how an OpenSimulator extension can use the LLUDP GenericMessage packet to convey arbitrary data between a client/viewer and the simulator.
  • OpenSimTide - An OpenSimulator region module which adds tides to your regions. You can control the tide period and height change via settings in OpenSim.ini and enable tide info to be chatted to the region for use in scripts in boats and waves. Tides only render properly on regions that are not adjacent, i.e. 1x1 islands.

Other OpenSimulator Forge Projects

OpenSimulator now has a forge for related software.

todo list some of the top opensim forge projects.

These are old projects that no longer appear to be maintained

Other related software

These are independent implementations of OpenSimulator services, such as the user server or the inventory server (also known as UGAI).

  • Terraingen - Tool for producing OpenSimulator terrains from USGS DEM files.
  • RegionGenerator - Generates Region XML Files
  • Second Inventory - A Windows based client that can be used to back up and restore objects from Second Life™ as well as from various OpenSimulator based grids. It allows you to back up objects from the Second Life™ main grid, and restore them into OpenSimulator grids. It is still a bit primitive and sometimes can be flaky.
  • Rake - Created as an alternative to Second Inventory, but OpenSource and free to use. Rake is meant to dump assets (textures, animations, notecards, scripts, etc...) from either Second Life™ or OpenSim to your local hard-drive.
  • METAbolt - METAbolt is a non-graphical (text based) viewer. It's light weight and cross grid, which means it will work in Second Life™ as well as other grids that are based on OpenSIM. The viewer is Open Source so it's free. Currently METAbolt is only available for Windows platforms.
  • 3Di OpenSimulator Enterpise - Business service based on OpenSimulator.
  • 3Di Viewer Rei - Web Browser based Viewer.
  • sl_proxy - sl_proxy is a Proxy System for Second Life™ and OpenSimulator to beyond firewall.
  • XoopenSim - OpenSimulator WEB Interface for Xoops Cube. This module was made by remodeling OpenSimWi(Redux). v1.55 supports 0.6.7/0.6.8/0.6.9/0.7.x, and it includes flotsam group function and modified osprofile function.
  • Modlos - OpenSimulator WEB Interface for Moodle-1.9. This is a sister program of XoopenSim.
  • Money Server (NSL Version) - This Money Server is modified version of DTL Currency Processing for Linux/Unix.
  • Rinions - This is a real-time animation tool for Second Life™/OpenSim. Rinions sends animation data from Kinect to Viewer in real time using shared memory and over the Network.
  • Mobile Grid Client - A Second Life and OpenSim (Open Simulator) messaging client for your Android powered device (mobile phone, cell phone, tablet...).
  • OpenSim Maps - Completely re-written for Google Maps API v3 from the v2 version included with OpenSimWi(Redux) and now includes support for larger regions e.g. varregions.


  • 3D Head Tracking Software - The idea here is that Johnny has written an application that will allow real3d perspective using a WiiMote & a modified set of safety glasses. Johnny includes all of the source and several sample applications to get this moving forward. Would someone like to pick this up and build us a real3D interface for the SL browser? It's not as hard as you think.
  • Edusim on Opensim - Edusim is a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment based concept of lesson driven 3D virtual worlds on the classroom interactive whiteboard or classroom interactive surface. Currently Edusim on Opencobalt Cobalt exists but tweaking a client and making Opensim "finger friendly" would seem to be a relatively straight forward task.

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