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RealXtend was an open source project which extended the feature set of OpenSimulator to support normal 3D meshes etc. which had not been available in Second Life(tm). The core development was funded and organized by Oulu Innovation in Finland, as a cooperation by three Oulu based companies Evocativi, LudoCraft and Playsign. The development process and decision making was open on mailing lists and IRC like normal Open Source projects, and any OpenSimulator or other developer was welcome to participate, and could get commit rights etc.

Information on how to connect the RealXtend viewer is defined by the ModRex interface. That page also gives more detailed information about the features.

Originally (in early 2008) RealXtend published an improved version of the GPL'd Second Life(tm) viewer. That viewer was built for Windows, however, running RealXtend in Wine was possible on Linux.

In 2009-2010 the focus has been on the development of a new viewer, Naali, which is compatible with the existing servers and content, but is written from scratch to facilitate development of new features. Naali is notable for being one of the few OpenSimulator viewers that was not a fork of a Second Life code. In particular it used a conventional 3D graphics engine, Ogre3D. Naali is Apache licensed and applied the OpenSimulator contributions policy, so OpenSimulator server side developers could participate in viewer development. Naali was eventually renamed to Tundra and evolved in a different direction, leaving it no longer compatible with OpenSimulator. Instead it used a new server, forked from OpenSimulator, called Taiga. The entire project was abandoned in 2016.

Naali/Tundra source code is still available on github. Versions 1.0.8 and earlier were usable with OpenSimulator. Version 0.4.0 and later required OpenSimulator to have the ModRex module installed.

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