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osTriggerSoundLimited(integer linknum, string sound, float volume, vector north_east_corner, vector south_west_corner)
Start a one time play of the specified sound once at the specified volume in the viewers of avatars located within the box defined by the two vectors.

The sound parameter can be the UUID of a sound or the name of a sound that is in the inventory of the prim containing the script calling this function.

The two vectors are locations in region coordinates.

Threat Level This function does not do a threat level check
Permissions Use of this function is always allowed by default
Delay None seconds
osTriggerSoundLimited(linknum, "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", 1.0, <30,30,22>, <50,50,30>);
osTriggerSoundLimited(linknum, "Name of sound in this prim", 1.0, <30,30,22>, <50,50,30>);
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