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|function_syntax=void osRequestURL(list options)
|function_syntax= osRequestURL(list options)
|ossl_example=<source lang="lsl">
|ossl_example=<source lang="lsl">

Latest revision as of 17:29, 1 May 2019

osRequestURL(list options)
Requests one HTTP:// url (opensim version 0.9 or over)

Option supported : "allowXss" - Add 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' to response header

Threat Level Moderate
Permissions No permissions specified
Delay 0 seconds
//osRequestURL example
RequestReceived (key id, string query) {
    llHTTPResponse (id,200,query+" OK");
    query = llUnescapeURL(query);
    llSay (0, query);
default {
    state_entry() {
        osRequestURL ([ "allowXss" ]);
    http_request(key id, string method, string body) {
        if (method == URL_REQUEST_GRANTED)
           llOwnerSay ("URL_REQUEST_GRANTED" +"\n" +body);
        if (method == URL_REQUEST_DENIED)
            llOwnerSay ("URL_REQUEST_DENIED");
        if (method == "GET")
            RequestReceived (id, llGetHTTPHeader(id,"x-query-string"));
        if (method == "POST")
            RequestReceived (id, body);
This function was added in 0.9.0-post-fixes
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