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Network settings

OpenSim/Grid can be pretty tricky when it comes to setting it up on a private network this document covers what OpenSim needs in terms of network resources.

Ports used by OpenSim

OGS1 Grid Modes - Standard Port List

  • TCP/8000 - Reserved
  • TCP/8001 - Grid Server
  • TCP/8002 - User Server and Login Services
  • TCP/8003 - Asset Services
  • TCP/8004 - Reserved (Inventory Services)
  • TCP/8005 - Reserved (Dispatch Services)


  • UDP+TCP/9000 - Default First Simulator
  • UDP+TCP/9001 - Default Second Simulator


Note: If you use your simulator in standalone mode, it is enough to open the UDP+TCP/9000 on your firewall.

Issues with NAT and Port Forwarding

If your host does not have a public IP address (eg it is hidden behind a home router) you will have issues hosting grid and region servers if you plan on connecting clients to it on both sides of the router, however this can be worked around through very careful application of port forwarding and use of DNS host files. Please note this is not guarunteed to work (and is most likely to fail), it is highly recommended to have a internet accessible public static IP for the server which is hosting the regions.


  • Set the simulator listening IP address to your public facing IP address (that of the router concerned)
  • Port forward the above ports through to the simulator on both UDP and TCP.
  • Use an “ExternalAddress” of “” where you control the DNS for and can enter a “A Record” for ‘somesimulator.’ to your routers IP address.
  • Create a “hosts” file (on windows, this is C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts and on Unix-type systems, this is /etc/hosts) entry on your internal client machines, for to your local LAN address for the simulator.
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