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Hypergrid Team Meeting Chatlog 13.05.2009 21:00 UTC meeting lasted approx 2 hours

[12:06]  eaglefx Binder: so i guess this is 21:00 UTC now
[12:06]  eaglefx Binder: hahaha
[12:06]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: we even dont know it for sure :)
[12:07]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: cause of time zone confusing thing
[12:07]  eaglefx Binder: i hate that timezone crap
[12:07]  eaglefx Binder: how can we chack it
[12:07]  eaglefx Binder: i never can figure that out
[12:07]  Tiffany Sicling: I can stick that map back up in here
[12:07]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: isnt there a net time
[12:07]  Tiffany Sicling: of the USA that is, timezones
[12:08]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: can you relode the hg site pls tiffany?
[12:08]  eaglefx Binder: when do you Tiffany mean i is UTC 21:00 ? in your local time?
[12:08]  Tiffany Sicling: it is 15:08 my time (CDT)
[12:09]  eaglefx Binder: yes 12:00 viewer, 21:00 UTC 22:00 My Time ;)
[12:09]  Tiffany Sicling: I am -6 hours from GMT
[12:09]  eaglefx Binder: yes
[12:09]  eaglefx Binder: 7 hours from me
[12:09]  eaglefx Binder: i'm in your future
[12:09]  eaglefx Binder: you aint even here
[12:09]  eaglefx Binder: yer
[12:09]  eaglefx Binder: t
[12:09]  eaglefx Binder: ;)
[12:10]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: ping tiffany
[12:10]  eaglefx Binder: well okay i guess we can go through the stuff even on 3 people
[12:10]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: :)
[12:10]  eaglefx Binder: i think we should make this a 1 Hour session maximum, and then free
[12:11]  Tiffany Sicling: Okay, it looks like we have an HG demonstration today
[12:11]  Tiffany Sicling: but before we start with that, I will make some announcements
[12:11]  eaglefx Binder: Okay
[12:11]  Bri Hasp is Offline
[12:13]  Tiffany Sicling: Teleport Device Status: I have working scripts now, about 5 of them, ranging from single destination, Map version, button scroll version and both map/scroll. These (except the single destination ones) use a notecard for the destination list.
[12:13]  eaglefx Binder: okay sounds just great
[12:14]  Tiffany Sicling: in the near future, an additional script will be developed that will cause these multi-destination devices to retrieve new lists from a network site.
[12:14]  eaglefx Binder: Okay thats great
[12:14]  Tiffany Sicling: I am working on making all of these compatible so the network script will work with all of them! (except for the single destination version)
[12:15]  eaglefx Binder: i think we are missing some or alot of folks now, so it will be hard to get a complete status on work.
[12:15]  eaglefx Binder: Ok
[12:16]  Tiffany Sicling: I am sure that once the devices are in distribution, more participation will occur :)
[12:16]  eaglefx Binder: yes i have been on the "team" cormmacila side today ;) as you hav eall seen ;)
[12:17]  eaglefx Binder: so it will be fun to see if anyone will wisit out from that meeting earlier in SL
[12:17]  Tiffany Sicling: that will be cool :)
[12:17]  eaglefx Binder: well i guess not today
[12:17]  eaglefx Binder: but it ws pretty good that we got that fired off in there
[12:17]  eaglefx Binder: ;)
[12:18]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: yes was good
[12:18]  eaglefx Binder: Good commercial for Diva ;)
[12:18]  eaglefx Binder: and us
[12:18]  eaglefx Binder: and OpenSim
[12:18]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: taffany would you please reload the hypergrids.org site for me /5 doesnt work for me
[12:18]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: oh tiffany sorry
[12:18]  Tiffany Sicling: OpenSim is the real focus, HG is just a part of that technology :)
[12:19]  Tiffany Sicling: sure
[12:19]  eaglefx Binder: yes sure
[12:19]  eaglefx Binder: but well that does not prevent us to expose it more ;)
[12:19]  eaglefx Binder: who came?
[12:20]  Tiffany Sicling: reloading
[12:20]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: ty
[12:20]  Tiffany Sicling: Now I give the floor to eaglefx :)
[12:20]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: Sorry I'm late everyone
[12:20]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: hi golden
[12:20]  Tiffany Sicling: hi Golden!
[12:20]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: Hi All
[12:21]  eaglefx Binder: Np, and hi
[12:21]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: hmm thats not relodet :)
[12:21]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: maybe a cache problem :)
[12:22]  eaglefx Binder: Okay shall we go trhoug my singleton agenda quick? .. lol
[12:22]  eaglefx Binder: or are we just free spech?
[12:23]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: well we are here for meeting
[12:23]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: so just do the points from the agenda
[12:23]  eaglefx Binder: okay Go through new/lates work for HG Devices !
[12:23]  eaglefx Binder: i guess this turbulent times we need some update in these new scripts/devices
[12:24]  eaglefx Binder: i would like if you could please tell each uf you guys that has somethjing to do with that!
[12:24]  eaglefx Binder: on wat is in the loop
[12:24]  Tiffany Sicling: 1. single destination with either Map or osTeleportAgent capability.
[12:24]  Tiffany Sicling: great for tours !!
[12:25]  eaglefx Binder: allright
[12:25]  Tiffany Sicling: 2. multi-destination with either map or osTeleportAgent, menu style.
[12:25]  Tiffany Sicling: 3. same but with up/down buttons.
[12:25]  Tiffany Sicling: 4. same but with both up/down and menu capability.
[12:25]  eaglefx Binder: so it is a mix and match of several ideas?
[12:26]  Tiffany Sicling: Modular, so you can use same script and just add the control you want, buttons or menu.
[12:26]  eaglefx Binder: okay sounds great
[12:27]  eaglefx Binder: did you guys talk together on those scrpts anytime really? or did you do those alone up ontil now Tiffany?
[12:27]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: the only problem I see with it is the scale ability of it
[12:27]  Tiffany Sicling: future modules and devices will give capability to 1. show a list of regions 2. show a picture of destination locations before you go there
[12:27]  eaglefx Binder: Ok
[12:27]  Tiffany Sicling: I am not originating all of these, as others contribute scripts
[12:27]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: hmm a picture ... normaly i would say a picture say more than 1000 words but not this tumbnails
[12:28]  Tiffany Sicling: naaa, sorta like a vendor
[12:28]  Tiffany Sicling: with buttons to select next destination, and show picture of where you might want to go
[12:28]  Tiffany Sicling: no competition here, if someone else wants to make one, feel free to!
[12:28]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: ?
[12:29]  eaglefx Binder: okay i guess we just have to make sure contrubutors gets credited on the sense of listing in the scripts and so on, how about make it as GPL or whatever license, suits those involved in coding?
[12:29]  Tiffany Sicling: yes, in releasing all code as opensource, others can learn from them, can add their enhancements, or even cleanup things in them
[12:30]  eaglefx Binder: okay well just as i say it should have those usual thingys at the top, anyways you gusy figure that, it is your copyrights
[12:30]  Tiffany Sicling: if you have any to submit to the team, all of your copyright info, credits, etc. will be retained in them
[12:31]  Tiffany Sicling: if you enhance someone else's script, leave their info in, and add yours!
[12:31]  eaglefx Binder: yep thats what i was after
[12:31]  eaglefx Binder: well okay Great anymore Tiff? on the stuff you did?
[12:32]  Tiffany Sicling: if you prefer to make extras in yours and you want to keep those enhancements yours, then that's ok too
[12:32]  eaglefx Binder: well i think we should just discuss this a little beforehand so we do not get that situation as previous...
[12:32]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: may i say something
[12:33]  eaglefx Binder: yup ofcause
[12:33]  Tiffany Sicling: what I have done is take snippets of code I have found, and put together some scripts. the animation and textures on the event horizon are mine, some of the gate rings I have I either found on the web, or someone gave them to me
[12:33]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: phone brb
[12:33]  eaglefx Binder: Okay that fine with me
[12:34]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: its nice that whitehorse did this as opensource and everyone can use it .. or do their own like ever they want ... they can do it as opensource or leave it in their hand ...
[12:34]  Tiffany Sicling: yes
[12:34]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: i am sure there will be lots more of teleporters and scripts
[12:35]  eaglefx Binder: yes thats why i think we as a team should encurage HG stuff rather then persue make a Wild Animal of a product
[12:35]  Tiffany Sicling: When I first met WhiteStar, he said he was working on a script, but it was far from complete. I asked him about buttons and such, so he added those into the script.
[12:35]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: so we dont have to think that much about it ... its great that tiffany did a working one so we can spread it for those who dont know anyting about building scripting
[12:35]  Tiffany Sicling: I agree
[12:35]  Tiffany Sicling: to be a team means helping one another
[12:35]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: so i always look what happend inworld
[12:36]  eaglefx Binder: yes sure, thats what we have done all the time it seems to me, minus out little davinci code break earlier ;)
[12:36]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: but what i think we should do is to help others who want to own a region or even a grid ... to make it hg enable
[12:36]  Linda Lightfoot is Offline
[12:36]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: and make a great region / grid list with nessesary informations on the page with database
[12:37]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: and lets make an api that all ppl who want programm a gate can use our informations for their scripts
[12:37]  eaglefx Binder: yes okay i think we might need to hear what Golden Hawk have been up to, and what his status is!?
[12:37]  eaglefx Binder: could be your both have some stuff that could be merged
[12:37]  eaglefx Binder: or whatever
[12:38]  eaglefx Binder: okay we can come back to Golden when he is back
[12:38]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: still on phone bbs
[12:38]  eaglefx Binder: Ok
[12:38]  Tiffany Sicling: I won't comment on that
[12:38]  Tiffany Sicling: hehe
[12:39]  kidd piko is Offline
[12:39]  eaglefx Binder: comment on what?
[12:39]  Tiffany Sicling: apart from scripts, could we talk about gates/doorways/etc. for a moment ?
[12:39]  eaglefx Binder: sure speak up
[12:39]  Tiffany Sicling: what do you think is the best type of HG device ?
[12:40]  eaglefx Binder: to me that will be something i can put in a prim of my choice
[12:40]  eaglefx Binder: made easy
[12:40]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: a good list with information about the region to visit
[12:40]  eaglefx Binder: look at me as a noob
[12:40]  eaglefx Binder: ;))
[12:40]  Tiffany Sicling: ok
[12:40]  Tiffany Sicling: for example
[12:41]  Tiffany Sicling: if scripts are the only thing offered, noobs may bombard you with 10,000 questions on what to do with it
[12:41]  eaglefx Binder: we could have some nicely made gates/teleporters, but usually people waht thair own design
[12:41]  Tiffany Sicling: so I think we should offer both.
[12:41]  eaglefx Binder: yes so we provide 1 or 2 standard gates for HG
[12:41]  eaglefx Binder: can all agree to that?
[12:42]  eaglefx Binder: or maybe only one even
[12:42]  Tiffany Sicling: well, there can be simple in-region ones, and in-grid/out-grid ones
[12:42]  eaglefx Binder: it will get a mess in my oppinion if we have several
[12:42]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: agree
[12:42]  eaglefx Binder: so max 2 kinds
[12:42]  eaglefx Binder: ? or is that 3?
[12:43]  Tiffany Sicling: but
[12:43]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: bk
[12:43]  eaglefx Binder: wb
[12:43]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: wb
[12:43]  Tiffany Sicling: the in-region ones can also function as in-grid and out-grid too
[12:43]  sim core: ( Back - reading )
[12:43]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: thanks
[12:43]  Tiffany Sicling: wb Golden
[12:43]  eaglefx Binder: okay well i think we should agree on how many made
[12:43]  Sherlock Reinard is Offline
[12:44]  eaglefx Binder: so we have a thread on whats done with it
[12:44]  Tiffany Sicling: there's also preferences as to click on it to TP, or walk into/through it to TP
[12:44]  eaglefx Binder: yes but thats features
[12:44]  kidd piko is Offline
[12:44]  eaglefx Binder: lets call it HG Devices
[12:44]  eaglefx Binder: with features
[12:44]  eaglefx Binder: max 2 or 3 diffrent kinds ?
[12:45]  Tiffany Sicling: okay, for a basic HG Device, simple and to the point single destination
[12:45]  Tiffany Sicling: one prim
[12:45]  eaglefx Binder: we should Obay KISS
[12:45]  Tiffany Sicling: or could be one prim
[12:45]  eaglefx Binder: yes
[12:46]  Tiffany Sicling: with that one, more prims would be just decoration
[12:46]  eaglefx Binder: Tiffany or whom ever makes prims, could you make 2 to 3 examples of gates?
[12:46]  eaglefx Binder: and we vote of them,
[12:46]  Tiffany Sicling: sure
[12:46]  Tiffany Sicling: but I would like some ideas as to what to make
[12:46]  eaglefx Binder: it is free for all to make one and we should agree i think on what we go for
[12:46]  Tiffany Sicling: some people don't like stargate
[12:46]  eaglefx Binder: yes right
[12:46]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: a airport gateway
[12:47]  eaglefx Binder: yep make an example maybe nadreaas
[12:47]  sim core: ( I think I prefer the alteran stargate with the animation, for hg devices myself )
[12:47]  eaglefx Binder: but still keep in mind that scripts is modular for the advanced HG'ers
[12:47]  sim core: Could be 3 prims with the animated ligtht ring..
[12:47]  eaglefx Binder: so it can be put in whatever device
[12:48]  Tiffany Sicling: for the most advanced gate so far, I have one created by Warin that has moving chevrons, ring, whoosh animation and sounds
[12:48]  sim core: *Light
[12:48]  Tiffany Sicling: but the script engine chokes on it for now
[12:48]  eaglefx Binder: yes thats a great option, but we need 3 diffrent choiuces
[12:48]  sim core: I also like the goaul'd tp rings, but not sure if you have tried that yet :-)
[12:49]  eaglefx Binder: or something like that, okay lets look into that for till next meeding
[12:49]  eaglefx Binder: meeting
[12:49]  Tiffany Sicling: I do nave ga'uld rings, but they are not animated yet
[12:49]  sim core: Nice!
[12:49]  sim core: May I ask a question regarding the hypergrid lin-region command?
[12:49]  eaglefx Binder: so conclusion on primmies, make 3 examples or more and we vote them in or out as a team on which we wanna provide as a stabndard gate for noob ;)
[12:50]  sim core: *Link-region
[12:50]  sim core: Sounds good, eagle :-)
[12:50]  eaglefx Binder: we will take that on next meet then and see how far peop,ke has come
[12:50]  eaglefx Binder: people
[12:50]  eaglefx Binder: i will try to ;))
[12:50]  Tiffany Sicling: well
[12:51]  eaglefx Binder: okay is that it for prims?
[12:51]  Tiffany Sicling: I can do one as a stargate, which is easy, I have several of those
[12:51]  Tiffany Sicling: another as a door
[12:51]  Tiffany Sicling: another as a console device
[12:51]  eaglefx Binder: yes great i just think we should limit what we make avalible to as 2 or 3 only
[12:51]  kidd piko is Offline
[12:51]  Tiffany Sicling: but the list could go on
[12:51]  eaglefx Binder: sure museum ;)
[12:51]  Tiffany Sicling: can we vote for the 3 examples ?
[12:51]  eaglefx Binder: freebie hall
[12:51]  eaglefx Binder: ;))
[12:52]  eaglefx Binder: well cant we?
[12:52]  Tiffany Sicling: sure
[12:52]  Tiffany Sicling: an HG museum ?
[12:52]  eaglefx Binder: i mean it does not have to be a vote really but more like... this and that one is great....
[12:53]  Tiffany Sicling: eveyrone is welcome to make something that can be converted into an HG device
[12:53]  eaglefx Binder: yes that can be done, as a Freebie HG museum .. lol we are already enriched with Divas creation there on the floor ;)
[12:53]  Tiffany Sicling: that's an item for it sure
[12:53]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: well mine would be a cube I can't build a thing LOL
[12:53]  eaglefx Binder: Okay then lets move on then!!
[12:54]  sim core: :-)
[12:54]  eaglefx Binder: lol
[12:54]  Tiffany Sicling: with cards and notecards given out to describe it and what it can do, etc.
[12:54]  eaglefx Binder: Golden can you give your status on code?
[12:54]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: I'll try but its not much yet
[12:54]  Tiffany Sicling: one thing I wish I could see is one that makes you see a flying by starfield just before you HG off
[12:55]  eaglefx Binder: he okay
[12:55]  sim core: Right, I saw one what animates a full screen view
[12:55]  eaglefx Binder: okay Golen give it a status anyways so we know whats in the air
[12:55]  eaglefx Binder: golden
[12:55]  Tiffany Sicling: I think all is needed for that is camera control to give the effect by focusing their camera into something, but doesn't that work on animation via sit only ?
[12:56]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: I ran in to problems with the code tiff released last week and have had to scrap most of what I had done and start from scrath
[12:56]  eaglefx Binder: who was that question for?
[12:56]  eaglefx Binder: allrighty
[12:56]  Tiffany Sicling: anybody
[12:56]  eaglefx Binder: thats fine we aint in any hurry here
[12:56]  eaglefx Binder: Ok
[12:56]  Tiffany Sicling: well, Golden, snag the code in the osgrid.org foum that WhiteStar made
[12:57]  Tiffany Sicling: I have put together a very simple setup using those scripts on the page
[12:57]  sim core: Indeed, it would require sitting for it to properly control the effect :-J
[12:57]  eaglefx Binder: okay Golden and Tiffany maybe you should chit chat a little on those code bits?
[12:58]  eaglefx Binder: so i guess you need some more time, and it is ofcause a biggie if you make each a script.. lol
[12:59]  eaglefx Binder: well you better decide how i cant code that LSL
[12:59]  eaglefx Binder: to me it looks obfuscated even it aint.. LOL
[12:59]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: for what I have in mind the code whitestar is using will not do so that will not help me
[13:00]  eaglefx Binder: okay lets hear your thoughts then!
[13:00]  sim core: Lol, golden
[13:00]  eaglefx Binder: hehe
[13:00]  sim core: ( I mean, eagle )
[13:00]  eaglefx Binder: lol
[13:01]  sim core: Ah,...
[13:01]  eaglefx Binder: yes well .. it was mainly to get a frift in the work we have been doing lately
[13:01]  eaglefx Binder: drift
[13:01]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: my thought on what I am working on or ws's scripts
[13:01]  Tiffany Sicling: I have his scripts in a set of prims on the wall behind and to my left
[13:01]  Tiffany Sicling: they are colored prims
[13:01]  sim core: Ok, may I have a copy?
[13:01]  sim core: ( take a copy )
[13:02]  Tiffany Sicling: I'll have to set the perms, sure
[13:02]  sim core: I will look at what can be done! :-)
[13:02]  eaglefx Binder: okay wel i think you guys that can deal with LSL should talk a bit on what to do and so on.
[13:02]  Tiffany Sicling: I haven't done it yet
[13:02]  Tiffany Sicling: I think that is a good start
[13:03]  eaglefx Binder: okay lets ,move on then, before it gets too late
[13:03]  Tiffany Sicling: it functions with or with out some of the extra prims
[13:03]  eaglefx Binder: and lets update on scripts/prims next week
[13:03]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: yes i want to go to bed not that late :)
[13:03]  eaglefx Binder: sure
[13:03]  eaglefx Binder: i think nr. 2 up there is kindfa covered
[13:03]  sim core: Hehe
[13:04]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: can we take a copy yet Tiff
[13:04]  eaglefx Binder: 2. new Ideas and Updates.
[13:04]  eaglefx Binder: thats agenda, i think we maybe can leave that up to a daily flow
[13:05]  sim core: Sounds goor :-)
[13:05]  sim core: *Good
[13:05]  eaglefx Binder: does any of you have some on 2. ?
[13:05]  sim core: Some 2.?
[13:05]  eaglefx Binder: else we move on to 3
[13:05]  eaglefx Binder: agenda
[13:05]  sim core: Oh, right :-J
[13:05]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: yes thats my idea :) move to 3 ^^
[13:05]  eaglefx Binder: lol
[13:06]  eaglefx Binder: 3. wiki update (relocate stuff and information)
[13:06]  eaglefx Binder: thats kinda me
[13:06]  eaglefx Binder: i will try to relocate the wiki a little and get some of all the meet lines away and links diffrent
[13:06]  eaglefx Binder: you are welcome to make changes also have a look at the Howto i made
[13:07]  eaglefx Binder: and comment or change, if i failed ;)
[13:07]  eaglefx Binder: as you see already Tiffany and i made some changes to the lsit
[13:07]  eaglefx Binder: core list
[13:07]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: yes
[13:07]  eaglefx Binder: so people has titles,
[13:08]  eaglefx Binder: you are to change those to what is best
[13:08]  eaglefx Binder: for you
[13:08]  Tiffany Sicling: I have renamed the prim collection over there and set perms in it
[13:08]  eaglefx Binder: ok
[13:08]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: FMI where is this list
[13:08]  sim core: Thank-you, tiffany :-)
[13:08]  Tiffany Sicling: I think putting it in a box is a good idea :)
[13:08]  eaglefx Binder: sec
[13:08]  eaglefx Binder: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/HyperGrid_Team
[13:08]  eaglefx Binder: there
[13:08]  eaglefx Binder: if thats what you mean
[13:09]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: it was thanks eagle
[13:09]  eaglefx Binder: well i will try to change / update it as needed, but it might needs a review sometimes ;)
[13:09]  Tiffany Sicling: ok
[13:09]  Tiffany Sicling: I set it to buy for L$0
[13:09]  Tiffany Sicling: everyone can have a copy of it
[13:09]  eaglefx Binder: as you see today we got another press thingy as Divas speach ,)
[13:09]  eaglefx Binder: thankies
[13:10]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: ty tiffany
[13:10]  eaglefx Binder: okwa well enough on wiki, i wil update it as usual
[13:10]  Tiffany Sicling: all it is is a bunch of prims glued together with the root as main.
[13:10]  Tiffany Sicling: with operating scripts in them
[13:10]  eaglefx Binder: okay great
[13:10]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: Thanks Tiff
[13:10]  sim core: Right
[13:10]  eaglefx Binder: okay well any more stuff on wiki?
[13:11]  Tiffany Sicling: if you touch the big blue box, you will TP to whatever destination is set on it.
[13:11]  sim core: Mostly the hy commands are important, and the database
[13:11]  sim core: *Hg
[13:11]  Tiffany Sicling: walk into it I meant
[13:11]  sim core: Hehe
[13:11]  eaglefx Binder: okay lets do some testing after this, last point
[13:11]  eaglefx Binder: 4. how should hypergrids.org be ?
[13:11]  Tiffany Sicling: I went to that site you posted, eaglefx, but didn't see a video by Diva
[13:12]  Tiffany Sicling: unless Diva is a male and very old
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: it is chanbged now tiff
[13:12]  sim core: Lol
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: it was because it had an ondemand button
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: and you had to find it in there
[13:12]  sim core: :-J
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: i changed that after
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: it should show up now properly
[13:12]  Tiffany Sicling: did everybody get a copy of that example HG device ?
[13:13]  eaglefx Binder: nor me yet
[13:13]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: i cant hgridded
[13:13]  eaglefx Binder: okay last point status on the webie we have
[13:13]  eaglefx Binder: i have this first.
[13:13]  eaglefx Binder: 4. how should hypergrids.org be
[13:13]  eaglefx Binder: we have this
[13:13]  eaglefx Binder: nagios ready
[13:13]  eaglefx Binder: db ready
[13:14]  eaglefx Binder: look and feel ready
[13:14]  eaglefx Binder: content is needed
[13:14]  Tiffany Sicling: how about pictures ?
[13:14]  eaglefx Binder: submit HG is ready
[13:14]  eaglefx Binder: kinda
[13:14]  eaglefx Binder: and we had the idea to make it kinda like a yellopages
[13:14]  eaglefx Binder: for HG links
[13:15]  eaglefx Binder: an use that in devices
[13:15]  Tiffany Sicling: I think categories is a good suggestion
[13:15]  eaglefx Binder: Andreas you update
[13:15]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: yes finished the optic
[13:15]  eaglefx Binder: i took the general ones
[13:15]  Tiffany Sicling: Business Related, For Fun, Nature, etc.
[13:15]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: i think tiffany might update the prim again
[13:15]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: or just du http://hypergrids.org/
[13:16]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: e-mail ready you missed
[13:16]  Tiffany Sicling: Bruce has submitted his HG menu scripts
[13:16]  Tiffany Sicling: Bruce Patton
[13:16]  Tiffany Sicling: so I will box that up too :)
[13:16]  eaglefx Binder: we should have a forum there maybe too?
[13:16]  Tiffany Sicling: a forum I think is a good idea
[13:16]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: well if needed sure
[13:17]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: yes to the forum
[13:17]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: but theres all at the opensimulator page as well
[13:17]  eaglefx Binder: i think the page should be simple and precise
[13:17]  eaglefx Binder: not a huge load of buttons
[13:17]  Tiffany Sicling: hurray! a place where I can whine! no. not really, but there will be some whining in them
[13:17]  eaglefx Binder: and its main goal should be information on HG, abd bla bla
[13:18]  eaglefx Binder: and maybe also provide the links
[13:18]  sim core: :-J
[13:18]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: http://hypergrids.org/register/surl.php
[13:18]  eaglefx Binder: is everyone same track in that?
[13:18]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: this can be the output from the database
[13:18]  Tiffany Sicling: sim core, you have some skills, anything that might be useful to the team ?
[13:18]  eaglefx Binder: and we make a replicant DB
[13:18]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: there you get surl just to klick on
[13:19]  sim core: I will start by lloking at what has already been established, but I think it should be quite simple to use a simple system and one also using a php page :-)
[13:19]  eaglefx Binder: i think me and andreas will wortk on that web/DB / Links...and the monitor as an option. so we split up the work in bits
[13:19]  sim core: *Looking
[13:20]  eaglefx Binder: anyone that feels like hard handed on php jump in ;)
[13:20]  eaglefx Binder: lol
[13:21]  eaglefx Binder: okay, well i dont really have anything else now other than to thank you for beeing good and staying here and for all your good work.
[13:21]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: right now I don't have the time to help with the site sorry
[13:21]  eaglefx Binder: so word is free .. ;))
[13:21]  sim core: :-)
[13:21]  Tiffany Sicling: one way we all can help is by testing HG
[13:21]  eaglefx Binder: okay me and Adreas will work on that site a little then...
[13:22]  Tiffany Sicling: go places, see if your inventory works, etc.
[13:22]  eaglefx Binder: yes sure
[13:22]  Tiffany Sicling: how many jumps can you do without crashing ?
[13:22]  sim core: ( Now if I could only figure out why it gives me a message that the region is already registered with the server at 8001 and after it tells me the regions are too far away ( 0, 0 ) =)
[13:22]  eaglefx Binder: we do that all the time .. well i jump around all the time
[13:22]  sim core: I usually did 3 jumps fine, then crashed on the fourth
[13:22]  Tiffany Sicling: if a region is too far away, note it :)
[13:23]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: i will leave for tody i am sleepy
[13:23]  sim core: See-you, andreas :-J
[13:23]  Golden.Hawk @artofthephoenix.com:9000: as of now I have not been able to rezz or get anything anyplace I have been but will keep trying
[13:23]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: so wrell se us tomorrow :) fresh up ^^
[13:23]  Tiffany Sicling: eventually the client viewers will eliminate that limitation
[13:23]  eaglefx Binder: Okay Andreas selle well
[13:23]  eaglefx Binder: sleep
[13:23]  Andreas.Dna @next-reality.net:8002: yes night all
[13:23]  Tiffany Sicling: g'nite Andreas!!
[13:23]  eaglefx Binder: thanks for comming

Meeting ended....

Thank you all for your participation
- EagleFX

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