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[12:20]  Tiffany Sicling: Welcome to the Hypergrid Team meeting, Wednesday, April 15, 2009.
[12:20]  eaglefx Binder: thankies
[12:20]  Richardus Raymaker: thanks
[12:21]  kidd piko: glad to make it this week
[12:21]  Warin Cascabel is Offline
[12:21]  Tiffany Sicling: We have gotten together an Agenda, hopefully we can see what has happened and what we can do
[12:21]  eaglefx Binder: Hi warin
[12:21]  Tiffany Sicling: hi Warin
[12:21]  Warin Cascabel: Odd, after I teleported, it told me I had crashed.
[12:21]  kidd piko: hiya Warin
[12:21]  Warin Cascabel: Hello, all.
[12:21]  kidd piko: heheee
[12:21]  Tiffany Sicling: I've seen that b4
[12:21]  Tiffany Sicling: First on the Agends is to discuss previous updates
[12:22]  Tiffany Sicling: What did we have set for last week, and did we achieve the goals :)
[12:22]  Tiffany Sicling: hrm
[12:22]  Tiffany Sicling: I've set that 4 times already
[12:22]  eaglefx Binder: well it looks like we / u over achieved it ;)
[12:22]  kidd piko: what were the goals ??
[12:22]  Tiffany Sicling: I'll look into that sometime today to see if I missed something in the .ini
[12:23]  kidd piko: (sorry was gone last week)
[12:23]  Tiffany Sicling: eagle, do you have that info up ?
[12:23]  eaglefx Binder: well there was alot of talk about the gates and stuff like that, chat was a pain to come thru ;)
[12:23]  Tiffany Sicling: we had hoped for a release of a gate for one
[12:24]  Tiffany Sicling: then we had the grid issues with osTPA
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[12:24]  eaglefx Binder: i didnt think we set alot of special goals other than get a gate working as a prototype
[12:24]  eaglefx Binder: and the php/webDB
[12:25]  Warin Cascabel: I don't believe the grid issues are specifically with osTeleportAgent(); they also appear to be caused by simply walking across a border.
[12:25]  Adelle Fitzgerald is Offline
[12:25]  Warin Cascabel: There is a mantis for the issue, but Diva is refusing to look at it until an actual recipe for reproduction is posted.
[12:25]  Tiffany Sicling: well, kidd has a script working now that can be put into a gate only for the purposes of getting the DB to/from gate right and to also have them networked with zero configuration (except, enabling osTeleportAgent at the sim level)
[12:25]  Warin Cascabel: But since it seems fairly random, no such recipe has yet ben created.
[12:26]  Tiffany Sicling: ok, so we gotta duplicate a problem
[12:26]  Warin Cascabel: I've been trying, believe me...
[12:26]  eaglefx Binder: ok sounds like that, put on th eTo Do
[12:26]  Warin Cascabel: seems to happen quite frequently unless you WANT it to happen...
[12:26]  Tiffany Sicling: that's easy, I can take the gate using osTPA and osMessageObject and dial up a few things, TP back, and that's replicatable over and over
[12:27]  Tiffany Sicling: both origin and destination have to be restarted to recover from it
[12:27]  Warin Cascabel: It also occurred with the non-osMessageObject() using gate. I don't believe it's related to that.
[12:27]  Tiffany Sicling: you may be right
[12:27]  eaglefx Binder: is that the bugs we have seen on Dradis and Here?
[12:27]  Warin Cascabel: Also, she insists that the issue be reproduced *off* OSGrid, since she wasn't able to reproduce it on her own local grid.
[12:28]  Tiffany Sicling: after a while of using the simple gates I have with only one destination
[12:28]  Tiffany Sicling: to and from dradis...
[12:28]  eaglefx Binder: yes ok
[12:28]  Tiffany Sicling: after a few times, they both start getting all weird
[12:28]  eaglefx Binder: i have a local grid which can be crashed
[12:28]  Warin Cascabel: Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the discussion.
[12:28]  eaglefx Binder: np
[12:28]  Tiffany Sicling: np
[12:28]  kidd piko: lol
[12:28]  Tiffany Sicling: we gotta know these things :)
[12:29]  eaglefx Binder: yes
[12:29]  eaglefx Binder: but maybe better if we chit chat those in Lab cgatlog?
[12:29]  Tiffany Sicling: Stargate progress: I will have a cheapo gate with scripts ready today for testing
[12:30]  eaglefx Binder: kewl, how do we get some testers, or do we start by 5 people and some from e.g. Grid4Us?
[12:30]  kidd piko: well... maybe i could explain cheapo gate a little better
[12:30]  Tiffany Sicling: I am thinking of doing it that way to take out all the non-essential functions until we have a good link and it's error-free (as much as we can expect)
[12:31]  eaglefx Binder: yes okay so we test with the team members until kinda stable
[12:31]  Tiffany Sicling: then include things like animation
[12:31]  Tiffany Sicling: Warin has a great gate
[12:31]  kidd piko: ahh, i see
[12:32]  eaglefx Binder: ok i think we should place those on strategic sims to do the testing, on all of our owns and maybe some other peoples regions!?
[12:32]  Tiffany Sicling: but even though it can be the best gate available, if the function of it is faulty, what good is it ?
[12:32]  Tiffany Sicling: the backend functions, specifically the TP portion
[12:33]  kidd piko: right, this first gate.. our main focus for testing is:
[12:33]  kidd piko: 1. the gate self-registering itself on the Stargate Network
[12:33]  Richardus Raymaker whispers: get ones with a perfect connection !
[12:34]  kidd piko: 2. being able to access the other nodes on the Stargate Network from the newly registered nodes
[12:34]  kidd piko: this is one issue, that i am sure you will notice
[12:34]  Richardus Raymaker: if yoiu like to test it with a less good conenction, you need to call me. :O
[12:34]  eaglefx Binder: lol
[12:34]  Tiffany Sicling: haha
[12:35]  kidd piko: when new Gates are added to the newtork, the existing Gates need to be re-compiled, re started to read the new list
[12:35]  kidd piko: i should be able to have a fix for that in a day or two though
[12:35]  eaglefx Binder: ah yes that could represent a update problem i guess
[12:35]  eaglefx Binder: ok cool
[12:36]  kidd piko: right, that's a major part of what we are trying to do here, and that is offer real/live destinations to connect ti
[12:36]  kidd piko: *to
[12:36]  Tiffany Sicling: I was mentioning to kidd last night about the gate reporting it's version number to php and if there is a newer revision, notify by making a floating text pop up saying, new update available
[12:36]  Warin Cascabel: So the gates keep the information in memory, rather than requesting data from the server as needed?
[12:37]  eaglefx Binder: yes internetonize HyperGrid
[12:37]  Richardus Raymaker: memory is faster
[12:38]  Warin Cascabel: Memory is faster, yes - but should keep in mind what to do if there are too many stargates on the network to keep their data in memory.
[12:38]  kidd piko: Warin, that's how they are now, simply because that's how it was written in the early testing phases
[12:38]  eaglefx Binder: sounds like a gr8 idea tiffany
[12:38]  Tiffany Sicling: I have a question though, how will a newly rezzzed gate know if it's on an HG enabled region or not
[12:38]  Warin Cascabel: OK, kidd, understood.
[12:38]  Warin Cascabel: Good question, Tiffany - should be possible to add an OSSL function for that info.
[12:38]  kidd piko: there is no way to jkeep it all in memory any way, because the Desstination lists need to be "paged"
[12:38]  kidd piko: 12 -per menu
[12:39]  Richardus Raymaker: yes kidd. i forgot the 2000 other grids in the futere :)
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[12:39]  Warin Cascabel: There's something in one of the LL testing viewers that will allow you to display HTML data in a window, make a choice, which then gets returned to the script. That will make selecting a destination much less cumbersome, I think.
[12:39]  kidd piko: Tiffany, at this point, if a gate is simply rezzed, then it is assumed that it is not an HG'd region
[12:40]  Richardus Raymaker: hmm, does that need some linioing in the operating system to get the LM working ?
[12:40]  kidd piko: if someone want's to enable the HG capabilities, then they will need to register through the web site
[12:40]  Tiffany Sicling: I would probably recommend having HG enabled sim owners register at website to enable HG in their gate
[12:40]  Tiffany Sicling is Offline
[12:40]  eaglefx Binder: Welcome Edy
[12:40]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: hi

Sim Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash, when Edy came hehe........ well i guess it was not Edy but it sure happened right there.

[12:44]  Warin Cascabel is Online
[12:44]  kidd piko is Online
[12:45]  Richardus Raymaker is Online
[12:45]  Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sunred%20Gateway/127/143/22
[12:45]  The region you have entered is running a different simulator version. Click this message for details.
[12:45]  kidd piko: ok, one more
[12:45]  eaglefx Binder: Okay
[12:45]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: i crashed
[12:45]  Tiffany Sicling is Offline
[12:45]  kidd piko: there we are
[12:46]  eaglefx Binder: we all did
[12:46]  eaglefx Binder: ;)=
[12:46]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: ah ok, lol
[12:47]  Tiffany Sicling is Online
[12:47]  eaglefx Binder: Okay Welcome back Meeting is restarted ;)
[12:47]  eaglefx Binder: is everybody in again?
[12:47]  Richardus Raymaker: where's tiffany ?
[12:47]  eaglefx Binder: tiff comes there
[12:47]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: i hope it works now
[12:48]  eaglefx Binder: seemslike tiffany hangs
[12:48]  kidd piko: ok, Edy, we were just talking about testing the Stargates that I mentioned to you earlier
[12:48]  kidd piko: there are 2 basic types of Gates
[12:49]  eaglefx Binder: u back=
[12:49]  Adelle Fitzgerald is Offline
[12:50]  Warin Cascabel: Does that use llMapDestination() rather than osTeleportAgent()?
[12:50]  kidd piko: the second type is specifically for HGd regions and requires certain requirements, such as osFunctions enabled and at least a certain svn revision number
[12:50]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: i see you typing but cannot read
[12:51]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: now...
[12:51]  kidd piko: Warin, currently it only uses llMapDest... but for the non-HGd regions it will be a configuration setting that they will set in a script
[12:52]  kidd piko: and for th HGd region gates, it will be osTeleportAgent
[12:52]  Warin Cascabel: So llMapDest() doesn't work with hypergrid destinations?
[12:52]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: it works
[12:52]  Warin Cascabel: OK
[12:53]  eaglefx Binder: yes i guess thats the old scripts we had as teleporters
[12:53]  eaglefx Binder: where it shows the map
[12:53]  kidd piko: it does work, but since the HGd region gates will also be "routing" travellers, we do not want them to have to click again to go the next station on their way to their final destination
[12:53]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: yes is there a new script wich teleports hypergrids directly without the map?
[12:53]  Warin Cascabel: Tiffany seems sure it's osTeleportAgent() causing the issues, so I'll test my gate with llMapDestination() to see if that makes a difference.
[12:54]  eaglefx Binder: not any releaset ones Edy, it is all prototyping
[12:54]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: osteleport does not work for hypergrid in my experience
[12:54]  Tiffany Sicling is Online
[12:55]  Warin Cascabel: The code for osTeleportAgent() does contain handlers for hypergrid addresses.
[12:55]  eaglefx Binder: Welcome Back Tiffany
[12:55]  Warin Cascabel: Whether or not it's working 100%, I can't say.
[12:55]  Tiffany Sicling: ty, my computer crashed and I had to reinstall fan control
[12:55]  kidd piko: Edy, there was an issue which prevented osTPA from working with HG, but it was resolved in r9010
[12:55]  eaglefx Binder: haha wild
[12:55]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: ah ok then i try it again
[12:56]  Tiffany Sicling: hi Edy :)
[12:56]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: hi
[12:56]  kidd piko: that's an example of why one of our requirements for HGd region gates is a minumum revision number
[12:56]  eaglefx Binder: which is at this moment?
[12:57]  Tiffany Sicling: from what I was told from BlueWall Slade, the osTeleportAgent was affected because it uses same pipe used to cross borders with
[12:57]  kidd piko: we have not determined the exact one yet, it depends on the functions included in the particular gate
[12:57]  eaglefx Binder: ok kidd
[12:57]  Tiffany Sicling: only difference is the borders are on different grids or non-touching regions on same grid
[12:57]  Warin Cascabel: Tiffany: Are you talking about the current issue, or the pre-9010 issue?
[12:57]  Tiffany Sicling: current issue
[12:58]  Warin Cascabel: OK, so someone knows what's going on, good.
[12:58]  Warin Cascabel: Diva's refusal to look at it any further really irritated me.
[12:58]  Tiffany Sicling: yes, and they are trying to isolate it and fix it
[12:58]  Warin Cascabel: Excellent.
[12:58]  kidd piko: brb
[12:58]  Tiffany Sicling: it's not osTPA that is the reason, it's like the pipework that makes that, TP and border crossing work
[12:59]  Warin Cascabel: Right. I was pretty sure it wasn't osTeleportAgent() itself
[12:59]  Warin Cascabel: since that was working fine up until the issues started occurring that also made border crossing problematic.
[12:59]  Tiffany Sicling: right
[13:00]  Tiffany Sicling: I actually spent a whole day downloading several svns to see which one would last longer
[13:00]  eaglefx Binder: okay so that issus is beeing worked at on the dev side, anything we can do to test it further
[13:00]  eaglefx Binder: or is it locked with Diva?
[13:01]  Tiffany Sicling: we can test the rezzing stargates for database entry
[13:01]  Tiffany Sicling: and some HG is fine
[13:01]  Tiffany Sicling: but may blow up later
[13:01]  eaglefx Binder: Ok
[13:01]  Tiffany Sicling: I'm watching the mantis and talking with BlueWall about the issue to see if there's light at the end of the tunnel
[13:02]  Tiffany Sicling: Diva is a hard person to deal with lol
[13:02]  eaglefx Binder: i think we really need to get some gates placed around an test this a bit more intensive!
[13:02]  Tiffany Sicling: that's my next thing is to get a sample gate together
[13:02]  Tiffany Sicling: and get this going
[13:02]  eaglefx Binder: yes
[13:02]  kidd piko: bak
[13:03]  eaglefx Binder: wb
[13:03]  Tiffany Sicling: I can work on the cinematics of the gates later
[13:03]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: wb
[13:03]  eaglefx Binder: Noted Tiffy
[13:03]  Tiffany Sicling: well, on the lower end one
[13:03]  eaglefx Binder: if would be cool if you could place a Gate on all our regions to test it, or how you wanna do it ?
[13:04]  Tiffany Sicling: Warin, only the region owner can place a gate and it function with osTPA, is that correct ?
[13:04]  Richardus Raymaker: i can try one on mine.\
[13:04]  Warin Cascabel: I believe so, Tiffany.
[13:04]  Tiffany Sicling: then owners of sims will have to place the gates
[13:05]  eaglefx Binder: okay
[13:05]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: yes jn grid4us only we can place it
[13:05]  Tiffany Sicling: ok
[13:05]  eaglefx Binder: is there any security related problems on that?
[13:05]  Tiffany Sicling: the next thing is how do we get a gate to you...
[13:05]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: security problems?
[13:06]  Tiffany Sicling: I do know that when I was on metaversesims, I could place the gate and the owner could take it up in their inventory
[13:06]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: yes if the regions are configured well the transfer is no problem
[13:06]  Warin Cascabel: Yes, the object containing the script must be on land owned by the object's owner.
[13:07]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: but the IP adresses of the inventory servers must be set right fpr hypergrid
[13:07]  Warin Cascabel: (and the person being teleported must also be on land owned by the same person)
[13:07]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: here at example i cannot reach my inventory
[13:07]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: thats says that the config is not ok here
[13:07]  eaglefx Binder: okay mysterious
[13:08]  kidd piko: hmmm, Edy, we have been wondering about that
[13:08]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: the standard IPs do not work for hypergrid regions
[13:08]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: the standard is 127.000 or something like that
[13:08]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: but it must be set to the hyperlink IPadress
[13:09]  eaglefx Binder: you mean the ini file?
[13:09]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: in all servers: user, inventory, and so on
[13:09]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: yes the ini file
[13:09]  Tiffany Sicling: yes
[13:09]  kidd piko: ohh, right. that does make sense
[13:09]  eaglefx Binder: but this is not a HG region it is OSG Region
[13:09]  Tiffany Sicling: they must point to your grid services
[13:09]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: otherwize it cannot rech the right servers on hypergrid travels
[13:09]  eaglefx Binder: yes true
[13:10]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: i am not from OS, i am here per ypergrid from grid4us
[13:10]  eaglefx Binder: yes i know, but this region is a OSG connected one as normal
[13:10]  eaglefx Binder: not like a standalone HG
[13:10]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: not hyüergrid enabled?
[13:10]  eaglefx Binder: yes
[13:10]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: ok thats explains it
[13:11]  eaglefx Binder: it is HG enabled but is a OSG region
[13:11]  Tiffany Sicling: what region ?
[13:11]  eaglefx Binder: yours
[13:11]  eaglefx Binder: here
[13:11]  Tiffany Sicling: OSGrid region that is -hypergrid=true
[13:11]  eaglefx Binder: yes but in ini it is osgrdi.org:port right?
[13:12]  Tiffany Sicling: yes, for all services
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: yes thats what edy says
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: well anyways thats some of the confusion we need to put on wiki
[13:12]  Tiffany Sicling: and inventory is set to assets.osgrid.org:800x
[13:12]  Tiffany Sicling: er assets
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: yes
[13:12]  Tiffany Sicling: they changed it on that last mysql explosion
[13:12]  eaglefx Binder: okay well good point on that for HG's
[13:13]  eaglefx Binder: so where are we at on the Agenda?
[13:13]  kidd piko: so, we were talkinga bout the two diff types of Gates
[13:14]  kidd piko: the best analogy is this:
[13:14]  kidd piko: the low-end gates are like nodes on a LAN
[13:15]  eaglefx Binder: ok
[13:15]  kidd piko: and the high-end HGd region gates are the hubs that connect the LAN/grid to the WAN/hypergrid
[13:15]  eaglefx Binder: ok
[13:16]  kidd piko: as i mentioned earlier, if someone is at a low-end/non-HGd gate and choses a destination that is on a different grid..
[13:16]  kidd piko: they will first be routed to the HGd region gate on their grid ...
[13:17]  kidd piko: then from there to the HGd region on the destination grid ..
[13:17]  kidd piko: then from there to the destination/non-HGd region
[13:17]  kidd piko: Edy do you follow that?
[13:17]  Richardus Raymaker: thats going automatic. or do you need to click on the WAN HG again ?
[13:18]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: yes i follow
[13:18]  eaglefx Binder: Bruce is comming i hope ;)
[13:18]  Richardus Raymaker: sounds like you have your modem -> swithc -> destination
[13:18]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: its easy to do automatic
[13:18]  Warin Cascabel: One thing to be aware of is that teleporting within fifteen seconds of arriving in a region may cause problems.
[13:18]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: just use a llsleep
[13:18]  Richardus Raymaker: oh, thats new one
[13:18]  kidd piko: Richardus, the routing will be automatic. that's why the HGd region gates will use osTPA
[13:18]  Warin Cascabel: llSleep() is bad - use a timer if possible.
[13:19]  kidd piko: ok, we can definately do a timer, but they should not need to do any more clicking to get to their destination
[13:19]  Warin Cascabel: Agreed.
[13:20]  kidd piko: so, the reason that i wanted to explain all of that, is simply so that we all have an understanding of what we will be testing
[13:20]  Richardus Raymaker: yes kidd
[13:20]  kidd piko: the first gate that we are testing is the low-end gate for non-HGd regions
[13:20]  Tiffany Sicling: send a message to the traveller to "Please wait a moment while we route you to your destination"
[13:20]  Richardus Raymaker: for now i can place a normal HG.. to see if thats working for me.
[13:20]  Tiffany Sicling: so they don't go clicking on everything under the Sun (module)
[13:21]  kidd piko: the low-end gate will work like this:
[13:22]  kidd piko: the owner rezzes the gate and that gate instantly becomes a node on the Stargate Network and can immediate begin accessing the other nodes on the Netowkr
[13:22]  kidd piko: that is the main thing that we will be testing
[13:22]  kidd piko: related to the low-end
[13:22]  eaglefx Binder: Tiffany seems like Bruce cant HG into here, any ideas?
[13:23]  eaglefx Binder: sorry for the breakin
[13:23]  kidd piko: there are two menus:
[13:23]  kidd piko: Outer Grid | Inner Grid
[13:24]  kidd piko: Outer Grid lists a few of the HGd locations that have registered at the beta web registration:
[13:24]  kidd piko: http://basekix.rollin.com/
[13:24]  kidd piko: Inner Grid lists the low-end gates (nodes) that have been installed on the same grid
[13:24]  Tiffany Sicling: I'm getting loads of unnotified circuit messages
[13:25]  kidd piko: so for example, on grid4us, Inner Grid would only list the other low-end gates on grid4us
[13:25]  kidd piko: people who install the low-end gate on their HGd region, will be able to access the locations in the Outer Grid menu
[13:26]  Tiffany Sicling: checking something, sec
[13:26]  kidd piko: but at thins time, the routing that we spoke about will not be active, because we don't have the high-end gates in place yet
[13:26]  eaglefx Binder: think it is maybe Bruce that tries to come in
[13:27]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: sorry kidd, whats Prim hover name:
[13:27]  kidd piko: so that's about it as far as what we will be testing for this first round
[13:27]  Tiffany Sicling: supposedly 9029 fixed the problem
[13:28]  Tiffany Sicling: oh wait
[13:28]  kidd piko: Prim Hover just an extra name that could be used as Hover Text on a prim
[13:28]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: ah ok thx
[13:29]  Richardus Raymaker: i think the update messgae need a gate shutdown options to. if its really old.
[13:29]  kidd piko: ahh, on more thing that i wanted to add ....
[13:29]  kidd piko: we are adding new features and updates almost every other day at the moment ..
[13:30]  kidd piko: so if you would like to help us continue testing, then you would need to upgrade your gates when new versions are available
[13:31]  kidd piko: so, i beleive that takes care of the second item on the agenda, unless anyone has any questions or comments??
[13:32]  Tiffany Sicling: not at this time for me
[13:32]  Tiffany Sicling: Next Expanding the Network
[13:33]  eaglefx Binder: we found that Bruce cant maybe not HG in here because of the build, he can fine on regions that is 9090 and 9083, this is 9152, he will read the logs ;)
[13:33]  Tiffany Sicling: does he have a duplicate UUID on osgrid ?
[13:33]  kidd piko: ok, expanding the network
[13:33]  eaglefx Binder: dont know
[13:34]  eaglefx Binder: Okidoki
[13:34]  kidd piko: now that everyone has a basic idea of how the gates will function and the structure of the Network ....
[13:34]  kidd piko: the question is ...
[13:35]  kidd piko: how do we get more HGd regions & grids to join
[13:35]  kidd piko: ??
[13:35]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: fly around and ask, lol
[13:35]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: as i did in the beginning
[13:35]  eaglefx Binder: by making a youtube video and some teshirts and announce in the channels ;)
[13:35]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: the only way which works
[13:36]  eaglefx Binder: adn in worlds babbers maybe ;)
[13:36]  eaglefx Binder: banners
[13:36]  kidd piko: wait.... i see two methods so far:
[13:36]  Richardus Raymaker: i have reserved some place for HG stuff.
[13:37]  kidd piko: 1. visit other grid and make contact/ask around
[13:37]  kidd piko: 2. make announcement in the IRC channels
[13:37]  eaglefx Binder: yes if there is a post box lets put a notecard with standard info abbout us and the siki in it
[13:38]  kidd piko: remember the main target is OTHER grids besides OSG & grid4us
[13:38]  eaglefx Binder: yes sure
[13:38]  kidd piko: so how do we reach those people?
[13:39]  eaglefx Binder: we would only know if we know thair links
[13:39]  eaglefx Binder: e.g. like the public page we have
[13:39]  kidd piko: which public page are you talking about?
[13:40]  eaglefx Binder: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Public_Hypergrid_Nodes
[13:40]  eaglefx Binder: that one
[13:40]  eaglefx Binder: i added that in the bottom of the Team wiki page
[13:41]  Richardus Raymaker: do we have maby in the futere a option on the website to mkae private gates to ?
[13:41]  kidd piko: ok, that is a start, does anyone know how up to date that page is??
[13:41]  eaglefx Binder: wiki like normal
[13:41]  eaglefx Binder: it is on the OS wiki
[13:41]  eaglefx Binder: Oh sorry
[13:41]  eaglefx Binder: lol
[13:41]  eaglefx Binder: i read wrong
[13:42]  eaglefx Binder: well i dont know, i think it was made when HG started of back in time
[13:43]  kidd piko: right, i haven't even looked at it in a long time because almost every time i try to go to a place on there .. it is not live/active
[13:43]  Tiffany Sicling: one thing that would be good is someone to check these locations, easy by using secndlife://address:port
[13:43]  Tiffany Sicling: secondlife://
[13:43]  eaglefx Binder: so isent ity mainly about telling what we do and what we wanna, in the channels mouth to mouth is good
[13:43]  Tiffany Sicling: but if it's below 4k, would have to do that from region Nibiru 4k
[13:43]  eaglefx Binder: Maria maybe could tell about it in her News Thingy!!??
[13:44]  kidd piko: i think that this may be an even better list to work off of
[13:44]  kidd piko: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Grid_List
[13:44]  eaglefx Binder: i was about to do that earlier Tiffany
[13:45]  eaglefx Binder: yes i volenter to travel ;)
[13:45]  eaglefx Binder: i hope there is good hotels on the other grids ;)
[13:45]  kidd piko: Eagle, that's exactly what we need
[13:45]  eaglefx Binder: sure i will Jump
[13:45]  eaglefx Binder: and make a Alive List
[13:45]  kidd piko: there are also "Office Hours" for each grid
[13:46]  Tiffany Sicling: Maria (Journalist for Newsweek) was here way early this morning
[13:46]  kidd piko: i think that would be a great place
[13:46]  Tiffany Sicling: she took pix and we spoke about the project and the future of HG
[13:46]  eaglefx Binder: maybe she wann awrite about this?
[13:46]  eaglefx Binder: Ok
[13:46]  Tiffany Sicling: she plans to
[13:46]  eaglefx Binder: gr8
[13:47]  Tiffany Sicling: she wanted to know if she should write about the AV names, real names, or both in her article
[13:47]  Tiffany Sicling: I told her I would ask about that at the meeting today
[13:48]  eaglefx Binder: i guess we keep it as AV names for now ;)
[13:48]  kidd piko: Newsweek is definitely good overall coverage, but most of the reader will have never been in a virtual world before
[13:48]  Warin Cascabel: Well, if she should interview me, she can use either or both.
[13:48]  Tiffany Sicling: she plans on being in here more often (opensim)
[13:48]  eaglefx Binder: yes well i dont care really eiher
[13:48]  Tiffany Sicling: and osgrid
[13:49]  eaglefx Binder: but i mean what would she need our RL names for?
[13:49]  Tiffany Sicling: well, she writes in RL
[13:49]  eaglefx Binder: hehe
[13:49]  Warin Cascabel: Many articles on Second Life give the avatar and real names; I suppose OpenSimulator would be little different.
[13:49]  Tiffany Sicling: and if/when HG takes off and becomes the next AOL/MSN, etc.....
[13:50]  Tiffany Sicling: she would want to give credit where it's due
[13:50]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: her articles look like this: http://www.mariasworlds.com/2009/04/folk-cafe-does-opensim-right-2/
[13:50]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: there you can see why she wants the real names
[13:50]  Warin Cascabel: I thought your name was familiar, Edy.
[13:51]  eaglefx Binder: oh okay cool
[13:51]  Tiffany Sicling: yes, exactly, and she also requested both in-world and if possible, RL picture
[13:51]  Tiffany Sicling: but either way, she would still run the article about HG
[13:51]  Richardus Raymaker: where to get a HG ? to see if it works on my vps i have for a while
[13:52]  Tiffany Sicling: osgrid.org and/or opensimulator.org
[13:52]  eaglefx Binder: okay well whatever up to each person wether use one or both i guess
[13:52]  Tiffany Sicling: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Installing_and_Running_Hypergrid
[13:53]  Richardus Raymaker: No, i mean the gate to rezz in world
[13:53]  eaglefx Binder: ouch
[13:53]  eaglefx Binder: was that a reminder ? ;)
[13:53]  Richardus Raymaker: i run already HG
[13:53]  Tiffany Sicling: oh ok
[13:54]  Richardus Raymaker: i know HyperGate and Hypergrid.. oops
[13:54]  Tiffany Sicling: I'll have the gate ready very shortly, but gotta restart server to enable an osFeature
[13:54]  Richardus Raymaker: aha. i have that still off to.
[13:54]  Richardus Raymaker: need to go now.
[13:54]  Richardus Raymaker: bye all
[13:54]  eaglefx Binder: okay well then are we thru?
[13:54]  eaglefx Binder: By rich
[13:55]  eaglefx Binder: bye
[13:55]  kidd piko: take care Richardus
[13:55]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: bye
[13:55]  Primitive: Inner Teleport to rdc zaius
[13:55]  eaglefx Binder: okay did we cover that Expanding thing enough?
[13:55]  kidd piko: yes, for now
[13:55]  Warin Cascabel: I think so.
[13:56]  eaglefx Binder: i will jump to those with a gate under the arms
[13:56]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: ok i have to go to bed as weel
[13:56]  eaglefx Binder: okay Edy great you came
[13:56]  Tiffany Sicling: ty for coming, Edy :)
[13:57]  kidd piko: Edy, do you want to try to meet tomorrow to put in a test Gate??
[13:57]  eaglefx Binder: you think of yourself as a HyperGrid Core Team Member? ;)
[13:57]  eaglefx Binder: ?
[13:57]  Tiffany Sicling: Testing Results is easy
[13:57]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: kidd we keep in contact the next days to talk about yout questions
[13:57]  Tiffany Sicling: we test and note what we get
[13:57]  Tiffany Sicling: and try to test every direction we can
[13:57]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: yes i am on tomorrow around the same time
[13:57]  eaglefx Binder: Ok
[13:57]  kidd piko: ok, Edy. sounds good. see you soon :)
[13:58]  eaglefx Binder: Edy do you wanna be a part of the Core HG Team? so we lsit you on the wiki as well?
[13:58]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: so we can try to set one up at your place and in grid4us
[13:58]  Adelle Fitzgerald is Offline
[13:58]  Tiffany Sicling: take care, Edy. we will have a gate ready for you to work with next time we see you
[13:58]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: upps like a rocket
[13:58]  eaglefx Binder: heh
[13:58]  Tiffany Sicling: sure but I think the owner of the region on grid4us has to place it down
[13:58]  Edy.Rau @grid4us.net:8002: bye and good n8
[13:58]  eaglefx Binder: nite
[13:59]  kidd piko: cYa
[13:59]  eaglefx Binder: Okay last point?
[13:59]  eaglefx Binder: 4.
[13:59]  Tiffany Sicling: Testing, testing and more testing
[13:59]  eaglefx Binder: hehe
[13:59]  eaglefx Binder: oks
[13:59]  eaglefx Binder: do we need that in the chat logs?
[14:00]  Tiffany Sicling: keep the logs as they are till we conclude it
[14:00]  eaglefx Binder: i noted a few things on the wey maybe for the todo list, but if you have any we should put it up on the board and wiki
[14:00]  Tiffany Sicling: I think next time we may try to limit the meeting, but so far, last week and this week, it's been 2 hours
[14:01]  eaglefx Binder: yes it is long
[14:01]  eaglefx Binder: okay so testing and last agenda point 4. ;)
[14:02]  Tiffany Sicling: oh yes, eaglefx has a monitoring program that is monitoring the sims
[14:02]  eaglefx Binder: any good snapshot made during the meet might be good to psot at wiki also
[14:03]  eaglefx Binder: Oh yes well it was mainly a test to see if sim is online and responsive on port 9000 or whatever
[14:03]  eaglefx Binder: and it can notify whoever needed
[14:03]  eaglefx Binder: but it might be an InTeam thing
[14:03]  eaglefx Binder: i mean for us to monitor our own Sims
[14:03]  Warin Cascabel: What's it written in, eaglefx?
[14:03]  eaglefx Binder: it is Nagios
[14:04]  Tiffany Sicling: if/when this takes off, it might require air traffic controllers lol
[14:04]  kidd piko: hehee
[14:04]  Warin Cascabel: Ah, OK
[14:04]  eaglefx Binder: it is only to look at uptims, but kidd have a solution on the primside
[14:04]  kidd piko: Eagle & Warin, do you want to try installing a test gate on a sim in a few minutes?
[14:04]  Warin Cascabel: I keep meaning to write a watchdog that will kill the mono process if the region's locked up (since my bash script autorestarts), but haven't gotten around to it.
[14:04]  eaglefx Binder: yes
[14:04]  Warin Cascabel: Sure thing, kidd.
[14:05]  Tiffany Sicling: I'll enable osCreateNoteCard on Dradis
[14:05]  eaglefx Binder: go ahead, maybe have Monit in mind if you do Warin
[14:05]  kidd piko: ok, well, will first need to vacate Niribu so that Tiffany can do a restart
[14:05]  kidd piko: ahhh, i was thinking about that also...
[14:05]  Warin Cascabel: Sorry, eaglefx, I didn't quite understand you.
[14:05]  kidd piko: which ever works best for you Tiffany
[14:06]  eaglefx Binder: i thought you said you where to write some monitor
[14:06]  eaglefx Binder: inworld
[14:06]  Warin Cascabel: Oh, no, I was talking about a separate process on the server.
[14:06]  eaglefx Binder: ah ok
[14:06]  eaglefx Binder: Monit is very cooæ
[14:06]  eaglefx Binder: cool
[14:07]  Tiffany Sicling: like osSimFullDetails
[14:07]  Tiffany Sicling: hehe
[14:07]  eaglefx Binder: i have a test on that as well
[14:07]  Warin Cascabel: Heh

Sim Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash........... ;)

we ended meeting here, testing labs where to proceed........

Thank you Hypergrid Team for a good meeting, keep up the good work
hope to see you all next time.
- eaglefx Binder
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