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Login URI:
Approx # Regions 44
Approx # Users 15
Logins/day 10
Free account YES
Hypergrid YES
Region hosting YES
Region attaching YES, the Belgian cookie flavored grid

In 3D virtual worlds context, think about a small place in the center of Europe, where people from all countries meet, travel, stay for long or have just a one night stop.

We aim to meet these main goals:

  • Create an access / meeting point for people living in or interested by Europe, Belgium and neighbor countries
  • Offer local entertainment and education places, as well as links to external interesting places
  • Provide an hypergrid exchange place, to facilitate travels between different worlds

The grid is open, membership is free, and you can ask information if you want to connect your server (website will be updated soon, but the feature is already available).

We ar pleased to present, as main landing point, a representation of Brussels' Grand Place (Belgium). Work is still in progress, but we like this symbol to show what inter-cultural exchanges can produce over years.

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