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Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) is a technology developed by Intel Corporation which allows a virtual world scene to be simulated by decentralized and heterogeneous hardware.


Immersive virtual environments such as those running on the OpenSimulator platform require the simultaneous simulation of many diverse types of behaviors. For example, an OpenSimulator region server manages client connections, executes scripted object behaviors and simulates physics such as gravity and collisions. These different types of simulation have different hardware requirements for optimal performance and when combined in a single process, any one of them can become a bottleneck to performance and scalability of the entire scene.

DSG in OpenSimulator

Distributed Scene Graph technology has been implemented as a set of extensions to OpenSimulator, enabling different simulation components (e.g. client management, script engine and physics engine) to execute as distinct processes. A scene synchronization layer provides the various components (also called scene actors) with a common view of the scene though conflict resolution policies. Additionally, multiple actors can now share the work of simulating or supporting the same region of space where in the past, OpenSimulator has mapped each type of work 1:1 with a region.


Intel Corporation has announced that the DSG extensions for OpenSimulator will be released at the end of June, 2011. This page will have additional information and documentation concurrent with the project release.

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