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The ConciergeModule is an optional region module that tries to provide "concierge services" for online meetings and events.

Current functionality

it currently

  • keeps an attendee list of avatars in a concierged region
  • announces to every avatar in a concierged region when a new avatar enters the region or someone leaves the region
  • can post the attendee list to an outside broker whenever the attendee list changes
  • can send a welcome message to each avatar entering the region

The ConciergeModule can in addition replace OpenSim's normal Chat module and "amplify" speech in a concierged region so that it is "audible" region-wide (whispering will still be range limited).

Planned functionality

We have several ideas on extending ConciergeModule further:

  • allow each participant to have meeting notes send by email
  • post meeting notes to the broker
  • allow "/jeeves please..." style commands (instead of using private channels)
  • have an OAR file POSTed capturing the current state of the meeting space
  • grant and revoke group membership and permissions (once group and permission system is more evolved)




   enabled = true
   ; name of the concierge
   whoami = "Region Say"
   ; password for updating the welcome message templates via XmlRpc
   password = test
   ; regex specifying for which regions concierge service is desired;
   ; if empty, then for all
   ;regions = "^MeetingSpace-"
   regions = ""
   ; for each region that matches the regions regexp you can provide
   ; (optionally) a welcome template using format substitution:
   ; {0} is replaced with the name of the avatar entering the region
   ; {1} is replaced with the name of the region
   ; {2} is replaced with the name of the concierge (whoami variable above)
   welcomes = "/welcome/{0}"
   ; Concierge can send attendee lists to an event broker whenever an
   ; avatar enters or leaves a concierged region. the URL is subject
   ; to format substitution:
   ; {0} is replaced with the region's name
   ; {1} is replaced with the region's UUID
   ;broker = "{1}"
   ;broker = "{0}"
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