Chat log from the Q&A meeting on 2009-03-07

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[10:57] Starky Rubble: Hey Jos, Fly, all
[10:58] Fly Man: Evening
[10:58] Jos Joszpe: Hi Starky moved !
[10:58] Bruce.Patton Evening Fly
[10:58] Bruce.Patton Hi all
[10:58] BlueWall Slade: Hello
[10:58] Starky Rubble: Yes I moved to a waterier area
[10:58] Jos Joszpe: lol
[10:59] Jos Joszpe: I made it landy I suppose
[10:59] Jos Joszpe: lol
[10:59] sacha Magne is Online
[10:59] Jos Joszpe: evening everybody
[10:59] Orion Hax: hi everyone
[10:59] Starky Rubble: no no not at all but I am surrounded by boaty folks
[10:59] Jos Joszpe: I was just kidding :)
[11:00] Jos Joszpe: Hi Fly
[11:00] Jos Joszpe: thx for the advice the other week
[11:00] Jos Joszpe: it was the OAR ....
[11:01] Fly Man: Good Jos :)
[11:01] Starky Rubble: nice map! how often does it update?
[11:01] Fly Man: See, that it worked out
[11:01] Fly Man: Starky, that's the latest addition ;)
[11:01] Fly Man: Every 3 hours
[11:01] Jos Joszpe: yes thx very much
[11:01] Jos Joszpe: you did a great job !
[11:01] Starky Rubble: Very nice Fly-man
[11:01] Jos Joszpe: I took a copy off the map but it didn't allow acces to the database on my land
[11:02] Bruce.Patton Guys do you see me all grey or rezzed ?
[11:02] Jos Joszpe: grey to me
[11:02] Fly Man: Grey
[11:02] Starky Rubble: grey
[11:02] Jos Joszpe: rebake Bruce
[11:02] Bruce.Patton thanks for the info
[11:02] Orion Hax: grey
[11:03] sacha Magne: when will we tag a new stable ?
[11:03] Fly Man: K, Time to get this show on the road :p
[11:03] Starky Rubble: Fly, how big is the area displayed? 100X100 or what
[11:04] Fly Man: 0,0 till 20000,20000
[11:04] Starky Rubble: ah
[11:04] Starky Rubble: wow
[11:04] Jos Joszpe: is it supposed to be copy and work everywhere ?
[11:04] Fly Man: Sacha, next tuesday we will decide on a new version
[11:04] sacha Magne: oki
[11:04] Fly Man: and I hope to be able to tell Ckrinke about next week to tag a new 0.6.4 release
[11:05] Fly Man: K, I didn't receive any Q's this week
[11:05] Fly Man: But could have been the connection
[11:05] Fly Man: So, let's start with the Q & A part
[11:05] Jos Joszpe: cool
[11:06] Fly Man: Bruce ?
[11:06] Fly Man: Any Q's you want to ask ?
[11:06] BlueWall Slade: I was doing som ehouse work
[11:06] BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:06] sacha Magne: want do do mine ?
[11:06] Bruce.Patton Yes thank you obviously I'm interested to know when will HGnautes show up rezed
[11:07] Jos Joszpe: he kidd
[11:07] BlueWall Slade:
[11:07] Bruce.Patton Thanks Blue
[11:07] Fly Man: K, that was easy ;)
[11:07] Fly Man: Orion, any Q's ?
[11:08] Orion Hax: How is the database doing lately
[11:08] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSimulator Server (OS Fedora release 9 (Sulphur)
Kernel \r on an \m) ChilTasks:True PhysPrim:False
[11:08] Fly Man: Well, it's not full at the moment ;)
[11:09] Jos Joszpe: :)
[11:09] Starky Rubble: :)
[11:09] Fly Man: But the approach is to get it transferable to another type
[11:09] Fly Man: so we'll have less problems
[11:09] kidd piko: waht is the type right now?
[11:10] Fly Man: At this moment it's MySQL
[11:10] BlueWall Slade:
[11:10] sacha Magne: are you going "Voldemort" ?
[11:11] Alyvaral Aeghin: Hi Everybody!
[11:11] Fly Man: Yes
[11:12] BlueWall Slade: Hi Aly
[11:12] Jos Joszpe: hi alayalaya
[11:12] Fly Man: Voldemort is 1 of the options
[11:12] Bruce.Patton Hi Aly
[11:12] Starky Rubble: /waves
[11:12] Starky Rubble: Voldemort?
[11:13] Alyvaral Aeghin gave you The Ruth Issue 3.
[11:13] Alyvaral Aeghin: Flyman, gonna try out your voting poles Sunday
[11:13] Fly Man: :)
[11:13] Fly Man: Nice
[11:13] BlueWall Slade: cool, voting poles :)
[11:13] Alyvaral Aeghin: Hey, Bluewall
[11:13] Fly Man: K
[11:14] BlueWall Slade: Hey Aly
[11:14] Fly Man: Kidd, you got a Q ?
[11:14] Alyvaral Aeghin: Yeah, and I'm passing up any bad "voting Poles" jokes
[11:14] BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:14] kidd piko: well, i am wondering about the option for transferring objects between grids besides SecondInventory
[11:15] Fly Man: At this moment SI is the only option
[11:15] Starky Rubble: (Starky likes going to the polls to vote)
[11:15] BlueWall Slade: oars
[11:15] kidd piko: oars!!
[11:15] kidd piko: that's what i was looking for
[11:15] Jos Joszpe: so please explain that to me ..
[11:15] Fly Man: K, Blue, your space ;)
[11:15] BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:15] Alyvaral Aeghin: Is "oars" in a wiki somewhere?
[11:15] Jos Joszpe: i use SI but that only allows full perm items
[11:16] BlueWall Slade: ok, oars are a way to archive regions
[11:16] Fly Man: Bluewall will explain some more about Oars ;)
[11:16] Fly Man: The floor is yours :)
[11:16] BlueWall Slade: if you have a standalone or local grid, you can develop on those
[11:16] Alyvaral Aeghin: oh, so only one who has access to the console can create an "oar"
[11:17] sacha Magne: a patch has been made to allow "load-oar" from a web
[11:17] BlueWall Slade: then you can use oars to transfer the contents of the region to other places with the file that is created
[11:17] BlueWall Slade: yes, Sach - I saw that
[11:17] sacha Magne: not sure how it work
[11:17] BlueWall Slade: in the console - you have to select the region (if you want one other thatn your current)
[11:18] BlueWall Slade: then you can type save oar <filename>
[11:18] BlueWall Slade: that will back up everything in the region (except parcel information)
[11:18] Starky Rubble: which does the entire region but has nothing to do with inventory
[11:19] BlueWall Slade: then you can go to another console and use teh load oar <filename|url> to load that into your current region
[11:19] BlueWall Slade: *CAUTION*
[11:19] BlueWall Slade: be sure you have the region selected that you want to load
[11:19] Jos Joszpe: grinn
[11:20] Starky Rubble: heh
[11:20] BlueWall Slade: because once you hit the enter key there is no turning back
[11:20] Alyvaral Aeghin: sounds like experience
[11:20] BlueWall Slade: it will destroy the region
[11:20] Starky Rubble: mm hmm
[11:20] BlueWall Slade: lol, Aly, yes
[11:20] sacha Magne: speakig of that
[11:20] Alyvaral Aeghin: Thank you for clarifying oars ;-)
[11:20] sacha Magne: is the old module "svn" working ?
[11:20] Alyvaral Aeghin: Hi Charles
[11:20] kidd piko: when you save the oars, you trasfer it to a diff physical server and load from there, correct?
[11:20] BlueWall Slade: dunno bout that one
[11:21] BlueWall Slade: Hello Charles
[11:21] BlueWall Slade: but, that is oars
[11:21] Bruce.Patton Greetings Charles
[11:21] BlueWall Slade: thanks Fly Man
[11:21] Charles Krinke: Morning, thanks for inviting me
[11:21] Fly Man: Morning Charles :)
[11:21] Fly Man: K, Jos, any Q's left ;)
[11:21] Jos Joszpe: welcome to you too
[11:21] Starky Rubble: right Kidd oars are totally portable
[11:21] Jos Joszpe: yes
[11:21] Jos Joszpe: simple ones foor me
[11:21] Jos Joszpe: I was wondering about this
[11:21] kidd piko: k, thnx.
[11:22] sacha Magne: any objection if i add a pid file for opensim ?
[11:22] Jos Joszpe: opn my land I can select land but cannot use apply to selection for editing the land
[11:22] Adelle Fitzgerald: hello all
[11:22] Jos Joszpe: before that could be done ..
[11:22] Starky Rubble: hi
[11:22] Bruce.Patton Hi Adelle
[11:22] Alyvaral Aeghin waves to Adelle
[11:23] Charles Krinke: Jos: That is probably the master avatar setting in the Regions/region.xml file.
[11:23] BlueWall Slade:
[11:23] Fly Man: Hmm, yes :)
[11:23] BlueWall Slade: our wiki page on oars
[11:23] Jos Joszpe: ok thx
[11:23] Fly Man: If you didn't setup the master avatar, it might fail
[11:23] Jos Joszpe: I will look that up
[11:23] Jos Joszpe: thx
[11:23] Starky Rubble: Jos, is your son the Master aV?
[11:23] Fly Man: K, Starky
[11:23] Fly Man: Any Q's ?
[11:23] Jos Joszpe: that is all exept that I would like a copy of the map running on my land ... lol
[11:24] Jos Joszpe: no I am
[11:24] Starky Rubble: ok
[11:24] Starky Rubble: just wondered
[11:24] Starky Rubble: Yes I have a Q
[11:24] Jos Joszpe: but it is still all new
[11:24] BlueWall Slade: The new inventory archive - anyone following that?
[11:24] Charles Krinke: The default Regions/region.xml file has the master avatar set to "000000000". One needs to determine the avatar UUID assigned by the grid and add that into the file. There is a "UUID speaking prim" around here somewhere.
[11:24] Jos Joszpe: but I will check it
[11:24] BlueWall Slade: ooops - Starky
[11:24] Jos Joszpe: OK I got my uuid already
[11:24] Jos Joszpe: thx
[11:24] Charles Krinke: coolness, Joz
[11:24] Jos Joszpe: this will help me out
[11:25] Starky Rubble: Chalres what you said left me with questuins
[11:25] Starky Rubble: the Master is a UUID setting?
[11:25] Fly Man: Either a UUID or the full name of the avatar with password
[11:25] Charles Krinke: Yes, it is a string in the Regions/region.xml file.
[11:25] Starky Rubble: ah]
[11:25] Starky Rubble: ok
[11:26] Starky Rubble: no I did the second choice and was unaware of the first
[11:26] Starky Rubble: Ok
[11:26] Starky Rubble: My Q
[11:26] Charles Krinke: And the "master avatar" is then the one that can set "estate managers"
[11:26] Starky Rubble: yes
[11:26] Charles Krinke: And to terraform
[11:26] Starky Rubble: right
[11:27] Fly Man: k, Starky, your Q ?
[11:27] Starky Rubble: How would one make a region produce a popup dialsog the first time someone enters a sim
[11:28] Fly Man: Uhm, that can be done 2 ways ...
[11:28] Fly Man: Either use a sensor script that detects the avatar
[11:28] Starky Rubble: suddenly a few days ago my region popped up a dialog Skailwag!
[11:28] Fly Man: and sends it a nice "Hello world" dialog
[11:28] Starky Rubble: lately it says "Welome <av name> :D"
[11:29] Fly Man: or when you came from an older region, the small blue will popup
[11:29] Jos Joszpe: not too bad
[11:29] Starky Rubble: only the firsttime an AV enters it
[11:29] Fly Man: so I think your A would be a sensor script
[11:29] Fly Man: that responds when a avatar is new to the region
[11:29] Starky Rubble: I didn't change anything to cause this behavioor and there are no foreign prims
[11:29] Fly Man: saves that avatars name
[11:30] Fly Man: and when the person re appears, doesn't do anything
[11:30] Starky Rubble: right
[11:30] Jos Joszpe: strange ....
[11:30] Starky Rubble: I worry in that I din't know where it is or how to find it
[11:30] Fly Man: But I haven't upgraded my regions yet
[11:30] Fly Man: as I have been very busy with work this week
[11:30] Fly Man: so maybe I will encounter it as well
[11:31] Fly Man: Starky, if you still get it
[11:31] Jos Joszpe: what version is that ?
[11:31] Fly Man: please make a screen shot
[11:31] BlueWall Slade: Have you scanned your top scripts in the region managment tools
[11:31] Fly Man: and send in a Support ticket on the new system
[11:31] Starky Rubble: I got it with my alt and Skelito got it
[11:32] Jos Joszpe: I was at foolhill an hour ago ... I did not get it!
[11:32] Starky Rubble: top scripts?
[11:32] Starky Rubble: Oh!
[11:32] Fly Man: K
[11:32] Fly Man: Sacha, any Q's ?
[11:32] BlueWall Slade: support ticket ? :)
[11:32] Fly Man: Bluewall, yes
[11:32] BlueWall Slade: woot
[11:32] Fly Man: I will explain more later in this meeting ;)
[11:32] BlueWall Slade: ok
[11:32] Starky Rubble: Ok then
[11:33] kidd piko: i have a quick Q about c# compilation
[11:33] Starky Rubble: on to Sacha
[11:33] Fly Man: K, SAcha seems busy ;)
[11:33] Fly Man: Kidd, fire away :)
[11:33] sacha Magne: nope thx
[11:33] Starky Rubble: brb
[11:33] sacha Magne: lag sorry
[11:34] kidd piko: if i enable c# compilation in my region and create and object with c#, can that object be used in other regions that do not have c# compilation enables?
[11:34] Fly Man: Kidd, no
[11:34] Fly Man: Let me explain 2 things before I answer that:
[11:34] sacha Magne: fly, it depends
[11:34] Fly Man: 1) C# compiles are dangerous
[11:34] Fly Man: 2) C# is standard disabled on regions when they use the OpenSim.ini.example file
[11:35] Fly Man: So yes, you can compile on your own region C# scripts
[11:35] kidd piko: lsl is the only cross-region scripting language?
[11:35] Fly Man: but No, if you would go to another region that doesn't have C# compiling enabled, it will fail
[11:36] Charles Krinke: Can you help us understand why C# ompiles are dangerous?
[11:36] Fly Man: At this time, LSL would be the most decent one that supports crossings
[11:36] Fly Man: Yes
[11:36] Fly Man: C# scripts could contain hamrfull options like System.File and System.Console
[11:37] Fly Man: If you would run those, your filesystem would be at risk
[11:37] Fly Man: as a C# script would be able to put files, remove files or do other things to your filesystem
[11:37] Alyvaral Aeghin shudders
[11:37] Charles Krinke: Would it be fair to say that it is to our advantage to test C#, VBScript and JSCript to find any flaws and Mantis them?
[11:38] Fly Man: As a precaution, all scripting languages that are not LSL are disabled in the OpenSim.ini.example
[11:38] Fly Man: Charles, All scripting languages except LSL are harmfull for the system you run it on
[11:38] Fly Man: I could make a prim that I take with me to a region
[11:38] Charles Krinke: Also, as I recall, the C# had access to System namespace removed. But, I dont want to perturb your meeting
[11:38] Starky Rubble: potentially
[11:39] Fly Man: and I would be able to run a VB script
[11:39] Fly Man: that would delete all your documents on a Windows machine
[11:39] Starky Rubble: right
[11:39] BlueWall Slade: We have anew script engine/module in the works that is for C#
[11:39] Fly Man: Whoops, yes, that would happen
[11:39] Fly Man: Yes, the next script engine for C# will disallow any System things
[11:39] sacha Magne: it's the reason why modrex pything engine is only availibe at sim level. you can't add it on a prime
[11:40] Fly Man: so access to your machine would be disallowed
[11:40] Fly Man: But definitly a good Q from kidd :)
[11:40] Fly Man: Blue, I know you have a Q
[11:40] Jos Joszpe: may i ask about engines
[11:40] Fly Man: So let's hear it :p
[11:40] Starky Rubble: Someone in the c# class is writing data to her drive from her sim lol
[11:41] BlueWall Slade: support tickets?
[11:41] Fly Man: Yes
[11:41] BlueWall Slade: what's up with that?
[11:41] BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:41] Fly Man: One of the many new things that we will be developing
[11:41] Jos Joszpe: is that something you would have to install seperately ?
[11:41] Fly Man: In short:
[11:41] Fly Man: The new things will be for the OSGrid website at first
[11:42] Fly Man: I'm in the process of creating a Support Ticket system
[11:42] Fly Man: that will handle Q's from ppl
[11:42] Fly Man: Example: Can't login,
[11:42] Fly Man: Region is removed
[11:42] Fly Man: etc
[11:42] Fly Man: We will start with that system after this weekend
[11:42] BlueWall Slade: that should help keep the mantis clean
[11:42] Fly Man: Yes, it's also a safety measuring thing
[11:43] Charles Krinke: Do we need a team to sign up to work the support ticket system? It seems that we are already overburdened for the admins a bit.
[11:43] Fly Man: then we would know what users of OSG really need
[11:43] BlueWall Slade: and it shoul dhelp the wiki grow
[11:43] Fly Man: Charles, at first view all tickets will be send to a special group
[11:43] Fly Man: I will call them the "I know things" group
[11:43] Starky Rubble: heh
[11:43] Fly Man: If they can't handle the Q
[11:44] Fly Man: they will be able to put the ticket through to the "We can do things" group
[11:44] Fly Man: That groups could be a OSG Admin
[11:44] Charles Krinke: Sure. I am only trying to think ahead as we grow. That is, how do we grow community involvement in grid operations in a reasonable manner.
[11:44] Alyvaral Aeghin falls in the "totally ignorant" group ;p
[11:44] Starky Rubble: lol
[11:44] Fly Man: The Support Ticket system is also linked to terminals inworld
[11:45] BlueWall Slade: lol aly - you just don't want to get put on the answer team
[11:45] Alyvaral Aeghin: <-needs to work on her camoflauge
[11:45] Fly Man: This system will perform 2 additional tasks as well
[11:45] Orion Hax: i would volenteer
[11:45] Jos Joszpe: I would be wiling to help on community awareness ...can be online a lot too
[11:45] Fly Man: 1. Make sure we have a email address from all the people on OSG
[11:45] Fly Man: as I have noticed, ppl tend to forget putting in the email address
[11:46] Fly Man: and 2, the main point:
[11:46] Starky Rubble: ok
[11:46] Fly Man: We can see if there are ppl that know things
[11:46] Fly Man: and make them answers Q's when others are asleep
[11:46] Fly Man: Thus making use of all the world time clocks ;)
[11:46] Jos Joszpe: yes good
[11:46] Fly Man: The other things I won't tell much about
[11:47] Fly Man: 1. They're not ready for production
[11:47] Fly Man: 2. They need more work
[11:47] Fly Man: 3. Surprises are always better when not knowing them ;)
[11:47] Jos Joszpe: lol
[11:47] BlueWall Slade: 4. LCO might pay real money for it
[11:47] BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:47] Fly Man: Nah
[11:47] Charles Krinke: As we grow, we need to figure out how the community governs itself on OSGrid. I know that is another "Pandora's Box", but we should at least figure out how we get from anarchy to democracy (or monarchy, as the case might be)
[11:47] Fly Man: LCO already has this ;)
[11:47] Jos Joszpe: LCO?
[11:47] Starky Rubble: So it sounds lke a natural front end for a knowlege base sysytem
[11:48] Fly Man: LegendCityOnline
[11:48] Fly Man: Starky, exactly
[11:48] Fly Man: when there's 10 Q's about 1 specific part
[11:48] Starky Rubble: auto fills as you use it
[11:48] Fly Man: we can make a FAQ about it
[11:48] Fly Man: So the Support desk will also have a FAQ part
[11:49] Starky Rubble: A DB backend?
[11:49] Fly Man: Will this generate more Q's ?
[11:49] Fly Man: Yes, I think this will give more Q's on the websute
[11:49] Fly Man: - Will this be a sustainable thing for ppl
[11:49] Fly Man: yes, I think it will be a less burdening thing
[11:49] Starky Rubble: sounds great
[11:49] Fly Man: - Would the Admins have more time on their hands to do other things ?
[11:50] Fly Man: Yes, definitly
[11:50] BlueWall Slade: yes, sounds very promising
[11:50] Fly Man: K
[11:50] Fly Man: And now the fun part
[11:50] Jos Joszpe: I am willing to help where I am able
[11:50] BlueWall Slade: can it link to wiki pages
[11:50] Fly Man: Who here has a region ?
[11:50] Jos Joszpe: I do
[11:50] BlueWall Slade does
[11:50] Adelle Fitzgerald: me
[11:50] Starky Rubble: me
[11:50] Fly Man: K
[11:50] Fly Man: Many of you have a region
[11:50] Fly Man: Nice :)
[11:51] Fly Man: How many of you are experimenting with their region ?
[11:51] Starky Rubble: me
[11:51] BlueWall Slade is
[11:51] Adelle Fitzgerald: me
[11:51] Fly Man: k
[11:51] Jos Joszpe: not really but might be willing too if I understand what I do :)
[11:51] Fly Man: How many times did you accidently remove your regions .xml files ?
[11:51] Adelle Fitzgerald: never
[11:51] Starky Rubble: once lol
[11:51] Adelle Fitzgerald P
[11:51] BlueWall Slade hangs head in shame
[11:51] Fly Man: K
[11:52] Jos Joszpe: I think my son did that ones ...
[11:52] Fly Man: Why am I asking this ?
[11:52] Fly Man: What if I can tell you, that's history ;) ?
[11:52] Jos Joszpe: progress ?
[11:52] Adelle Fitzgerald: ok, im interested
[11:52] Starky Rubble: my ears suddenly got bigger
[11:52] Fly Man: What if I tell you that when we do a region check
[11:53] Fly Man: and if fails over 12 times, you get a nice email telling you that your region is kinda deadish
[11:53] Fly Man: How does that sound ?
[11:53] Adelle Fitzgerald: sounds great
[11:53] Jos Joszpe: how much time over those 12 times
[11:53] BlueWall Slade: yes
[11:53] Jos Joszpe: ?
[11:53] Fly Man: How would it sound when I tell you that you would be able to instantly change your region coords
[11:53] Fly Man: without having to do into files to change it
[11:54] Starky Rubble: ok
[11:54] Jos Joszpe: cool I tried taht but it did/t work yet
[11:54] Fly Man: Does that all sounds like a good idea to you ;) ?
[11:54] Adelle Fitzgerald: absolutely
[11:54] BlueWall Slade: maybe
[11:54] Starky Rubble: yes
[11:54] Jos Joszpe: yes ... I geuss
[11:54] sacha Magne: i guess so ;)
[11:55] Fly Man: Then be here next week as I will be selecting Beta testers for this new project ;)
[11:55] Starky Rubble: tenative agreement
[11:55] sacha Magne: but only coordonate seems limited ;)
[11:55] Jos Joszpe: ok cool
[11:55] Jos Joszpe: will try to bring my son ... haven't seen him yet P
[11:55] Starky Rubble: deal.
[11:55] Jos Joszpe: lol
[11:55] Adelle Fitzgerald: how does this work? does it store a version of the xml file on the ugaim? and has a weeb frontend to it?
[11:55] Adelle Fitzgerald: *web
[11:55] Fly Man: At the end of next weeks meeting
[11:55] BlueWall Slade: I might put a test region up for it
[11:56] Fly Man: you will know all the details about it ;)
[11:56] Starky Rubble: something to look forward to then :)
[11:56] Fly Man: Yes
[11:56] Fly Man: K, let's see
[11:56] Fly Man: Alyvaral, any Q's ?
[11:56] Alyvaral Aeghin: None come to mind ;-)
[11:57] sacha Magne: when will we have vehicle ?
[11:57] Fly Man: Charles, any Q ?
[11:57] Fly Man: and last:
[11:57] Fly Man: Adelle, Q's ?
[11:57] Charles Krinke: Question: Are we at the point where a second "Q&A Hour" or "Test Hour" could spin off this one at a different time and perhaps place? Perhaps one of the veterans here might do that?
[11:58] Alyvaral Aeghin: LOL, go to Port Edward, and watch the bus whiz by Sacha
[11:58] Adelle Fitzgerald: nah, im good thanks, usually if i ask too much i end up with more work, so ill give it a miss today ;)
[11:58] Starky Rubble: I am reminded I have another
[11:58] BlueWall Slade: hehe Adelle
[11:58] Charles Krinke: Ride the physical "Beat Boat" on Sailors' Vista, Sacha
[11:58] Charles Krinke: "Beta Boat"
[11:58] Fly Man: Charles, yes, I think someone could do a Q & A at a different time and day
[11:58] Charles Krinke: "Monopoly Region" has rideable cars.
[11:59] BlueWall Slade: or the Alpha-Romeo
[11:59] Charles Krinke: I merely leave that as a suggestiong. If it is a good one, it will germinate and blossom
[11:59] Fly Man: And my first thought about a person that could do that one would be Bluewall ;)
[11:59] Starky Rubble: lotsa folks are working on vehicles
[11:59] BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:59] Jos Joszpe: about engines ... I tred to place that map on my land gerated an error about engines .... do I need to install that seperately ... ??
[12:00] sacha Magne: micro-thread ?
[12:00] sacha Magne: what about micro-threads ?
[12:00] Starky Rubble: ??
[12:00] Fly Man: So I think me and Bluewall gonna have a nice talk after the meeting ;)
[12:00] BlueWall Slade: I have been messing with python the last couple of days, it might be the new "42"
[12:01] BlueWall Slade runs like hell.........
[12:01] BlueWall Slade: lol
[12:01] Adelle Fitzgerald: haha
[12:01] Starky Rubble: I do have one more Q when its time
[12:01] sacha Magne: do we think to implement micro-threading ?
[12:01] Fly Man: Starky, ask away :)
[12:02] sacha Magne: lag
[12:02] Starky Rubble: I was instructed to change OSFunctions to True and Threat level to High the other day
[12:02] Starky Rubble: The default is False
[12:02] Starky Rubble: which is correct?
[12:02] Starky Rubble: in my ini
[12:03] Adelle Fitzgerald: why were you instructed to do that?
[12:03] Starky Rubble: beacuse of the sim wierdness
[12:03] Adelle Fitzgerald: there are certain ossl scripts that require that
[12:03] Adelle Fitzgerald: it could explain your strange popup
[12:03] BlueWall Slade: yes
[12:03] Starky Rubble: it was in response that I wasd told to do tht
[12:04] BlueWall Slade: Starky - scan your regions objects
[12:04] Starky Rubble: I have always used the defaults
[12:04] Adelle Fitzgerald: turning on OSFunctions means that scripts in world can have access to your OS colsole
[12:04] BlueWall Slade: look for "others"
[12:04] Adelle Fitzgerald: *console
[12:04] Starky Rubble: 0 others
[12:04] Starky Rubble: 122 prims - all mine
[12:04] BlueWall Slade: in the "About Land"
[12:05] Starky Rubble: its pretty basic lol
[12:05] Charles Krinke: I would say we need to test all these combinations to determine what the security holes really are. I hear a bit of FUD from time to time.
[12:05] BlueWall Slade: look in the "Objects" tab
[12:05] Adelle Fitzgerald: for things like sending a message to the terion. the simulater version requires that OSFunctions are enabled
[12:05] Adelle Fitzgerald: the sim version script that is
[12:05] Starky Rubble: the "version shouter"? lol
[12:05] Adelle Fitzgerald: yes
[12:05] Jos Joszpe: I feel like an idiot from time to time ... lol
[12:06] Starky Rubble: I have that
[12:06] Fly Man: Okay, I will conclude the Q & A hour
[12:06] Be careful who you listen to about enabling ossfunctions in your region 
[12:06] Starky Rubble: ah
[12:06] Fly Man: so all the ppl that want to have a talk, you're welcome to stay
[12:06] Adelle Fitzgerald: oh and I think the OSDraw function requitres OSFunctions?
[12:06] Fly Man: Thank you all for coming and until next time :)
[12:06] Starky Rubble: thanks!
[12:06] Adelle Fitzgerald smiles "thanks Fly Man"
[12:06] Charles Krinke: Thanks. I'm off.
[12:07] BlueWall Slade: Thanks Fly Man
[12:07] Starky Rubble: bye
[12:07] Jos Joszpe: thx afgain
[12:07] BlueWall Slade: see ya Charles
[12:07] Adelle Fitzgerald: bye Charles
[12:07] kidd piko: thank you for your time Fly & Blue & everyone
[12:07] Bruce.Patton thanks Fly Man
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