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Release Notes

Major changes from 0.6.9

Release 0.7 features the completed major refactoring and rearchitecting work that happened during the second half of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010. This work targeted mainly the resource services and servers previously known as UGAIM. These servers have been replaced by one single server shell called ROBUST which can now run any combination of services in it. The services themselves have been reconceptualized; we now have the following set of main services:

  • Assets -- the asset store
  • Authentication -- passwords and auth tokens
  • Authorization -- access control
  • Avatar -- the visual representation of users, formerly known as "avatar appearance"
  • FreeSwitch -- voice
  • Friends -- social net
  • Gatekeeper -- hypergrid foreign users control
  • Grid -- maps map locations to IPs and regions
  • Grid User -- grid-local information about users
  • Inventory -- the inventory store
  • Login -- the login service
  • Presence -- tracks where in the grid user agents are
  • Profile (Basic) -- user profiles
  • User Accounts -- administrative info about users
  • User Agents -- hypergrid local users protection

The simulators access these services through abstract interfaces, therefore being isolated from implementation details. The services are seamlessly instantiated as plugins in any process, namely ROBUST server shells and the simulators processes themselves, which means that we have complete reuse of service code between standalone and grid configurations. The plugin specification is done in configuration files (.ini). Moreover, access to remote services is also seamlessly achieved through the instantiation of stubs (aka service connectors) as plugins; again, the specification of which stubs the simulators use is done externally in configuration files (.ini) -- this allows for alternative third-party implementations of the resource service infrastructure, of which there is already one (SimianGrid), without having to affect one line of code in the simulator.

Bug Fixes

  • Neighboring regions being brought up and down results in correct accessibility in the connected clients.
  • Friends online/offline notifications are now working across the board.
  • Object attach/drop/attach correctly working.
  • Inventory folder 'wear' working correctly.

Upgrading from 0.6.9

Upgrading from 0.6.8

Upgrading from older releases

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