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Arturo Nakasone arturonakasone at nii.ac.jp
Fri Jun 19 04:50:08 UTC 2009

Hello Ursula and Gavin

Thanks a lot for your answers.
I am not really sure how separating the region from the UGAIM servers will
help since our applications are very data intensive (fast creation and
deletion of prims and such).
The virtualization solution seems interesting, but I agree that some
performance problems might appear.
In any case, I will try them to see which of these solutions gives us the
best performance improvement.

Thanks again
Best regards

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Hi Arturo,

In grid mode you have the ability to separate server components ( UGAIM 
+R )
I'm not sure at all that "clustering" will be possible with the  
current development state. Anyway, one thing you could experiment is  
the following :

- First Server : Database + UGAIM
- Second server : R ( Region Server )

Another idea ( depends on the number of region you're hosting ) :

Spliting the regions into 2 groups, then, run one region server on  
each server. Of course you cannot run multiple copies of UGAIM.

Another point is to carefully monitor your database ( MySQL in my  
case ), running maintenance tasks, ...
I have found that bad response times with MySQL have a very bad impact  
on the whole OpenSim server performances.
You could also use a database cluster.

@Gavin : Not sure it's a good idea to run OpenSim into virtual  
machines, not in a production environment. You really have too many  
performance problem with the current virtualization tools ( I have  
only tested xen ).

Hope this help,


Le 18 juin 09 à 13:15, Gavin Spurgeon a écrit :

> On 18/06/09 11:02, Arturo Nakasone wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This question might be somewhat unrelated to OpenSim, but we would
>> appreciate if anyone could help us with this:
>> Currently, we have two Dell PowerEdge servers running two separate
>> instances of OpenSim. While we were testing our applications, we had
>> some small performance problems we would like to avoid by combining  
>> the
>> power of both our servers. In short, what we are looking for is a  
>> way to
>> cluster our servers in such a way that OpenSim can look at this  
>> cluster
>> as one server. Since most of the burden for our applications is in  
>> the
>> Region Server, I am not sure if running OpenSim in Grid mode will  
>> really
>> help in this case.
>> If anyone knows about any hardware or software based solution we can
>> use, please let us know
> Simple answer,
>  Run your OpenSim in a Virtual Machine (Xen/KVM/QEMU) and have both
> physical servers running the Virtual Machines setup as a cluster with
> shared storage.
> This also gives you Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance as a bonus :-)
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