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Ursula MATOVA ursula.matova at klintcentral.net
Thu Jun 18 16:05:42 UTC 2009

Hi Arturo,

In grid mode you have the ability to separate server components ( UGAIM 
+R )
I'm not sure at all that "clustering" will be possible with the  
current development state. Anyway, one thing you could experiment is  
the following :

- First Server : Database + UGAIM
- Second server : R ( Region Server )

Another idea ( depends on the number of region you're hosting ) :

Spliting the regions into 2 groups, then, run one region server on  
each server. Of course you cannot run multiple copies of UGAIM.

Another point is to carefully monitor your database ( MySQL in my  
case ), running maintenance tasks, ...
I have found that bad response times with MySQL have a very bad impact  
on the whole OpenSim server performances.
You could also use a database cluster.

@Gavin : Not sure it's a good idea to run OpenSim into virtual  
machines, not in a production environment. You really have too many  
performance problem with the current virtualization tools ( I have  
only tested xen ).

Hope this help,


Le 18 juin 09 à 13:15, Gavin Spurgeon a écrit :

> On 18/06/09 11:02, Arturo Nakasone wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This question might be somewhat unrelated to OpenSim, but we would
>> appreciate if anyone could help us with this:
>> Currently, we have two Dell PowerEdge servers running two separate
>> instances of OpenSim. While we were testing our applications, we had
>> some small performance problems we would like to avoid by combining  
>> the
>> power of both our servers. In short, what we are looking for is a  
>> way to
>> cluster our servers in such a way that OpenSim can look at this  
>> cluster
>> as one server. Since most of the burden for our applications is in  
>> the
>> Region Server, I am not sure if running OpenSim in Grid mode will  
>> really
>> help in this case.
>> If anyone knows about any hardware or software based solution we can
>> use, please let us know
> Simple answer,
>  Run your OpenSim in a Virtual Machine (Xen/KVM/QEMU) and have both
> physical servers running the Virtual Machines setup as a cluster with
> shared storage.
> This also gives you Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance as a bonus :-)
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