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Arturo Nakasone arturonakasone at nii.ac.jp
Thu Jun 18 10:02:36 UTC 2009



This question might be somewhat unrelated to OpenSim, but we would
appreciate if anyone could help us with this:


Currently, we have two Dell PowerEdge servers running two separate instances
of OpenSim. While we were testing our applications, we had some small
performance problems we would like to avoid by combining the power of both
our servers. In short, what we are looking for is a way to cluster our
servers in such a way that OpenSim can look at this cluster as one server.
Since most of the burden for our applications is in the Region Server, I am
not sure if running OpenSim in Grid mode will really help in this case. 

If anyone knows about any hardware or software based solution we can use,
please let us know


Thank you very much

Best regards



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