[Opensim-users] Making Viewer Portable

Ethan Grammatikidis eekee57 at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 5 13:19:48 UTC 2009

On Thu, 4 Jun 2009 21:47:31 -0500
Len Brown <lenwbrown at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey there everyone!
>      Recently I've been working on making the Open Simulator Virtual World
> Platform 100% portable.  I've set up the OpenSim server and a separate MySQL
> server both on an external thumb drive.  I have copied the installation
> directory of the Hippo viewer to the thumb as well but discovered that when
> I made changes to the viewer those changes were ignored when loading on a
> different computer.
>      I realized the viewer settings are all saved to the system registry
> (I'm using Windows XP).  Would it be possible to instead compile a viewer so
> that all internal changes are instead saved to an ini file - like OpenSim
> is?  This way a person could have a truly 100% portable copy of OpenSim,
> MySQL server and viewer all on a thumb drive and keeping all settings intact
> when going from system to system.
> Thanks for any input on this!
> - Len W. Brown
>      lenwbrown at gmail.com

Try getting all platforms to do the same as the Linux viewer. In Linux all preferences, cache, chat logs and browser profile are stored in a .secondlife folder in the user's home folder. You'd want to change the path in the source, which is a bit hard to find if I remember right. I'd try searching the source for ".secondlife" and "HOME", the latter being the environment variable containing the path to the current user's home.

BTW the Hippo viewer uses .hippo_opensim_viewer instead of .secondlife so if you're having trouble finding it you could look at the hippo viewer patches.

Ethan Grammatikidis
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