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Removed obsolete libopenmetaverse file

Latif Khalifa [2013-05-15 22:02:28]
Removed obsolete libopenmetaverse file
<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <member name="F:OpenMetaverse.Http.EventQueueServer.CONNECTION_TIMEOUT">
            <summary>The number of milliseconds to wait before the connection times out
            and an empty response is sent to the client. This value should be higher
            than BATCH_WAIT_INTERVAL for the timeout to function properly</summary>
        <member name="F:OpenMetaverse.Http.EventQueueServer.BATCH_WAIT_INTERVAL">
            <summary>This interval defines the amount of time to wait, in milliseconds,
            for new events to show up on the queue before sending a response to the
            client and completing the HTTP request. The interval also specifies the
            maximum time that can pass before the queue shuts down after Stop() or the
            class destructor is called</summary>
        <member name="F:OpenMetaverse.Http.EventQueueServer.MAX_EVENTS_PER_RESPONSE">
            <summary>Since multiple events can be batched together and sent in the same
            response, this prevents the event queue thread from infinitely dequeueing
            events and never sending a response if there is a constant stream of new
        <member name="T:OpenMetaverse.Http.Logger">
            Singleton logging class for the entire library
        <member name="F:OpenMetaverse.Http.Logger.Log">
            <summary>log4net logging engine</summary>
        <member name="F:OpenMetaverse.Http.log4netLogWriter.Instance">
            Singleton instance of this class
        <member name="T:OpenMetaverse.Http.CapsRequestCallback">
            Delegate for handling incoming HTTP requests through a capability
            <param name="context">Client context</param>
            <param name="request">HTTP request</param>
            <param name="response">HTTP response</param>
            <param name="state">User-defined state object</param>
        <member name="F:OpenMetaverse.Http.EventQueueClient.REQUEST_TIMEOUT">
        <member name="F:OpenMetaverse.Http.EventQueueClient._errorCount">
            <summary>Number of times we've received an unknown CAPS exception in series.</summary>
        <member name="F:OpenMetaverse.Http.EventQueueClient._random">
            <summary>For exponential backoff on error.</summary>