[Opensim-users] clarification about The Great Canadian Grid

Leal Duarte ajlduarte at sapo.pt
Wed Feb 19 20:22:33 UTC 2020

Have been informed by several persons that alleged representatives of 
the Great Canadian Grid, alleged claimed on “Social Media”, that members 
of OpenSimulator core development team did provide direct support to 
that grid and did detect evidence of misconduct from that grid former 
technical staff.

Need to clarify that if indeed happened, such allegations are False.

No member of OpenSimulator core development team, in that capacity, did 
provide direct support to that grid, much less performed any security 
analyses of its systems, required to substantiate such claims.

As individuals, all OpenSimulator team members are free to engage any 
activity, and will answer for that as individuals. One member of the 
OpenSimulator core development team was recently involved in technical 
support to that grid, in that individual capacity. That member informed 
that he had not detected anything other than natural consequences of 
termination of services provided by former technical staff or 
termination of the right to use materials under copyright restrictions.

Best Regards,

A.J. Leal Duarte (Ubit Umarov)

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