[Opensim-users] OpenSimulator released - single functional change to deal with llGiveInventory()/llGiveInventoryList() permissions issue

Justin Clark-Casey jjustincc at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 16 20:08:02 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

OpenSimulator has just been released and is available from [1] with release notes at [2].

This release contains only one functional change.  This is to address an issue where llGiveInventory() and 
llGiveInventoryList() were not applying the next permissions to the given object.  So even if a given object had been 
set in prim inventory as no copy, no mod or no transfer, the user receiving the object was able to reset these flags in 
their item properties.

This problem only affected OpenSimulator 0.8 onwards.  OpenSimulator and before are not affected.  The 
regression was introduced in commit 91fd9c4 on 5th November 2013.

If you are not running a version of OpenSimulator after that date and cannot update to current master or and you 
need to fix this problem, then you will need to manually apply the patch in commit 8fb0dcc.

Many thanks to AliciaRaven of Spellscape for bringing this problem to our attention and contributing an initial fix. 
Further thanks to Melanie of Avination for committing the further refined change.

[1] http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Download
[2] http://opensimulator.org/wiki/

Justin Clark-Casey (justincc)
OSVW Consulting

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