[Opensim-users] How to switch to the new server architecture

Marian Schramm | liventura marian.schramm at liventura.com
Tue Jun 23 14:56:59 UTC 2009

Hello guys,

i would like to switch our system to the new server architecture. These 2 sites on the wiki
don't really help at all to change this. Until now i start all "OpenSim.Grid.XXXXServer.exe" (UGAIM),
after that I start the Regions Instances (OpenSim.exe's). So ... and now?? How it works now?

There are connectors, services, servers, dll-files and a lot of ini-files, but there are only 2 pages in the
wiki. Could someone maybe write a short summary about switching from the classic "UGAIM" Servers to the
new software architecture. That's would be really nice ... so we can test these new form of the code
in action.


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