[Opensim-dev] Pre-release announcement for OpenSimulator

Diva Canto diva at metaverseink.com
Fri Sep 30 20:00:51 UTC 2016

Hi everyone.

This is an announcement of the first candidate release for the much 
awaited OpenSimulator 0.9, opensim- As usual, the release 
packages can be found in [1]. includes all the code donated by Avination about one year 
ago, as well as several more improvements made since then. The code was 
a bit unstable as we worked through thousands of merged commits, and 
correspondent regressions, but we feel it is now stable enough to cut a 
release out of it. Many people have already been using it for a few 
months, including OSGrid.

The release notes are emerging in [2] -- they are a bit of an 
understatement at the moment. A lot more will be written there in the 
next couple of weeks as we make our way to the official release. We 
appreciate people trying out the release candidate and reporting any 
issues back to us via mantis. We are particularly sensitive to 
regressions -- things that worked in 0.8.2 and stopped working in 0.9.


[1] http://dist.opensimulator.org/   (scroll to the bottom)
[2] http://opensimulator.org/wiki/

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