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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00081751   [GRID] Hypergridminornew2017-05-22"Modify perms granted" notice shows on every visit to foreign grid
  000817415   [REGION] Physics Enginesminornew2017-05-21Teleport doesn't put agent at expected height (ubODE)
  00081736   [GRID] Grid Servicemajornew2017-05-21llGiveInventory does not auto inventory refresh
  000798441 [REGION] Script Functionsminorpatch included (BlueWall)2017-05-21llList2Json
  00081693   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved2017-05-20Setting a parcel to group doesn't stick after a region restart
  00081683   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved2017-05-19Object set as group being autoreturned on group owned region
  000812720   [REGION] Script Functionsmajornew2017-05-17List fetching functions (eg llList2Vector) are dog slow on Microsoft servers
  00081659   [GRID] Hypergridblockassigned (UbitUmarov)2017-05-13HG teleport fails between grids on latest dev master version (1356)
  00081293   [GRID] Robust Serverminorresolved (ssm2017)2017-05-07exception when starting robust
  00077994   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2017-05-07MySQL Table storage engine for 'regions' doesn't have this option (ROW_FORMAT=FIXED)
  00067381   [REGION] Script Functionstrivialnew2017-04-25llHTTPRequest does not honor the number of Custom Headers
  000814641 [REGION] Script Functionsminorresolved (mewtwo0641)2017-04-21Fix spelling of OSTPOBJ_STOPATTARRGET
  00081546   [REGION] Script Functionsminorresolved2017-04-21llResetOtherScript stops script execution
  00081471   [REGION] OpenSim Corecrashresolved2017-04-20Could not load type 'OpenSim.Region.OptionalModules.Framework.Monitoring.EtcdMonitoringModule - Standalone
  000808551 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorresolved (nebadon)2017-04-19PGSQL - missing support for OBJECT_REZZER_KEY in commit 7c566d
  000811851 [GRID] Other Serviceminorresolved (nebadon)2017-04-19PGSQL - group messages are not deleted at expiry
  000815321 [REGION] OpenSim Coreblocknew2017-04-17maximum-size region with custom terrain, this warning will sometimes be the last issued before server blocks
  00081521   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2017-04-16[Built-in Profile] Show in search don't work on main tab
  0008151    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2017-04-16[Built-in Profile] url don't persist on the Web tab
  00081507   [REGION] Specific OpenSim Modulemajornew2017-04-16[LLCLIENTVIEW] Caught exception while processing OpenMetaverse Packe ts AvatarPropertiesRequestPacket
  00081492   [REGION] Scripting Enginemajornew2017-04-15Please complete documentation of OSSL functions
  00076706   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2017-04-14[RADMIN] admin_create_user is broken
  00081391   [GRID] Other Serviceminornew2017-04-14[RADMIN] Some methods need comments and exemples on the Wiki
  000639115   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2017-04-09Maptiles persist in old location after region move
  000675212   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2017-04-09[WARNING]: EOC marker not found. Codestream is corrupted.
  00081266   [GRID] Other Serviceminorresolved (Ferd Frederix)2017-04-08Opensim.ini documentation suggests an illegal combination of Public Port and Private IP
  00081441   [REGION] Script Functionsfeaturenew2017-04-05osSetLinkPrimitiveParams
  000813120   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2017-03-31Offline messages failing using OfflineMessageModule
  00080562   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2017-03-22llVolumeDetect(TRUE); fails on region restart/bootup
  0008138    [GRID] Other Servicefeaturenew2017-03-22[RADMIN FEATURE REQUEST] admin load user model
  00069119   [REGION] Scripting Engineminornew2017-03-18[SCRIPT] Problem with special chars on text over prim
  00081372   [REGION] Scripting Engineminornew2017-03-14paths are not working in http_in
  000805312 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2017-03-10Differences between OpenSimDefaults.ini and OpenSim.ini.example
  0008134    [GRID] Robust Serverminornew2017-03-02group status issues
  00081332   [REGION] Script Functionsminorresolved (melanie)2017-03-01SCRIPTED integer type is not detected for llDetectedType in collisions events
  0008132    [REGION] Script Functionsmajornew2017-02-25Sit scripts problem
  00081285   [REGION] Script Functionsmajornew2017-02-11Conditionals do not work within a for loop
  000812561 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2017-02-05Crashes on Start
  00073912   [REGION] Scripting Engineminornew2017-02-05Messages sent with llRegionSayTo are only received by one listening script per prim (object?)
  00079251   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorresolved2017-02-053X CPU use on Mono over
  000812311 [GRID] Other Servicemajorresolved (Ferd Frederix)2017-02-04Crashes on Start
  00080192   [REGION] Script Functionsminorresolved (Total Sorbet)2017-01-20llAttachToAvatarTemp() is producing RLVa assertion failure
  00081212   [REGION] Script Functionsfeatureresolved (Total Sorbet)2017-01-20Feature request for osDetectedFace() within collision event.
  000784811   [GRID] Robust Serverminorresolved (Diva)2017-01-17Incorrect datetime value for column 'TMStamp'
  0008122 1 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2017-01-17NonFinite Avatar position detected error #9999902
  00081172   [REGION] Script Functionsminorresolved (UbitUmarov)2017-01-08llSetPhysicsMaterial cannot be virtually used due to the compilation error.
  000783617   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved (melanie)2017-01-06transferring full perm mesh object arrives no copy no transfer
  0007872122 [REGION] Script Functionsmajorresolved (melanie)2017-01-06CHANGED_OWNER is not triggered on rez after changing object's ownership
  00081165   [GRID] User Servicemajorresolved (watcher64)2017-01-05Testing latest commits with new god controller "God Powers Denied"
  0007392183 [GRID] Grid Servicefeatureassigned (melanie)2017-01-05Suggestion to serve robots.txt from grid/standalone base URL
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