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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000820071 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorresolved (Fly-Man-)2018-09-26[PATCH] PGSQL EstateStore.migrations does not create estate_settings_id SEQUENCE
  0007669102 [REGION] Script Functionsminorpatch included2018-09-26[PATCH] llGodLikeRezObject not implemented
  000836951 [REGION] Script Functionsminorpatch included2018-09-26[PATCH] llRequestUserKey not implemented
  0008380 1 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorpatch included2018-09-26[PATCH] Adding MarketPlace folder for future referencing
  00080595   [GRID] Hypergridmajorconfirmed2018-09-24Unknown UserUMMAU42 replaces real User Name in Viewer Chat Window
  00083772   [GRID] Other Servicemajornew2018-09-24opensimulator not working
  00083761   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2018-09-19Agent doesn't become root agent on teleport, but does on login to sim
  00081392   [GRID] Other Serviceminornew2018-09-18[RADMIN] Some methods need comments and examples on the Wiki
  00083723   [GRID] Messaging Servicemajorresolved2018-09-18Multibyte characters turn into ??? in Instant Messages
  0008374    [REGION] OpenSim Coretrivialnew2018-09-17Smooth tool sliders do not scale well
  0006581121 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorresolved (mewtwo0641)2018-09-16Some attachments refuse to attach on login
  000836321 [REGION] Scripting Enginefeatureresolved (mewtwo0641)2018-09-16[PATCH] Adds support for ScriptDelayFactor in YEngine
  0008367    [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2018-09-13[FEATURE REQUEST] osApplyImpulse & osApplyRotationalImpulse
  00083687   [REGION] Physics Enginesminornew2018-09-13The first collision sound don't work when object is rez by script
  00082898   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2018-09-12[TERRAIN TEXTURE] Set terrain texture by script reset sun position
  00083661   [GRID] Hypergridmajornew2018-09-12Attached scripts lose all state on first hypergrid jump
  00083527   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2018-09-12[BULLETSIM] STATUS_ROTATE_X and STATUS_ROTATE_Y broken
  0008267121 [REGION] Scripting Enginefeaturepatch feedback2018-09-11Make all standard LL-Function delays configurable
  0008365    [REGION] Script Functionsmajornew2018-09-10Scripted texture changes do not stick on the mesh.
  0008242195 [GRID] Asset Serviceminorresolved (UbitUmarov)2018-09-04[PATCH] 'Smoke' texture missing from default assets
  000836211 [REGION] OpenSim Corefeaturepatch included2018-09-02Correct work of estate debug options: DisableCollisions and DisablePhysics. Adding possibility to set them from ini files.
  000836151 [REGION] OpenSim Coretweakpatch feedback2018-08-30Addition of missing config boolean SkipDelayOnEmptyRegion accordingly to code's documentation.
  000836011 [REGION] Scripting Enginefeatureresolved (Mandarinka Tasty)2018-08-30Adding check permission CanIssueEstateCommand for osRegionNotice and new function osRegionNotice(string agentID, string msg)
  0008359 1 [REGION] OpenSim Coretweakpatch included2018-08-27Modification of handleEstateRestartSimRequest to make Cancel button in viewer's estate menu trigger proper client alert message.
  0007698 2 [REGION] Specific OpenSim Moduleminorpatch included2018-08-27GetDisplayNamesHandler send sometimes a "Unknown UserUMMAU42" as display name to the user.
  00077475   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajoracknowledged2018-08-27LLoginService.cs login response has extra fields causing addon errors, plus question on special Radegast handling
  00077995   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajoracknowledged2018-08-27MySQL Table storage engine for 'regions' doesn't have this option (ROW_FORMAT=FIXED)
  00078271   [MISC] Compiling / Buildingcrashresolved (Fly-Man-)2018-08-27OpenSim not working. Crushes at launch.
  00079691   [GRID] Asset Servicemajorresolved (Fly-Man-)2018-08-27FSAssets
  0007997 1 [REGION] Script Functionsminorpatch ready (UbitUmarov)2018-08-27Correction in osslEnable.ini for osForceAttachToOtherAvatarFromInventory referring to its ThreatLevel.
  00080079   [REGION] Script Functionstweakacknowledged2018-08-27Defaults in osslenable.ini are not in line with threat levels for functions-- recommended tweaks
  000805322 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminoracknowledged2018-08-27Differences between OpenSimDefaults.ini and OpenSim.ini.example
  00081737   [GRID] Grid Servicemajoracknowledged2018-08-27llGiveInventory does not auto inventory refresh
  00083583   [REGION] Scripting Enginefeaturenew2018-08-25Remove dataserver event delay
  00082732   [REGION] Script Functionsminorconfirmed2018-08-25CHANGED_TELEPORT is triggered on some border crossings
  00082593   [GRID] Robust Serverminorconfirmed2018-08-25Presence in Robust
  0008248226 [GRID] Grid Servicemajorresolved (Fly-Man-)2018-08-24No intern teleports on our Grid but to other Grid
  00082492   [REGION] Scripting Enginemajorresolved (UbitUmarov)2018-08-24llDetectedGrab returns zero vector
  00082522   [MISC] Compiling / Buildingcrashresolved (Fly-Man-)2018-08-24Missing entry in GridCommon.ini.example
  000825421 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved (Fly-Man-)2018-08-24OpenSim.exe getting error
  00082579   [GRID] Other Servicemajorresolved (UbitUmarov)2018-08-24Error generating login response
  00082607   [REGION] Scripting Engineminorassigned2018-08-24Scripts count not decremented when script deleted inside object
  000826861 [GRID] Hypergridminorpatch feedback2018-08-24[PATCH] Avatars who are not in the homegrid dont get notifications of online status from friends.
  000827022 [REGION] Scripting Engineminorpatch included2018-08-24[PATCH] Add osSetParcelDetails to sell a parcel and enable the search
  000835522 [GRID] Asset Serviceminorpatch included2018-08-24[PATCH] Provide assets to make Firestorm posestand + alert sound work
  000827421 [REGION] Specific OpenSim Modulemajoracknowledged2018-08-24Wifi não habilita
  00083501   [REGION] Script Functionsminorconfirmed2018-08-24REGION_FLAG_ALLOW_DIRECT_TELEPORT broken
  0008347 1 [REGION] Specific OpenSim Moduletweakpatch included2018-08-24[PATCH] Missing config line GroupsExternalURI referring to LocalGroupsServiceLocation in GroupsServiceHGConnectorModule
  000584461 [REGION] Scripting Engineminornew2018-08-23NULL key value in in statement does not evaluate as false.
  0008357    [MISC] Compiling / Buildingmajornew2018-08-23Land impact value of linked object should depend on number of triangles
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