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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0007645184 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2015-07-23column "cloud_scroll_x_lock" is of type smallint but expression is of type boolean
  00076462   [GRID] Asset Servicemajornew2015-07-22Opensim 8.2 [J2KIMAGE]: RunUpdate() called with missing asset data (no missing image texture?).
  00076427   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-07-17meshes - OAR compatibility problem opensim version
  00072473   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-07-15LLUDPSERVER]: No packets received from child agent for 60000ms
  00076381   [GRID] Other Serviceminornew2015-07-13Problem with pose's built into things
  000763924 [GRID] Asset Serviceminorassigned (melanie)2015-07-13[PATCH] Bring FSAssets closer to OpenSim conventions
  00054228   [REGION] Scripting Engineminornew2015-07-13(i = 1); fails to compile
  000734072 [REGION] OpenSim Corecrashconfirmed2015-07-07SigSegv crash caused by HttpListener passing invalid arguments
  0007633    [GRID] Hypergridmajornew2015-07-04Opensim / Robust (Windows / Framework)
  00076281   [REGION] Specific OpenSim Moduleminornew2015-06-29[FORMS]: Error sending request to /hg-groups: Access to the path "/hg-groups" is denied..
  0007626    [REGION] Specific OpenSim Moduleminornew2015-06-26AutoBackupScript is not working
  000760451 [GRID] Robust Serverminorpatch included2015-06-25DeleteClassifiedRecord exception PGSQL
  000750321 [REGION] Specific OpenSim Modulemajorpatch included2015-06-24Estate ban request raise exception - banned user data not written to database
  0007623    [REGION] OpenSim Coretextnew2015-06-22config-include/GridCommon.ini.example [AvatarService] comment correction
  0007617    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-06-18NPC osAgentSaveAppearance notecard created does not show in object contents until some other content changed
  0007616    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-06-17Sound playing in object stops and does not restart when a parameter is changed
  0007607    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-06-08[SCENEGRAPH] Problem processing action in ForEachSOG
  00075771   [REGION] Specific OpenSim Moduleminornew2015-06-08Warp3D Map Tile Generation [SCENEGRAPH]: Problem processing action in ForEachSOG
  000739612   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-06-05Recording of stats triggers bad hardware address length message on console
  0007599    [REGION] Scripting Engineminornew2015-06-05"Not running" script is set to "running" after restart
  0007602    [REGION] Physics Enginesfeaturenew2015-06-04Boarder Crossing Crashes when using vehicles
  00075961   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2015-06-01Dormant particle system activates when a prim is edited or selected
  00072851   [GRID] Hypergridminornew2015-05-29Linkset rebuild warning. If this happens more than one or two times, please report in Mantis 7191
  0007583    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-05-21Avatars result arrested after that they attempt to cross into no-exitant region
  0007580    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-05-20llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast movement not smooth in opensim 0.8.1
  00075781   [REGION] OpenSim Corefeaturenew2015-05-18Feature Request ONLY - type in commands to set everythings permissions
  000723371 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-05-18Warp 3d error on console Position beyond EOF
  0007573 1 [REGION] Script Functionsmajornew2015-05-16Couldn't start script
  0007572 1 [GRID] Other Servicemajornew2015-05-16OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.Asset.FlotsamAssetCache [FLOTSAM ASSET CACHE]: Could not find asset
  0007571 1 [REGION] Physics Enginesmajornew2015-05-16[BULLETSIM SHAPE] Fetched asset would not mesh.
  0007553    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-05-03occasionally avatars remain child agents when teleporting in to a region
  00075481   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-04-29impossible to save IAR in regionless simulator connected to grid
  0007547    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-04-29The use of floats gives poor precision
  0007375    [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2015-04-29llCastRay does not treat physics type NONE prims as phantom
  0007374    [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2015-04-29llCastRay does not return the UUID of child prims
  0007351    [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2015-04-29llCastRay returns hits incorrectly outside rotated objects
  0006623    [REGION] Script Functionsmajornew2015-04-29llCastRay returns incorrect UUID when it collides with a linkset
  00075412   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-04-24Sound Playback Issue
  000752731 [GRID] User Serviceminornew2015-04-21Seeing alot of HG users with the name Unknown UserUMMAU42
  000665612   [GRID] Hypergridfeaturenew2015-04-21Uniformity of handling local and hypergrid teleportable links in Chat/IM and incorrect FROM grid addresses on HG TP
  00073791   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2015-04-20Group permissions to build are not reflected in viewer land icons and build button
  00073043   [REGION] Physics Enginesmajornew2015-04-13llTargetOmega not implemented for Physical object
  0006543    [REGION] Physics Enginesminornew2015-04-13llTargetOmega not work on physical prims
  000698972 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorassigned (Robert Adams)2015-04-11Map Tiles: Prims with diagonal GREATER than TexturePrimSize do not have colour applied
  000710521 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2015-04-08Avatar Capsule Issue - Ankles bent upwards or sideways
  0007106184 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-04-08Avatar feets follow terrain instead of the object its walking on.
  0007067263 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorassigned (Robert Adams)2015-04-08Avatars highly distanced from the ground
  000751811   [REGION] OpenSim Coretweaknew2015-04-08Opensium 0.8.1 [Const] section incomplete and makes it partly useless
  000751075 [REGION] Script Functionsminorpatch included2015-04-07Constants scattered in LSL_Api
  00075161   [GRID] Asset Serviceminornew2015-04-03Added information - on not rez issue.
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