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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000769132 [REGION] Scripting Enginemajorresolved (melanie)2015-11-25Script runtime error - commit 662b59
  00077585   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorresolved (nebadon)2015-11-25Map tile refresh rate not obeying [MAP] maptilerefesh setting in OpenSimDefaults.ini and OpenSim.ini
  000775911 [REGION] Physics Enginesblockresolved (zontreck)2015-11-24ZeroMesher blocks region load
  000775641 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2015-11-24Extremely volumous default debug tracing for hypergrid visitor login: espec "Unable to fetch folder" and "Couldn't start script"
  00077553   [REGION] Script Functionsminorresolved (JeffKelley)2015-11-24llGetHTTPHeader adds a = sign to query-string
  00077513   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-11-24Four new watchdog timeouts for each region on server shutdown
  0007744139 [REGION] OpenSim Corefeaturepatch included2015-11-24Enhancements to 'load oar'
  00077531   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-11-23[AUTH SERVICE]: user account service present: False
  000774041 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved (JeffKelley)2015-11-21Misleading ScriptStopStrategy in OpenSim.ini
  000773763 [GRID] Grid Servicemajorresolved (kcozens)2015-11-21region table not being created on first run...
  0007746213 [MISC] Compiling / Buildingminorpatch included2015-11-21fix warnings introduced with avination merge
  00077394   [REGION] Scripting Enginecrashnew2015-11-21[XENGINE] Crash Leading to Continous Loop and stack overflow
  000773051 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2015-11-20Memory leak when object moves between regions
  0007174    [GRID] Hypergridfeaturenew2015-11-12[HYPERGRID LINKER] hop:// handling could be improved - Cannot hyperlink to regions on the same grid
  0007705243 [REGION] OpenSim Coretweakresolved (Diva)2015-11-12[PATCH] Changes to .ini.example files to improve instructions and workflow for standalone setups
  00077361   [GRID] Messaging Servicecrashnew2015-11-02enabling groups leads to crash looking for
  000749311 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorpatch included2015-11-02the currently existing terrain layer data code can generate packets larger than MTU
  00077333   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved2015-10-29Teleporting to regions with the same latest version of opensim causes hair to be behind avatar about 4 meters
  000755871 [REGION] Scripting Enginemajorresolved (Luisillo_Contepomi)2015-10-26Script status is not saved.
  00076881   [REGION] Scripting Enginemajornew2015-10-18Order of operations incorrect when subtracting two lsl vectors
  00071865   [REGION] Scripting Engineminornew2015-10-18Looping Sounds Stops
  000771492 [REGION] OpenSim Corecrashnew2015-10-18Opensimulator crashes on startup
  000771921 [MISC] DSGmajornew2015-10-18Rigged & unrigged mesh transparency rendering issue
  000751950   [REGION] OpenSim Corecrashacknowledged2015-10-14OpenSim 0.8.2 dev83e58eb regions load and run for a few hours then crash with the following error.
  000738061 [REGION] Script Functionsmajorfeedback (BlueWall)2015-10-07Key being evaluated as a boolean improperly implemented
  00076953   [REGION] OpenSim Corefeaturenew2015-10-03is there a way to avoid the 22ms delay before http_request event is fired?
  00068182   [REGION] Physics Enginesminornew2015-09-30llSetHoverHeight() is not equivalent to SL for avatars
  0007729    [GRID] Asset Servicemajorresolved2015-09-30Library is not upload by robust or regions.
  00077182   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-09-22[MapTiles] Simulator can not generate maptiles on the fly
  00074441   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2015-09-22Terrain edit: Smooth , strength slider is not working.
  000772221 [REGION] OpenSim Coreblocknew2015-09-20[RADMIN] terrain save generate gray image
  0006068    [GRID] Inventory Serviceminornew2015-09-14Unable to purge Lost and Found folder
  00077121   [GRID] Asset Servicecrashnew2015-09-14Textures won't load and often cause me to crash out of opensim altogether.
  00060675   [REGION] Script Functionsmajornew2015-09-13llVolumeDetect master prim lose phantom after inworld shift+mouse copy and dont work anymore after region restart
  000772411 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved (UbitUmarov)2015-09-13make teleports only consider the Max_wearables region is configured to accept
  000772014   [GRID] Inventory Servicemajorresolved (danbanner)2015-09-11Changing permissions on wearables destroys the item
  0007437101 [REGION] Scripting Enginecrashresolved (justincc)2015-09-07Rezzing problem object results in endless messages logged and excessive CPU use
  000760382 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorresolved (Diva)2015-09-07Unusually high CPU load after HG visitor attempts inventory action
  00063331   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved2015-09-06Local Chat Fail for Driver of Vehicle: Sitting Passengers & Vehicle Text Commands
  00055031   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved2015-09-06Chat distance miscalculated when riding vehicle
  000771661 [REGION] Physics Enginesfeatureresolved (orenh)2015-09-06ode var regions suport
  0007710121 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved (Diva)2015-09-06[PATCH] AllowedClients and DeniedClients configuration examples corrected and clarified
  000770973 [REGION] Physics Enginestweaknew2015-09-05Simulator Framerate Reporting - Refers to closed bug (unable to reopen) (0029003)
  0007715    [REGION] Scripting Enginemajornew2015-09-05"scripts stop" and "scripts start" throw exception with ScriptEngine / XEngine ....
  000767231 [GRID] Inventory Serviceminornew2015-08-31Importing a xlm shape fails
  00077131   [REGION] Physics Enginesminorresolved (Diva)2015-08-30NumberOfFrames != 10 crashes simulator
  00076471013 [REGION] OpenSim Corecrashresolved (kenvc)2015-08-29Sim instance starts using about 1GB memory more per hour until PC runs out of memory and crashes.
  0007707    [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2015-08-27buoyancy command needed in OS grids so swim / hug huds will work properly
  00075386   [REGION] Physics Enginesmajornew2015-08-25Bulletsim: If a cut prim or mesh surface is tilted very much in both x and y direction, most physics vehicles fall through it.
  0007704    [REGION] Specific OpenSim Modulecrashnew2015-08-25[UserProfiles] with SQLite causes AgentPreferencesService crash on OpenSim.exe exit after establishing a profile
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