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  0008628264 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorconfirmed2019-11-18Viewer Disconnect when TP between two grids from a region with same name as destination
  00085514   [REGION] Scripting Enginemajorassigned (UbitUmarov)2019-11-18YEngine leaking memory from strings in event
  00086107   [GRID] Grid Serviceminornew2019-11-18OpenSim.Server.Base.ServerUtils [SERVER UTILS]: Error loading plugin
  00086133   [REGION] Scripting Enginemajorresolved (tampa)2019-11-18llDialog: At least 1 button must be shown - Scripting Flaw
  000844720   [REGION] Script Functionsminorresolved (tampa)2019-11-18Feature Request: llDialog() to allow empty [] list
  000862621 [GRID] Robust Serverminornew2019-11-18When specifying region to login, user will sometimes land in a region with similar name.
  00086278   [REGION] Scripting Enginemajorresolved2019-11-14YEngine gives reference error for logic == expressions
  0008623112 [REGION] OpenSim Coremajornew2019-11-13llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast inside for loop not updating
  00086255   [REGION] Scripting Enginemajorresolved ( not compiling ( nor working) after installing 9.1.1 for the 1st time ( prev 9.0 )
  00080818   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorresolved (Ferd Frederix)2019-11-08[XEngine] DoOnRezScriptQueue Could not load file or assembly
  0005844101 [REGION] Scripting Engineminornew2019-11-06NULL key value in in statement does not evaluate as false.
  00086226   [GRID] Other Servicemajorresolved (tampa)2019-11-05Attachments getting lost after viewer relog
  00086003   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2019-11-04[LLCLIENTVIEW]: HandleMapItemRequest exception
  000851312   [REGION] OpenSim Coremajorresolved (mewtwo0641)2019-11-01Teleport refused because failed to verify user presence
  000862171 [REGION] Scripting Enginemajornew2019-10-31Improvement of informaton provided for DEBUG [YEngine]: parsing errors
  00086206   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2019-10-29Simulator hangs forever after <ctrl>-c on Linux
  00086164   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2019-10-29[SCRIPT FUNCTIONS] A bush of dataserver functions are not implemented or return no value
  0007743621 [REGION] OpenSim Coreminorresolved (Shy Robbiani)2019-10-29Simulator hangs forever in shutdown on Linux
  000861821 [REGION] Script Functionsfeaturenew2019-10-28New OSSL function to return permission test for named function
  00086192   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2019-10-28viewer's crash on simcrossing
  000861721 [GRID] User Serviceminornew2019-10-26SQLite: Missing 'GetUserWhere' functionality [PATCH]
  00084005   [REGION] Script Functionstweakacknowledged2019-10-25More logical NPC's detection with llGetAgentList and replacing ssp.IsViewerUIGod with ssp.IsGod.
  0008114132 [REGION] OpenSim Corefeaturepatch included (UbitUmarov)2019-10-25[PATCH] Giving possibility to add/remove estate manager via simulator console.
  00079161   [REGION] Script Functionsminoracknowledged2019-10-25osSetTerrainTexture and osSetTerrainTextureHeight neither work for Estate Owner nor Estate Manager without God Powers
  00083441   [REGION] OpenSim Corefeatureacknowledged2019-10-25Possibility to complete disabling parcel bans - free proposition.
  00081101   [REGION] OpenSim Corefeatureacknowledged2019-10-25The addition of OwnerID to be displayed in SceneObjectReport and ScenePartReport
  000808017   [REGION] Script Functionsminoracknowledged2019-10-25OSSL proposal: HG capable osInstantMessage and osGiveInventory
  0008369111 [REGION] Script Functionsminorpatch included2019-10-25[PATCH] llRequestUserKey not implemented
  00083471   [REGION] Specific OpenSim Moduletweakresolved (Mandarinka Tasty)2019-10-25[PATCH] Missing config line GroupsExternalURI referring to LocalGroupsServiceLocation in GroupsServiceHGConnectorModule
  00079971   [REGION] Script Functionsminorresolved (UbitUmarov)2019-10-25Correction in osslEnable.ini for osForceAttachToOtherAvatarFromInventory referring to its ThreatLevel.
  00083591   [REGION] OpenSim Coretweakresolved (Mandarinka Tasty)2019-10-25Modification of handleEstateRestartSimRequest to make Cancel button in viewer's estate menu trigger proper client alert message.
  00083616   [REGION] OpenSim Coretweakresolved (Mandarinka Tasty)2019-10-25Addition of missing config boolean SkipDelayOnEmptyRegion accordingly to code's documentation.
  00083622   [REGION] OpenSim Corefeatureresolved (Mandarinka Tasty)2019-10-25Correct work of estate debug options: DisableCollisions and DisablePhysics. Adding possibility to set them from ini files.
  0008615    [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2019-10-25Syntax highlight missing for all JsonStore functions and constants
  000859651 [MISC] DSGmajornew2019-10-23SSL Cert for needed as it has an insecure connection - Why is there no category for the website?
  0008612    [GRID] Robust Serverminornew2019-10-22Robust config save includes comments
  0008611    [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2019-10-22LocalUserStatistics.db may not be updating in all situations
  00085932   [GRID] Asset Servicecrashnew2019-10-22Running an fsassets server in a second process leads to instability in both the grid and asset server. crashing
  00086081   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2019-10-22Many OSSL functions are not disabled by setting AllowOSFunctions = false in the ini files
  00086071   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2019-10-22osDynamicTextureFace cannot have its Allow permission set in ini files.
  00074114   [REGION] OpenSim Coreminornew2019-10-22[USER MANAGEMENT MODULE]: Unable to parse home URL
  00086092   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2019-10-22A few OSSL functions are not in osslEnable.ini, is this omission on purpose?
  0008606    [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2019-10-22Threat levels in code and documentation do not match for a few OSSL functions
  000860413   [GRID] Other Serviceminornew2019-10-21bug report assets avatar and inworld items mesh fail to rig inworld render slow
  00085884   [GRID] Other Serviceminornew2019-10-20avatars load half rig items assets refuse to rig or load full mesh stage 0.9.0 / 0.9.1
  00086032   [REGION] Script Functionsminornew2019-10-19[FEATURE REQUEST] osGetAvatarProperties
  00086028   [REGION] Scripting Engineminorresolved (djphil)2019-10-19[FEATURE REQUEST] osGetProfileServerURI
  00086014   [REGION] Script Functionsfeaturenew2019-10-18[FEATURE REQUEST] add a new on_error event
  00085996   [REGION] Scripting Engineminorresolved (Monamusa Kaliopov)2019-10-16Script Errors after the latest GIT Pull
  000859811 [GRID] Grid Serviceminornew2019-10-14Search lists groups with 0 or 1 members
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