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0008928opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2021-09-03 08:352021-09-18 08:12
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PlatformPCOperating SystemWindowsOperating System Version10
Product Version0.9.2.0 dev 
Target Version0.9.2.0 devFixed in Version 
Summary0008928: Cannot TP to a hypergrid destination when viewer is on same local network as destination - [CAPS]: Unauthorized CAPS client
DescriptionThe issue seems to be that if the viewer is on the same local network as the hypergrid destination grid/region it fails. If a viewer on a non-local IP is used it works fine.

Works fine when viewer is NOT on same local network as the server.


Viewer is on on (dynamic)

Avatar logs in to OSGrid on a self hosted region on (

Avatar TPs to a region on Openvue grid on (
hop:// [^]

Fails with

16:30:35 - [CAPS]: Unauthorized CAPS client e858df02-a860-4b92-937a-2b87e4ebcd6d from

User sees start of terrain coming in which stops loading, partially textured, no objects seen. Cannot TP back home to OSGrid. Viewer crash after a minute or so.


Variant: have OSGrid be on OSGrid Sandbox Plaza.. and hence on a region NOT running on the same local network as the viewer and destination. TP from hop:// [^] Plaza/139/107/22 to hop:// [^] Then TP to Openvue grid and that still fails.
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Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script EngineXEngine
EnvironmentMono / Windows
Mono VersionNone
Attached Filestxt file icon 2021-09-17-OSGrid-Vue-Port-From-Location-OpenSimExe.txt [^] (6,321 bytes) 2021-09-18 03:39 [Show Content]
txt file icon 2021-09-17-Openvue-Openvue-To-Location-RobustExe.txt [^] (2,564 bytes) 2021-09-18 03:40 [Show Content]
txt file icon 2021-09-17-Openvue-Openvue-To-Location-OpenSim.exe.txt [^] (4,380 bytes) 2021-09-18 03:40 [Show Content]

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Total Sorbet (reporter)
2021-09-14 10:45

Very likely NAT loopback issue. Look to [^]

I believe there's a loopback adapter available for windows which may be worth a try.
aiaustin (developer)
2021-09-14 10:56
edited on: 2021-09-14 10:57

Thanks Total. The server host involved has a fixed IP address and full DNS registered address on a University network. I don't think loopback issues occur in such a context do they?

I was using VPN for the viewer though, which would appear in the same subnet as the server, and I do wonder if that is a possible cause.

Total Sorbet (reporter)
2021-09-14 11:11

Unfortunately loopback can be an issue in that context. Fixed ip and dns can't save you there.
tampa (reporter)
2021-09-14 12:28

The error comes from a small checking routine that is only triggered if either the circuit could not be established or something. Somewhere the circuit is not a circuit and it cannot call back. What would be useful would be logs from both ends and perhaps what robust says about the incoming client.
aiaustin (developer)
2021-09-14 13:05
edited on: 2021-09-14 13:19

I will set up again and can obtain the server Robust.exe and OpenSim.exe ends. Can you advise how I can get the relevant viewer (Firestorm) end logs?

tampa (reporter)
2021-09-14 13:42

Don't think FS logs will be much help, Robust and Simulator should give good info on failure points, beyond that well, it's networking, there is a reason that's universally disliked cause it's always DNS or Level3 is down :)
aiaustin (developer)
2021-09-18 03:39
edited on: 2021-09-18 03:47

I have the logs that I have control over... situation is an avatar (Ai Austin) logged in natively on OSGrid region Vue-Port (OpenSim.exe running on a system called IP Teleport is tried to Openvue grid Openvue region (Robust.exe and OpenSim.exe running on a system called, also aliases to IP Firestorm viewer is running on a system over VPN to IP All looks normal from OSGrid end. When avatar appears on the destination the terrain starts to come in and is partially textured, no in world objects load, and then it stops and avatar is unresponsive. After a couple of minutes viewer crashes.



Openvue is running lastest dev master (17-Sep-2021), OSGrId region server is on latest OSGrid standard release (16-Sep-2021).

tampa (reporter)
2021-09-18 08:12

User Client Verification for Ai.Austin in Openvue returned false


if (!userVerification.VerifyClient(aCircuit, ep.Address.ToString()))


This, if I read it correctly, requests verification from destination, which I can't seem to find in the logs though.

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