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0008920opensim[GRID] Other Servicepublic2021-07-21 05:552021-07-27 07:01
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Summary0008920: jsonSimStats has no support for multiple regions per simulator
DescriptionWhile monitorstats are a per-region thing giving accurate information on each region, jsonSimStats, as the name implies and given no region parameter can be passed to it, would give stats about the entire simulator. That at least was my understanding of it. Looking at the code and the returns it gives it only ever grabs the first region in the list and reports its stats instead of fetching and/or averaging/adding all regions up. So it's not really a Sim stats, more a first region stat, while some of the parameters are indeed global to a simulator making this rather confusing at first glance.
Steps To ReproduceStart a simulator with multiple regions, preferably on linux


curl -s -m 10 -X POST http://localhost:$httpport$/jsonSimStats [^]

curl -s -m 10 -X GET http://localhost:$httpport$/monitorstats/$regionname$ [^]

Observe output in regards to reported prims, agents and scripts
Additional InformationLooking at the code this might not be so trivial to add to it and one can obviously handle these things on the receiving end just adding the data up, but it would be nice to have yet still.
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Run Mode Standalone (Multiple Regions) , Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script EngineXEngine
EnvironmentMono / Linux32, Mono / Linux64
Mono Version6.x
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UbitUmarov (administrator)
2021-07-27 06:59

think jsonSimStats should be a GET. Something region currently does not check

note that for reasons, the name "jsonSimStats" is actually a config option

you can now add ?region= regionName or ?region = regionUUID

to select the actual region. [^]

Without that, the reported region will be the one that first did generated statistics (usually the first to load).
it will at least be the same, unlike on older code
tampa (reporter)
2021-07-27 07:01

Yes the changes to master are a nice addition, because json is a bit easier to parse than xml in this regard. Thanks for adding.

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