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0008905opensim[REGION] Script Functionspublic2021-06-29 21:542021-09-18 13:04
ReporterKayaker Magic 
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PlatformDel T1400Operating SystemUbuntuOperating System Version18.04
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008905: osGetGridName returns "Another bad configured grid"
DescriptionAfter a recent update, osGetGridName started returning"Another bad configured grid".
Ubit recently (July 1st) made some changes to osGetGridName. I looked into where the "Another bad configured grid" string came from, and it is in the file OpenSim/Framework/GridInfo.cs
Ubit's new code looks for "gridname" in sections [Const], [GridInfo] or [SimulatorFeatures] in the OpenSim.ini file. The old code looked in [GridInfo] or [GridInfoService]. If the gridname is null, he replaces it with "Another bad configured grid".
 Then I looked at Ubit's OpenSim.ini.example file, and he has "gridname" in the [DataSnapshot] section, which is where I've always put it in my INI files. I thought I heard other grid managers say they have it in the in the [GridInfoService] section? This is an unmitigated mess. Even the GloeBit module seems to be looking for this string in the INI file.
 So the workaround I guess is: If you are getting that "Another bad configured grid" string from osGetGridName, you can put gridname in [Const] or [GridInfo] or [SimulatorFeatures] in OpenSim.ini but best to leave a copy in [DataSnapshot] since some modules still look for it there. (For example: OpenSim/Region/OptionalModules/DataSnapshot/DataSnapshotManager.cs)
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Git Revision or version numberb27b931147649d3c2173e8a1a814029ec1ad838a
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineubODE
Script EngineYEngine
EnvironmentMono / Linux64
Mono Version6.x
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melanie (administrator)
2021-06-30 01:54

Moreover. this doesn't even take into account any actual grid, where this info should not even be in opensim.ini, but obtained from grid services. GridInfo is centralized in grids.
tampa (reporter)
2021-06-30 03:21

What are you using this for?

Here is a workaround:

        string url = osGetGridHomeURI();
        string request = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><methodCall><methodName>get_grid_info</methodName></methodCall>";
    llHTTPRequest(url, [
             HTTP_METHOD, "POST",
             HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH, 16384
         ], request);
    http_response(key request, integer status, list meta, string body)

Ideally, yes would put this into ossl api directly, might end up doing that once my headache subsides.
melanie (administrator)
2021-06-30 03:25
edited on: 2021-06-30 03:26

In a properly configured commercial grid, the sims would not be able to connect to the services using LSL. For grids, that value needs to become part of the protocol sims use to register with the grid.

Further, your snippet would not work on a non-HG grid.

UbitUmarov (administrator)
2021-06-30 08:34

[GridInfoService] is a grid side (or standalone) configuration, not a region one.
It robust is up to date and that section is correct, regions will use it.

[GridInfo] in GridCommon.ini (or SimulatorFeatures in opensim.ini) are alternative backup places for regions running on grids with old robust versions.

due to several flaws some modules still need it also set on own or shared ini section.

DataSnapshot was not update since it was just impossible or hard to get this information, so still needs its own redundant setting
UbitUmarov (administrator)
2021-06-30 08:37
edited on: 2021-06-30 08:38

ofc course such http code above SHOULD not be used (even considering that ossl does pretty much the same internally), and that http service is actually a needed public one
for example on osGetGridCustom(string key) that possible should had never been there

gimisa (reporter)
2021-09-18 13:04
edited on: 2021-09-18 13:05

Interestingly it does not only affect osl function

In my case it does appears in Singularity Viewer (64 bit) 1.8.9 (8419) Feb 14 2021 23:04:31 window top bar terrain / avatar location / terrain rating . The terrain top bar presents the wording ""Another bad configured grid"" after PG rating on all regions. I have that happening since opensim-092.2021-01-29 .

It does not show up when about window is use and I dont see it on firestorm.

My grid robust.ini info service is as follow leaving default value as is for shorter reference :

    login = ${Const|BaseURL}:${Const|PublicPort}/
    gridname = "gimisa - opensim"
    gridnick = "gimisaOS"
   welcome = ${Const|BaseURL}:9090
    about = welcome = ${Const|BaseURL}:9090
    help = ${Const|BaseURL}:9090

Let me now if you need additionnal details?

Hope it helps

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