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0008722opensim[GRID] Hypergridpublic2020-06-29 07:172020-07-04 10:17
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Summary0008722: HyperGrid Friend Confirmation Not Displayed
DescriptionAccording to the WIKI to create a HG friend. The procedure for creating a HG Friends is as follows:
1. On making a friend request, the requester's client sends a FriendshipOffered IM to the current foreign simulator.
2. The foreign simulator forwards this request to the friendee. If the friendee is elsewhere on the grid, then the message is forwarded to the simulator they are on.
3. The friendee sees the request. If they are offline and IMs are being stored, they will see this when they next log back on.
4. If the friendee accepts, then their client sends a AcceptFriendship UDP message to their current simulator.
5. The foreign simulator stores the friendship information in its grid.
6. The friendship information is forwarded on to the friendees HGFriendsService with the newfriendship message.
7. The home HGFriendsService stores the friend request for confirmation.
8. When the friender returns to the home grid, they are asked to confirm the friendship that they made whilst in the foreign simulator. This triggers the "Please confirm this friendship you made while you were away." which originates from HGFriendsModule.FriendshipMessages().
9. If the friender confirms the friendship then it is stored on their grid.
10. If the friender denies the confirmation then the firnedship is not stored and the foreign HGFriendsService is asked to remove the friendship.

When returning to my home grid the confirmation is never presented to the avatar.
Steps To ReproduceFollow the above steps
Additional InformationIt seems it is possible to create a HG Friend if both Avatars have travelled to the foreign grid.
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Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script EngineXEngine
EnvironmentMono / OSX
Mono Version6.x
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tampa (reporter)
2020-07-04 10:09

Once you have the friendship can you also remove it again? I think that's also broken still. HG is weird like that, but I suppose this should be working properly(if both grids are setup properly which is not a given).
titaniumjones (reporter)
2020-07-04 10:17
edited on: 2020-07-04 10:34

Agent 1 visits the of Agent 2's grid and sends a friend request.

Agent 2 sees a new friend in their list (Don't know if it is with or not)
Agent 1 sees a new friend in their list (Without

Agent 1 travels home again

Agent 1 does not receive the "You made this new friend whilst travelling, do you want to keep it?" message
Agent 1 IM's their new friend "Busy Response"
Agent 1 looks at profile of Agent 2 "This person is no known to this grid"
Agent 1 logs out

Agent 1 returns to find Agent 2 missing from the F/L

It seems the friendship only gets set from the local agent to the foreign agent until the local agent visits foreign agents' grid, then the reciprocating friendship is made.
But if you log out in the meantime the local agent vanishes from the foreign agents F/L

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