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0008699opensim[REGION] Specific OpenSim Modulepublic2020-05-10 00:402020-05-10 10:06
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PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.9.1.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008699: Maptile generation
DescriptionWhen Maptile generation trought warp3d is enabled, maptiles are generated with every startup of the region. Also when last maptile generation was just 10 minutes ago.

Can we add a caching functionality, so the region remembers when the last generation was to prevent maptile generation on every startup?
Steps To ReproduceGenerate maptile in console:

generate map

Then restart the region and the map will be generated again.
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Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineubODE
Script EngineXEngine
Environment.NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
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Luisillo_Contepomi (reporter)
2020-05-10 02:39
edited on: 2020-05-10 02:44

In your next start copy map uuid from log console.

Configure OpenSim.ini:

     GenerateMaptiles = false
MaptileStaticUUID = "00000000-here your uuid0-000000000000"

Kubwa (reporter)
2020-05-10 02:41

@Luisillo: This is no solution because it disables map generation completely.
tampa (reporter)
2020-05-10 02:50

Map generation is a downright pain, but I do believe there is a way to sort of do what you want already and that is to remove the maptile generation from the startup but retain the functionality via the command.

That way you can just run them as needed or as I mentioned in 8314 ideally they would be run on request from robust rather than on startup so when a region comes online the robust already has a maptile for it can either request one if the existing one is too old or simply just use the one it has.

The blocking nature on startup also means when you have complex regions it can take 20 minutes for a region to start just hanging on that, which to me is just illogical af. I been saying that for years though and no one has yet bothered to look into it, I may do it myself if I find the time, been long overdue.
Luisillo_Contepomi (reporter)
2020-05-10 02:51

I avoid delaying startup by manually mapping every week. Not at every start. warp3d has always been very slow form me and consumes too much memory to use on every start.
Kubwa (reporter)
2020-05-10 02:54
edited on: 2020-05-10 02:56

All these ideas are workarounds that may work, but it should be made in the opensim code directly :) Thats why this ticket exists. And its low priority and no show stopper. So, we should not forget about this issue, but we dont have to fix it asap.

tampa (reporter)
2020-05-10 03:01

They are workarounds I agree, I merely wanted to put in what sounds most logical to me and that is letting robust handle figuring out whether it wants/needs maptiles of regions that register and generate the tiles when the region receives the request rather than every time.

Equally it makes more sense, to me at least, to have robust periodically check if a region still exists and if not to re-generate the maptiles with said region removed to remove some of the clutter you may get from trying to find the right coordinate on a grid as you currently have to manually clear them, ask regions to renegerate the tiles etc.

The problem I see there as with most is that touching robust is difficult, it's a simple, dumb, system that does not have much a brain itself, yet as far as grids go so much hinges upon that it really ought to get some love in that department.

I'll happily pitch in for a code bounty on this if anyone is willing to take that.
UbitUmarov (administrator)
2020-05-10 04:09

robust does not draw maps, regions do.

"to have robust periodically check if a region still exists"
sounds nice and easy, and it is big flood on large grids, as those who made datasnapshot work, know.
tampa (reporter)
2020-05-10 10:06

So is not clearing them as well, eventually filling up the disk with maptiles and the database full of terrainimages. Either approach has its problems, but that doesn't mean exploring different approaches should be off the table. Shouldn't creating options be the agenda, so folks can choose what approach works best for their setup?

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