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0008686opensim[GRID] Hypergridpublic2020-04-05 00:182020-04-17 14:09
Assigned ToUbitUmarov 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
StatusclosedResolutionwon't fix 
Platformhypergrid BugOSOS Version8.2
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008686: hypergrid hud's Bug I tink?
Descriptionit happened few times now. it is rare but some how huds from hypergrid users show up on my hud interface for if the hypergrid to my grid idk if this is already known but it started showing after the yeti opensim update and i my self am running
Steps To Reproducei'm not sure i'm just reporting the strange issues
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version number
Run Mode Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script EngineXEngine
EnvironmentMono / Windows
Mono VersionNone
Attached Filespng file icon Screenshot_1.png [^] (1,245,556 bytes) 2020-04-05 00:18

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tampa (reporter)
2020-04-05 12:25

Well if you mix two versions so far apart there is bound to be something going a bit off, then again nothing such obscure either. Can you reliably reproduce this in a way that we can try to replicate this? Please provide some more detailed information.
Code404 (reporter)
2020-04-05 21:05
edited on: 2020-04-05 21:09

i don't think i can i also can not locate a error or warning in server cmd.
this bug happens rarely i have seen it happen in time of release between yeti and now 3 times first time it was a body hud second time it was a AO and this time it was a opensim rlv control remote hud i wil keep a eye out on the patent details and if it happens again look for similarities. this last time the user was using firestorm 6.0.2 and if i remember correctly the time the ao happens came from same grid but different username.

and yes i nodes theirs alot issues over hypergrid in between the newer versions of opensim and 8.2 but i cant ged the newer server to run stable and acceptable to my liking's and needs. what i liket about opensim is gone in the newer versions 8.2 feels still more stable in view of mesh contend developers its easy to use and always works and load everything. i tryt the newer versions in the past few times but ended up fighting so much with the server it self and the server refusing to do what its made to do that i strongly develop a strong dislike feeling for what ever is runing behind 0.9+ server's ther's no point in creating mesh contends on the newer opensim platform for the 0.9 source it turns week projects in month projects and even than it likes to not work or refuse upload's or load/render to slow to a unacceptable level of delay's to my eyes its a disaster source. 0.9+ works nice if you work with old prims and sculps and small mesh projects but not for for what i do and 8.2 is showing no issues with my work and never did.

tampa (reporter)
2020-04-09 17:04

The mesh system was actually fixed, not broken. The actual collada standard is not obeyed in 8.x which results in the uploaded mesh potentially causing issues and performance problems. Getting around that and learning what to do to properly use mesh is not difficult. I learned it, many others did too. Mesh that was created properly in fact does simply work in 9.x, but anything poorly made or ripped from elsewhere will likely cause trouble and that's good, it serves to indicate what else could go wrong catastrophically.

There is no way to support major version compatibility and with the changes on master that will become only harder in the future. Retrospectively fixing 8.x is also not an option to if the fault lies there you are out of luck.

It is up to you, but like I said, we need reproduction steps first and foremost to identify what is going on.
UbitUmarov (administrator)
2020-04-11 02:21

Sorry, at moment have not enough information to reproduce the issue
danbanner (manager)
2020-04-11 03:57

this resembles a very old bug that existed all the way through 0.8.x [^]
Code404 (reporter)
2020-04-17 05:19
edited on: 2020-04-17 06:12

tampa i know how to do mesh and i prefer the old setup over the new servers.
the new servers run poor at home hosting opensim 8 doesn't.
also al the new restrictions turn projects in longer time consuming projects that sud not be needed in the first place in 2020 viewers can ged more ram and cpu to wiggle around in.
i understand we have limits on viewer side.
and i understand this is also related to low and mid end player /user systems but its 2020 if the stil run on poor manege systems its not my isue as host to deal with..
but with this system good luck loading in to a server in NA from the EU and render the world if home hosting it takes awy the opensim spirit and goal it stand for for years opensim use to be more than just a secondlife like clone with less restrictions and cost but it is heading in its foods taps to become a clone this is not good for contend developers that use the platform to experiment. for me its easy i dont mind at all to lock my self off from hypergrid if this is the case sins i never use the hypergrid anyways its full of greedy collectors and resells enyways. opensim use to be a dev platform but it is turning in just a secondlife clone. specially sins it seems only to attract more copyboters its users more sins the mesh is already ready for its restrictions i like to sty original and am not planning on folowing up this wey and wont support eny form of that type desisions. my projects are realy time consuming as it if if i also need to cut it up more and split faces over 8 parts a mesh in stet of being free in this choice it wil turn in months it kills the mood to work on opensimulator as a contend developer. (no need for a platform that have no room to wiggle and let creativity work if it forces you to restrict the work flow) - (if i want to get screwt over and over and fight with restrictions and limitations i wil log in to secondlife) only different's are that secondlife at least loads and render's on a acceptably level.
al this opensim 9 only benefits big grids like digiworld outworldz and osgrid...
but small grids that don't care about user base and only are here to create contend that the bigger grids using and collecting.
are limited in the work the do because of this its unfair.
so if that meens i need to sty on opensim 8 and do my own work and research i will and just lock the grid off from hypergrid cose ther's no need to let my server break down overtime and time cos of Dev's not listening to smaller grids and 1ns that have other interests.
or find a way to block off opensim 9 server's and let only the servers that are compatible to connect this should have been an option from day 1 if this was gone be the case
ther's no way 2 servers 2 different physics engine and 2 different script engines can work together on a stable level 1 of the 2 or both wil ged issues.
from day 1 der would immediately be a system that can check for compatibility between regions and refuse connection if needed to protect both side's.
-used google translate-
DanBanner thankyou have read it will look in to it.
if it happens too much often.
seems a non harmful issue on a item uuid configurations thankyou.

UbitUmarov (administrator)
2020-04-17 05:35

i can tell you will possible have actual restrictions to mesh upload that 0.9.1 does not have, unless your mesh asset is totaly broken.

Do actually learn about meshes (and viewers issues and restrictions) and stop this useless complains.

prefer 0.8 Fine.. stay with it..
Code404 (reporter)
2020-04-17 10:52

Ubit Umarov that's what happens if someone works for years everyday with love on projects and a update makes all work useless and incompatible.
become a team trys to push a new system down your throat and cuts off the old core like its noting.
so no i wont stop complain about it.
UbitUmarov (administrator)
2020-04-17 14:09

0.8x is no longer suported

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