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0008588opensim[GRID] Other Servicepublic2019-09-11 09:062019-09-12 11:59
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformopensimOSOS Version0.9.0 /9.0.1
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008588: avatars load half rig items assets refuse to rig or load full mesh stage 0.9.0 / 0.9.1
Descriptionim just a kid that likes to make stuf in opensimulator and have little to non dev experince so i have no clue how to fix or truble shoot this i am forcet to use stil the older opensimulator servers mainly 0.8.2 al older versions work perfecly fine i dont realy use hypergrid but wen i do using hyper grid tings ged enven wors wen i visit other 0.9.0 / 0.9.1 regions even wen i log on from my 0.8.2 grid server i dont know how to explain al the trubles i have with the newer versions so i made a video and uploaded it to youtube. i realy hope this problem can be fixst soon and i hope the video gives some view from what is going on for 1 of the develpers pleas watch it (sorry for my bad english im
from the eu) video: [^]

hope you guys can help me or atleast be able to see the problem :)
Steps To Reproduceidk watch video: [^]
Additional Informationwatch video please: [^]
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Run Mode Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Physics EngineBulletSim
EnvironmentMono / Windows
Mono VersionNone
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UbitUmarov (administrator)
2019-09-11 14:12

Sorry hard to help from the video.
reasons can be several including a broken mesh
Code404 (reporter)
2019-09-11 20:36
edited on: 2019-09-11 21:03

simulairty Alpha viewer dosnt do this and onlook dosnt ether but onlook and simulaty Alpha both need mega updates to fix problems on its own like the alphas and avatar / shape bugs its giving and clouth avatar trubles are back on both viewers to and onlook isnt bento and animesh ready so not wortet to
 to use.
i did contact viewers devslast year about this. to report on this bugs and the tel me its opensimulator. i contactet fred about this. menny times. didnt end well still not fixst. mesh is fine it loads perfecly fine in 0.8.2 opensimulastor.

Code404 (reporter)
2019-09-11 21:28
edited on: 2019-09-12 13:51

i fix the problem by turned off flotsam asset catch
so i guess the problem is in (flotsam asset catch opsion)
clean catch on viewer little to no loadtime video: [^] (Did not fix the problem)

UbitUmarov (administrator)
2019-09-12 06:40

You flotsam is importante, you do need it (no baked textures without it for example)
if may happen those mesh are broken on its cache
if you can find the mesh id, delete respective file from folder assetscache
i last resort delete all contents of that folder
Code404 (reporter)
2019-09-12 11:59
edited on: 2019-09-12 12:35

i don't know what to do next
i try a clean server 1 region default avatars seem fine
but when i use mesh clothes on it it already started slowing down at first
after a few logs and restarting the server
mesh items again refuse to rig on the avatar bones
i also testet logging in to a random 0.9.1 grid and it is giving same problems it refuses to load names to me and refuses to rig mesh items and some grids even seem to refuse load in world items that are rezen.
this problem is already playing out for me from day 1 i moved from sl to opensim 2 years ago.
this is why i used 0.8.2 opensim servers all the time.
but i my self also want to be able to benefit from the new development from 0.9.1 servers
especially because i work alot with vehicles i will like to have a working simcrosing to and this doesn't work in 0.8.2
why is this ignored because i don't hypergrid lot
but when i do i hear complains about this all the time from users is there something i missing if so please tell me because this problem is really bugging me because all servers below the 0.9.0 mark work fineand don't have this issue.
i don't like to be stuck using older versions because there is no support on them and i my self am not able to fix stuff if things break down and i really would like to be abloe to use the newer script engines and the fixet regions and groups and pritty mutch al the stuf that dosnt work in 0.8.2 to...
i work with 3d designing and modding i'm not a server developer.
but after 2 years of using 0.8.2 and its huge memory leaks. i was hoping this problem with 0.9.1 would be fixed at some point and it's still a disaster (in my experience)
i can't develop mesh contend if a server/platform refuses to load my mesh it pretty much makes a platform useless to work on / and 0.8.2 words amazing but the memory leaks kill the server over time. and if i'm working on an outdated platform it feels as a waste of time to because its not receiving updates and fixes and the newer functions.
so i'm stuck in a loop of bad options that both will not fix what is needed to develop content on this platform. and last time i askt for support pretty much got ignored.
so after 2 years of struggling can someone else give me some options because i want to know what i can do to fix this problem because i'm starting to lose my motivation to work with this platform.

(used google translator)

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