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0008242opensim[GRID] Asset Servicepublic2017-09-18 11:342017-09-22 01:04
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04LTS
Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008242: 'Smoke' texture missing from default assets
DescriptionTexture 'Smoke' with asset UUID b4ba225c-373f-446d-9f7e-6cb7b5cf9b3d is missing from the default library.

It is used by all viewers when CTRL-ALT-T is used to highlight transparent objects.

If the texture is missing, a white texture is served causing the screen to look like attached screenshot.

This can be fixed by copying the 'b4ba225c-373f-446d-9f7e-6cb7b5cf9b3d.jp2' texture to 'bin/assets/TexturesAssetSet' and then modifying TexturesAssetSet.xml within that folder to include:

  <Section Name="Smoke">
     <Key Name="assetID" Value="b4ba225c-373f-446d-9f7e-6cb7b5cf9b3d"/>
     <Key Name="name" Value="Smoke"/>
     <Key Name="assetType" Value="0" />
     <Key Name="fileName" Value="b4ba225c-373f-446d-9f7e-6cb7b5cf9b3d.j2c" />
Steps To Reproduce1) Setup a new standalone OpenSim (with a clean/removed assetcache)

2) Clear viewer cache and login

3) Rez cube, make 50% transparent

If the bug occurs, it will be solid red
If the bug doesn't occur, it will be translucent red
Additional InformationPossibly the 'Smoke' texture from SL has copyrights and needs a liberal licensed replacement
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version number
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineubODE
EnvironmentMono / Linux64
Mono VersionOther
ViewerFirestorm, Cool VL Viewer
Attached Filespng file icon missing_smoke.png [^] (915,939 bytes) 2017-09-18 11:34
png file icon smoke clone final.png [^] (40,279 bytes) 2017-09-21 17:21

? file icon b4ba225c-373f-446d-9f7e-6cb7b5cf9b3d.jp2 [^] (9,864 bytes) 2017-09-22 00:59

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aiaustin (developer)
2017-09-19 07:21

All the texture assets in the LL viewer are licenced LGPL and we can use them in OpenSim. That one must have got missed when the assets were all added some years ago.
watcher64 (reporter)
2017-09-19 07:37

Mine does not look like that, I have the "smoke" texture on mine ... <shrug>
Lotek (reporter)
2017-09-19 09:08

@aiaustin: I can't find this in the Linden viewer or Firestorm. Cool VL Viewer includes texture with that name which I loaded on our asset server and that solves it for me

@watcher64: Then your viewer must use a cached version from SL or it got loaded in your asset server through other means (like an OAR import)
mewtwo0641 (reporter)
2017-09-19 18:01
edited on: 2017-09-19 18:14

I asked about this some time ago on the mailing list. While it turns out that adding the file manually does indeed fix the issue; I was told that it could not be included with the OS distribution because of the copyright on the asset itself and that someone would need to make a comparable image from scratch in order for it to be included. So far though the newest viewers have (sort of) taken care of this by simply modifying the opacity of the transparent highlighter so that it isn't just a solid red when you have view transparent enabled.

Not sure if the answer I received makes any sense if the viewer textures are licensed appropriately but it may be because that particular texture does not seem to be included as part of the viewers' install anymore and it seems to be picked up completely server side now. Matter of fact I can't seem to find that particular texture in any of my viewer installs newer than early 2012.

aiaustin (developer)
2017-09-21 14:03

I note that @Nebadon made a smoke texture for the Neb Campfire... it was white to be tintable versus the smoky grey one that I think is the asset being referred to above. But may be a useful base if Neb can confirm it is one with permissions.
watcher64 (reporter)
2017-09-21 14:18

I did confirm that it was loaded with an OAR/IAR file, based on where the asset is, can I tell you which one, not a clue ... But it must be in one of my old ones.
mewtwo0641 (reporter)
2017-09-21 17:22

I decided to make my own clone of the smoke texture using a generator; It's close to the effect of the original but it's not the exact to the LL version of it. If it is usable for OpenSim and will help then please feel free to :)
Lotek (reporter)
2017-09-21 23:58

@mewtwo I tried converting your texture to jpeg2000 with not much luck :(

I did some digging around;

Here Linden Lab states the viewer artwork has a CC license: [^]

That is confirmed here: [^]

Now, when searching for old versions, it seems the mainline 1.23 client is no longer available. But the good news is, the SnowGlobe client is still available and includes this (and other UUID) texture. [^]

I also found a setup of the (now vintage) 1.23 viewer on my own disk and I can confirm the texture is included in that as well. Just the recent viewers don't seem to have it anymore.
mewtwo0641 (reporter)
2017-09-22 01:04
edited on: 2017-09-22 01:05

My apologies; I've uploaded one converted to JPEG 2000 renamed with the appropriate UUID as file name. Hopefully that will work better.

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