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0008237opensim[GRID] Asset Servicepublic2017-08-29 12:432017-09-07 10:12
ReporterFoxxe Wilder 
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PlatformOSgridOperating SystemWindowsOperating System Version7 Home Premium
Product Version0.9.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008237: Linking large builds
DescriptionI have been seeing this bug for a while now (at least 3 years now) and it seems very random.

What is happening is that when I try to link buildings together the prims are moved randomly as a result the build is screwed up. Where it not for my regular backups, I'd have lost many valuable builds.

Steps To ReproduceI have tested it on 3 viewers, Firestorm, KokuaOS and Singularity (both x86 and 64 bit versions as well as both alphas)

I thought it might be my region software setup so I tried it in OSgrid's Sandbox Plazas. No positive results.
Additional InformationUPDATE: Apparently prim size is not an issue with this and neither are the number of prims linked. I checked linking of 2 of the 10m x 10m prims and they were moved from their original placements once linked.

I have also checked this issue in a standalone environment as well as another grid; it is definitely not restricted to OSGrid.
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Git Revision or version numberosgrid-opensim-08052017.v0.9.1.e9b7971
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Windows
Mono VersionOther
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UbitUmarov (administrator)
2017-09-07 10:12

did you test at sandbox plaza III ?

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