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0007987opensim[GRID] Robust Serverpublic2016-08-06 06:552016-08-06 06:57
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Summary0007987: Login handoff unable to point to external port
DescriptionI intend to add this missing functionality, if you know stuff that might help me, please let me know.

Warnings is welcome too.

Environment: We run the environment behind a firewall, that allows us to Port forward and reverse proxy domain names, to a degree so that we may forward traffic to the correct server internally.
We have multiple IP addresses available, to uniquely identify several regions.

Target goal: We want to allow our clients to connect from Port 80 only, to circumvent other parties firewall restrictions.

Restriction: Cant host multiple Opensim regions on the same server, on the same application Port.

Reason: When logging in on Robust, the forwarded login URI (after the login has been successful) will always be the same port as opensim specified in its regions.ini configuration.
This is troublesome, since you cant start two regions on the same Port.

Conclusion: If we host multiple regions on multiple ports, we cant manipulate the loginUri to specify Port 80 instead.
The client will always try to connect using the InternalPort from regions.ini even though we want them to use another.

Solution suggestion: A parameter called ExternalPort in the regions.ini, this port should be used as the port in the loginURI, that Robust will forward the client to.

If externalPort is not specified, InternalPort can be used instead.
This is what happens now.

Does this sound like an incomprehensible task to do?
I have been meddling around in the opensim code before, but I would like to hear the opinion of someone with more routine in the codebase.
Steps To ReproduceInstall Robust on server A
Install Opensim on server B
Install A firewall

Forward all port 80 to the correct port,on the correct server.
 - Robust = IP_1:8002
 - Opensim = IP_2:9002
 - Region1 = IP_3:9081 (Points to Server B)
 - Region2 = IP_4:9082 (Points to Server B)

Login to robust and it works fine, until your login has been handoff to Opensim.
Then the client requests opensim for data on port 9002, but nothing happends.
The client was supposed to use port 80 to speak with us, it is impossible to force the Robust to send another URI than the one Opensim started with.
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Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
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Environment.NET / Windows64
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cb-dtf (reporter)
2016-08-06 06:57


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