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0007774opensim[GRID] Hypergridpublic2015-12-01 03:262015-12-02 04:44
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
Target Versionmaster (dev code)Fixed in Version 
Summary0007774: Complex avatar with mesh parts fails to complete HG teleport
DescriptionI am testing HG teleport between OSGrid, AiLand and Openvue grids using a robot avatar that has complex mesh parts... I managed to teleport once in 4 attempts, and in the viewer for the teleporting robot it showed the avatar correctly (presumably as it was cached there) - see "Arrival-as-it-should-look.jpg. But to the other avatar present the robot avatar only showed the core prim parts - see Arrival-with-no-mesh-parts_001.jpg. None of the mesh made it even after waiting 5 minutes. Each of the other attempts, the teleport failed altogether, and the avatar was just returned to the source region after a minute or more of trying.

I notice a long or slow transfer of the information between simulators.. as would be expected give the mesh attachments are quite complex. Teleports of this avatar between the same grids seemed to work fine when last tests about a month ago.

At the source end (on an OSGrid region) for the teleporting robot... Valkyrie.Resident

11:23:01 - [HYPERGRID LINKER]: Link to Informatics, in <3509,0>
11:23:01 - [GRID SERVICE]: GetRegionByPosition. Did not find region in database. Pos=<3509,0>
11:23:01 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE CONNECTOR]: Linking to [^]
11:23:01 - [HYPERGRID LINKER]: Region already exists in coordinates <2448,0>
11:23:01 - [ENTITY TRANSFER STATE MACHINE]: SetInTransit. agent=2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5, newState=Preparing
11:23:01 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: GetRegionContainingWorldLocation: call, XY=<626816,128>
11:23:01 - [GRID SERVICE]: GetRegionByPosition. Found region [^] Informatics in database. Pos=<2448,0>
11:23:01 - [LOCAL GRID SERVICE CONNECTOR]: GetRegionByPosition. Got region [^] Informatics from grid service. Pos=<2448,0>
11:23:01 - [REMOTE GRID CONNECTOR]: GetRegionByPosition. Added region [^] Informatics to the cache. Pos=<2448,0>, RegionHandle=2691604464795648
11:23:01 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: GetRegionContainingWorldLocation: Found region using legacy size. rloc=<626688,0>. Rname= [^] Informatics
11:23:01 - [HG ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: region [^] Informatics flags: 524
11:23:01 - [HG ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Destination region is hyperlink
11:23:01 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE CONNECTOR]: contacting [^]
11:23:01 - [HG ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: GetFinalDestination: ServerURI= [^]
11:23:01 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Teleporting Valkyrie Resident 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 from Vue-Port to [^] ( [^]) Informatics/<128, 128, 25>
11:23:02 - [REMOTE SIMULATION CONNECTOR]: QueryAccess to [^] returned True, reason , version 0.4/0.4
11:23:02 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Vue-Port transfer protocol version to Informatics is 0.4 / 0.4
11:23:02 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Determined that region Informatics at 9048,9047 needs new child agent for agent Valkyrie Resident from Vue-Port
11:23:02 - [HG ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: CreateAgent [^] [^]
11:23:02 - [REMOTE SIMULATION CONNECTOR]: Creating agent at [^]
11:23:03 - [HG INVENTORY ACCESS MODULE]: Changing root inventory for user Valkyrie Resident
11:23:04 - [ENTITY TRANSFER STATE MACHINE]: UpdateInTransit. agent=2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5, newState=Transferring
11:23:04 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Sending new CAPS seed url [^] from Vue-Port to Valkyrie Resident
Region (root) #
Region (root) #
Region (root) # STICKS HERE
Invalid command
Region (root) #
11:23:34 - [WEB UTIL]: Slow ServiceOSD request 7754 PUT [^] took 30140ms, 0ms writing(0 at Json; 0 at comp), 15104 bytes (254510 uncomp): {"message_type":"AgentData","region_id":"7d6d7132-1d16-475b-830a-9301fb78e1e2","circuit_code":"0","agent_uuid":"2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5","session_uuid":"043391ce-b429-438c-99e0-4d81cec005
Region (root) #
Region (root) #
Region (root) # STICKS AGAIN
Invalid command
11:24:04 - [WEB UTIL]: Slow ServiceOSD request 7755 PUT [^] took 30172ms, 16ms writing(16 at Json; 16 at comp), 254510 bytes (254510 uncomp): {"message_type":"AgentData","region_id":"7d6d7132-1d16-475b-830a-9301fb78e1e2","circuit_code":"0","agent_uuid":"2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5","session_uuid":"043391ce-b429-438c-99e0-4d81cec005
11:24:04 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: UpdateAgent failed on teleport of Valkyrie Resident to Informatics. Keeping avatar in Vue-Port
11:24:04 - [ENTITY TRANSFER STATE MACHINE]: UpdateInTransit. agent=2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5, newState=CleaningUp
11:24:04 - [REMOTE SIMULATION CONNECTOR]: CloseAgent [^]
11:24:04 - [HG INVENTORY ACCESS MODULE]: Restoring root folder for local user Valkyrie Resident
11:24:04 - [ENTITY TRANSFER STATE MACHINE]: Agent 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 cleared from transit in Vue-Port
Region (root) #
Region (root) #
Region (root) # FAILED HERE
Invalid command
Region (root) #
Region (root) #

At thedestination end (on openvue grid Informatics region)

11:30:44 - [SCENE]: Region Informatics told of incoming child agent Valkyrie.Resident 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 (circuit code 123675133, IP, viewer Firestorm-Releasex64, teleportflags (ViaLogin), position <128, 128, 25>. From region Vue-Port (7d6d7132-1d16-475b-830a-9301fb78e1e2) @ [^]
11:30:44 - [SCENE]: Region Informatics authenticated and authorized incoming child agent Valkyrie.Resident 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 (circuit code 123675133)
11:30:44 - [CreateCaps]: new caps agent 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5, circuit 123675133, path 93ae96e4-0eb8-47ba-90d4-0cc7698309d5, time 0
11:30:44 - [VivoxVoice]: OnRegisterCaps: agentID 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 caps OpenSim.Framework.Capabilities.Caps
11:30:44 - [EVENTQUEUE]: Found Existing UUID!
11:30:44 - [AGENT HANDLER]: SYNC CreateAgent True Authorized
11:30:45 - [CHILDAGENTDATAUPDATE]: got packed appearance
11:30:45 - [SCENE]: Incoming child agent update for 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 in Informatics
11:31:15 - [SCENE PRESENCE]: Did not find presence with id 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 in Informatics before timeout
11:31:15 - [LOGHTTP]: Slow handling of 1169 PUT /agent/2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5/ from took 30094ms
11:31:15 - [CHILDAGENTDATAUPDATE]: got packed appearance
11:31:15 - [SCENE]: Incoming child agent update for 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 in Informatics
11:31:45 - [SCENE PRESENCE]: Did not find presence with id 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 in Informatics before timeout
11:31:45 - [LOGHTTP]: Slow handling of 1179 PUT /agent/2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5/ from took 30109ms
11:31:45 - [AGENT HANDLER]: >>> DELETE <<< RegionID: a664c885-e876-11dc-95ff-0800200c9a66; from:; auth_code: 043391ce-b429-438c-99e0-4d81cec005bc
11:31:45 - [SCENE]: Called CloseClient() with agent ID 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 but no such presence is in Informatics

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Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
ViewerFitestorm 4.7.5
Attached Filesjpg file icon Arrival-with-no-mesh-parts.jpg [^] (110,129 bytes) 2015-12-01 03:56

jpg file icon Arrival-as-it-should-look.jpg [^] (110,456 bytes) 2015-12-01 03:56

jpg file icon Mesh-Parts-are-on-Destination-but-Invisible.jpg [^] (270,324 bytes) 2015-12-01 04:04

- Relationships
related to 0007403closedMata Hari Failure to deliver assets to some viewers in a region 
related to 0006755new Failing teleports and avatar returned to original source region without attachments 

-  Notes
aiaustin (developer)
2015-12-01 04:04

By clicking on the mesh parts for the robot avatar at the destination within the other avatars viewer, I see that the meshes are thee.. or their bounding boxes are anyway... but the parts ar invisible..

UbitUmarov (administrator)
2015-12-01 04:21

think its the 30s time to send the avatar update
reception times out:
11:31:15 - [SCENE PRESENCE]: Did not find presence with id 2480d607-7164-4385-b203-73de16a149b5 in Informatics before timeout
aiaustin (developer)
2015-12-01 04:36
edited on: 2015-12-01 04:36

So the mesh parts are just partially loaded? But then never completed on the instance where a teleport was possible, and in other cases its just giving up? Why does it not keep trying when its all idle otherwise?

Assets coming off OSGrid asset server to foreign located grids can take a long time.

UbitUmarov (administrator)
2015-12-01 04:48

from that log, the tp never happened:
11:24:04 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: UpdateAgent failed on teleport of Valkyrie Resident to Informatics. Keeping avatar in Vue-Port
Mata Hari (reporter)
2015-12-01 05:37
edited on: 2015-12-01 05:45

I've logged most of these issues as bugs in the past.

Failed tp is because the code requires ALL assets to be be received at the destination region before the TP is allowed to complete and there is only a 30 second window for that to occur in. HG asset transfer is often very, very slow so unless you're wearing common, basic stuff it's highly likely that the first few attempts to TP will fail.

On arrival, it's also highly probable that other users who were already in the region will fail to see some or all of those "big file size" mesh parts. They will NOT see them, no matter what you do, until THEY relog.

I've already posted these as bugs in the past...I'll dig up the links and add them as related.

EDIT: I marked it at related to 0006755 because that's the report where slow transfer issues are detailed. That issue was partially fixed by at least not re-persisting the *entire* mesh to the database prior to tp but the issue remains about the general mechanism.

At a number of Dev Meetings (in 2013-2015) I suggested that the protocol for HGTP ought to allow the initial TP to occur *before* all of the assets had been received at the destination...just let the avi arrive there and be a cloud until the assets catch up with them.

aiaustin (developer)
2015-12-01 07:47

Thanks Mata. clearly SOMETHING must be fixed as its possible to never be able to TP at present. I assume we see this most often where the source avatar is from OSGrid as that asset server has a lot of work to do and asset transfers we know can be very slow on international connections. often teleports to servers "close" to the OSGrid servers work but foreign grid TPs HG do not.

I had the impression that the issue started for me in recent weeks with a big mesh robot avatar I have, which has teleported before between the grids involved... but that just might be coincidental.
UbitUmarov (administrator)
2015-12-01 18:18

The logs do not correspond to the added references, some obsolete now.
aiaustin (developer)
2015-12-02 04:44

A better approach on HG TP login arrival would be to handle it very much like a normal login on your hoke grid.

The avatar appears, sometimes as a cloud, and then as items rez they show up. That would make more sense on HG especially where assets may take some time to come across.

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