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0007621opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2015-06-20 03:432019-02-06 11:28
Assigned ToLuisillo_Contepomi 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
PlatformallOSallOS Version0.8.2.0Dev
Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.9.0.1 
Summary0007621: Animations totally desync (UDP problems)
DescriptionTesting with command: "debug lludp start all" in console.
When I have the problem looking animations on other avatars:

I see avatar "walking", but the other avatar is really stoped. Or they see me flying but im stoped over terrain.

Animations are not synced
using a MLP is totally erratic behavior. SOme times one see the other stoped, but the other see all well or vice versa.

Red errors in console:

12:16:32 - [LLUDPSERVER]: OutgoingPacketHandler iteration for Tsunade Aviatik th
rew System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boo
lean add)
   at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.UnackedPacketCollection.ProcessQueues
() in x:\0.8.2\opensim\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\UnackedPacketCollec
tion.cs:line 184
   at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.UnackedPacketCollection.GetExpiredPac
kets(Int32 timeoutMS) in x:\0.8.2\opensim\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\
UnackedPacketCollection.cs:line 139
   at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLUDPServer.HandleUnacked(LLClientVie
w client) in x:\0.8.2\opensim\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\LLUDPServer.
cs:line 1050
   at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLUDPServer.ClientOutgoingPacketHandl
er(IClientAPI client) in x:\0.8.2\opensim\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\
LLUDPServer.cs:line 2022

With OpenSim.ini :

 async_packet_handling = true
 client_socket_rcvbuf_size = 8388608
     ; values are bytes per second
     ;scene_throttle_max_bps = 20000000
     ;client_throttle_max_bps = 20000000
scene_throttle_max_bps = 0
client_throttle_max_bps = 0
enable_adaptive_throttles = false
     ;enable_adaptive_throttles = true
     ;CannibalizeTextureRate = 0.8

Teleport problem related mantis 7389 is solved with AckTimeout = 120

Steps To ReproduceEnter with two or more avatars. Not in the same PC. Can be in the same local network.
Avatar one walk, turn, go back, fly and using voice say what are doing.
Avatar two see and verify if the movement are correct.

Using a MLP.
With voice report to the others what animation are you looking in your avatar and in the others avatars.
The others can see that some avatars have not the reported animation. Are sitting with default sit on air... or other default animation but not the correct one.
Additional InformationThis issue is present from version 0.8.0 is not in
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version number
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineBulletSim
EnvironmentMono / Linux64, .NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
ViewerFirestorm and Singularity
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AliciaRaven (manager)
2015-06-20 03:55

I have also noticed this problem recently. I will be flying and then land, and the flying animation continues to play for a few seconds after before the splat animation gets triggered. Also I have started to walk, and the avatar does not play the walking avatar, if eventually starts but then i stop walking and the walk animation keeps playing. I haven't changed any configs and have only noticed this problem over the past few days, I was wondering if it was caused by network problems so i didn't report it until now. As Luisillo is seeing the same behavior i now can be sure its not my network.
Luisillo_Contepomi (reporter)
2015-06-20 08:14
edited on: 2015-06-20 08:21

I do this tests without firewall or antivirus/malware.
In the same local network. No Internet conection.
Grid (Robust.exe) in a server,
2 Regions (OpenSim.exe) in 2 separated server,
clients in two PCs in the same local network with the grid and regions.
(total 5PCs). Empty Var regions 1024x1024
Type in region console "debug lludp start all"
The "animations" are the default viewer animations, not AO or other on avatars. No scripts worn.

Ping during connection =<1ms

Testing from versions 0.8.0 to all have this issue.
(I will try test this in older versions to search when this bug start).

Is not easy for see it if is avatar alone. Because you think the others viewers are seeing the same as you but not. You can be walking and the others see you stoped or in other animation by some seconds (from 2 to 15 seconds before you have the console error).

With MLP is more easy with two avatars voice comunicated and reporting what animation are seeing

(I apologize by my bad english)

Luisillo_Contepomi (reporter)
2015-06-20 09:45

No problem in old opensim- regions 256x256

Bug present in opensim-0.8-source regions 256x256 and 1024x1024

2015-06-20 18:31:02,994 ERROR - OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLUDPServer [LLUDPSERVER]: OutgoingPacketHandler iteration for Luisillo Contepomi threw
System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)
   at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.UnackedPacketCollection.ProcessQueues() in x:\downloads\opensim-0.8-source\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\UnackedPacketCollection.cs:line 179
   at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.UnackedPacketCollection.GetExpiredPackets(Int32 timeoutMS) in x:\downloads\opensim-0.8-source\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\UnackedPacketCollection.cs:line 134
   at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLUDPServer.HandleUnacked(LLClientView client) in x:\downloads\opensim-0.8-source\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\LLUDPServer.cs:line 1159
   at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLUDPServer.ClientOutgoingPacketHandler(IClientAPI client) in x:\downloads\opensim-0.8-source\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\LLUDPServer.cs:line 2114
Luisillo_Contepomi (reporter)
2015-06-20 09:51
edited on: 2015-06-20 09:52

I think that is a very important bug because the users can not see what are the others doing exactly in the timeline. Avatars are seen in different actions that are they really doing.

no more test for today.

Luisillo_Contepomi (reporter)
2015-06-20 10:34

I am looking in the compilation log in WIndows 7 two ClientStack.LindenUDP errors:

MockScene.cs(52,30): error CS0508: 'OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.Tests.MockScene.Update(int)': return type must be 'bool' to match overridden member 'OpenSim.Region.Framework.Scenes.SceneBase.Update(int)' [X:\0.8.2\opensim\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\Tests\OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.Tests.csproj]

and when finish:

"X:\0.8.2\opensim\opensim.sln" (default target) (1) ->
"X:\0.8.2\opensim\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\Tests\OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.Tests.csproj" (default target) (48) ->
(CoreCompile target) ->
  MockScene.cs(52,30): error CS0508: 'OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.Tests.MockScene.Update(int)': return type must be 'bool' to match overridden member 'OpenSim.Region.Framework.Scenes.SceneBase.Update(int)' [X:\0.8.2\opensim\OpenSim\Region\ClientStack\Linden\UDP\Tests\OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.Tests.csproj]

    0 Warning(s)
    1 Error(s)

The exe files are generated
Luisillo_Contepomi (reporter)
2018-12-04 06:10

explained in opensim\bin\excuses file
BillBlight (developer)
2019-02-06 11:28

Marked as Resolved but never closed, can be reopened if needed.

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